Bigger is Better

| July 24, 2001

Favorite load: Something you don’t have to tarp that pays well.

Least favorite load: Steel coils. I’ve hauled thousands of them, but I hate it.

Most unusual load: A 120-foot beam on a stretch trailer. With the truck, I was 140 feet long.

Unusual places I have hauled: Different towns that strike you in the middle of nowhere like Tyrone, Pa. I always tell people that your tour bus won’t go in the areas I go.

Favorite area to drive in: Midwest to South.

Worst thing about being a trucker: Low rates. Working for nothing most of the time. We don’t get paid to sit. Some guys do, but flatbed haulers don’t.

Favorite music: Country western.

Favorite movie: The Sting, with Robert Redford.

Pets: Cat. Its name is Cat. Everybody thought he was a female, so we started calling him Alice. I took him to the vet one day and found out the cat was a male. From then on, we just called him Cat.

Best thing about being a trucker: Freedom of seeing the country and the different seasons and climates. Every mile is different.

How I met my wife: We went to high school together.

Keys to a good marriage: Take her with me when she wants to come. She’s like a kid in the candy store. Everything is interesting to her. It’s a pleasure to have her come along. She can find beauty in a cornfield in Iowa.

Favorite food: Pork chops and real mashed potatoes. When I go in a restaurant, I ask if they’re real or phony.

Least favorite food: Artichokes.

Pet Peeve:People who don’t use common sense.

Favorite shipper: Not really anyone in particular. The ones that treat you like a human being.

Dream job: I’m going to be a weatherman. Right or wrong, you get paid good money. And the funnier you are, the more you get paid.

What I would like to be remembered for: Everybody is on my case about my smoking. If Kennedy can have an eternal flame, I can have eternal smoke coming from my tomb.

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