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Todd Dills

Biggest tractor-trailer cake in the world

| July 10, 2009

In celebration of two anniversaries at the Walcott Truckers Jamboree today, an 8-ft.-long cake built as a semi will be served up to an estimated 2,000 people at 2 p.m. The anniversaries: the Jamboree’s 30th, and the 45th of location for the mass mastication event: the “biggest truckstop in the world,” Iowa 80 in Walcott.

The cake, sources report, took more than two days to build, which makes it the functional equivalent of an in-frame, I’d imagine, though it weighs only 300 pounds. In any case, it sounds like a brilliantly delicious custom creation. Here’s a pic.

Hope you find the time to enjoy.

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