Building on a Proud Legacy

Randy Grider | August 01, 2011

Steve’s wife, Doris, who has her learner’s permit for a Class A CDL, often teams with him. Both are excited about the future of this niche trucking opportunity.

“The industry is growing so fast,” he says. “They just started drilling these wells a year and a half ago. They are drilling tens of thousands of these mines. A lot of news reports say this is the next gold rush. I’m working for three different companies that serve many, many gas companies. Everything is contracted out. You might be working for this company this week and another company next week.”

Family Members Go the Extra Mile for Their Community

• Check and wife Marlene were in charge of the Youth Fellowship Program for three years in their church, plus they hosted many backyard activities (picnics, volleyball games, etc.) for local youth.

Their children and in-laws:

• Bobby Updegrave and his wife, Barbara, were foster parents for 13 years, and adopted two of the foster children. Bobby also was a local fire company member. Their daughter, Jody, and her husband, Chad Richards, also are involved with the local fire companies in their community.

• Charlotte and her husband, Robin Spicher, are involved heavily with their church and were active with the Cub Scouts for seven years. Robin was a youth baseball coach for about 12 years. He is vice president of the Hegins Fire Company. Their sons, Terry, Mathew and Mackenzie, are all members of Hegins, with Mathew serving as assistant fire chief. Mathew also runs with the rescue truck as a certified emergency responder.

• Rodger Updegrave was a baseball coach for about 12 years, and he also was a fire company member for several years. He and his wife, Wanda, also worked with the Make-A-Wish program. Their son-in-law, Les Rice, was also involved with the fire company briefly.

• Doris and her husband, Steve Bixler, coached youth bowling for several years. Steve also coached baseball for 16 years. Doris served as concession-stand worker and as team treasurer. Steve and Doris were members of the Civil Air Patrol for three years. Their son Steve Bixler Jr. has participated in several community service projects, and son Michael Bixler was a member of the Civil Air Patrol for three years.

• Scott Updegrave is a member of Hegins and a former member of the Hegins Fire Police. His wife, Amy, is a trained Hospice volunteer.

• Robin and her husband, Wayne Klinger, are active in their church. Robin also worked with the Girls Scouts for three years.

• ChrisUpdegrave and his wife, Wendy, both coached Pee Wee baseball.

• Don Bixler is a member of the Masons and helps organize many fundraisers to support local groups.

60-plus drivers, 1,200-plus years

The Bixler-Updegrave family has more than 60 relatives past and present who have worked in the transportation industry, most as truck drivers or mechanics. Together they have more than 1,200 years of trucking experience, according to Steve Bixler.

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