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CARB diesel regs’ human toll: Family uprooted, split by move’s necessity

| January 09, 2014

Not only has the California Air Resources Board’s Truck and Bus Rule forced a decision to leave the trucking business completely by an independent team that was named several years back, as commenter Joe Rajkovacz of the California Construction Trucking Association reminded me, as the No. 1 safest California small fleet by the CHP, for the Jez family, formerly of Galt, Calif., and whom I’ve written about here in the blog a time or two, it’s forced even tougher decisions. 

Martin Jez, with a 1980s Peterbilt he owned for a time before moving on with the 2000 Freightliner he owns today. The Freightliner falls this year under the prohibition on 1996-2006 model-year diesel engines operating in the state that is the CARB Statewide Truck and Bus Rule.

Martin Jez, with a 1980s Peterbilt he owned for a time before moving on with the 2000 Freightliner he owns today. The Freightliner falls this year under the prohibition on 1996-2006 model-year diesel engines operating in the state that is the CARB Statewide Truck and Bus Rule.

“We moved to Michigan a month ago,” Alice Jez wrote me yesterday. Her husband, Martin, is still operating a 2000 Freightliner under his own authority, but he’s doing it running mostly local loads in a region far away from the state whose rules forced the long move. “I lost my six-year-old son to his father [from a previous marriage],” in order to make the move, Alice says, “but I’ve come to terms with that. CARB tore my family apart. It was move or starve if we stayed.” 


CARB extension a no-go for California independents

Checking in with California-based independents Tom and Karen Moore at the end of their long stare-down with CARB's Truck and Bus Rule.

Two other children — a 15-year-old daughter from Alice’s prior marriage and the Jezes’ 2-year-old girl — remain with them in Michigan, fortunately, and there’s been another bright spot: “So far the truck is working daily (minus major storms),” Alice says, and freight has been stronger and higher paid for the same or fewer miles than what my husband ran in California.”

The state could “care less,” she believes, “about what CARB is doing to people there. I wrote a letter to the governor and never got a single response.”

  • Jason Haggard

    So where is the outpouring of support for America’s professional drivers? You see it on TV all of the time for people and organizations reminding people to support the troops, farmers, nurses, autoworkers, etc.

    Without the trucks the supplies don’t move for the military, the supplies don’t get to the hospitals and parts don’t make it to the automotive assembly lines. The vast majority of American’s could care less about drivers out here keeping those things moving……unless it stops!

  • Loren Hutnick

    I have been seeing good people being turned into criminals, put on the unemployment line and know families get split up and hurt cause of this Bull Shit rules that Mary Nichols and her and CARBs rules. The one thing you do not do is squeeze the life blood down and the life of a nation or a state. But CARB and Mary Nichols do not care what damage they will and have done. As Mary Nichols has been heard saying, “There are Winners and Loosers with this rulings”. She don’t care and the current Governor of California Jerry Brown, the same one that has made it clear that he is going run for another bid for election for the set as Governor and also looking to run for the president set in the Washington DC. At what point and time do we say in the trucking community we have had enough with these Bull Shit rules. Cause we have brought several law suits with in the state and on the federal level. The CCTA, WTA, OOIA and the PLF are all handling these suits. The last ditch move for those that are still in the state and that might deliver to the state of California is to just do a state wide shut down of all trucking in and out of the state. This would put a lot of people in a bind but we need to make these people wake up and smell the real truth of what the state of California (government), CARB and Mary Nichols is doing and will do to all the good people of this state.

  • Vrahnos

    This only goes to show just a socialest state can drive good hard working people out of their state and California is showing us the way.

  • Dracula

    It will never stop, drivers put their family before politics. They stop, they do not eat.

  • Galland

    Vote them out of office.

  • James

    Most Americans don’t even KNOW what’s going on with all this! Find a significant way to get the word out,all over the News,BEFORE you start shutting down the trucks in Ca. Try to arrange interviews with radio stations and TV News programs speaking of how serious the problem has become and how truckers are having to face leaving the business or moving to States where they aren’t so hounded by oppressive “do-nothing” laws of CARB,and how SOME drivers,both carriers and owner/operators are even starting to refuse to haul into Ca. because of the overbearing rules and laws there and the added costs involved. It needs to be made clear to everyone that the trucking industry is strong,but select areas and their unfair and extreme laws are serious threats to the future of trucking. Money is tight enough for truckers,but there’s not much leeway for additional expenses and over-regulatory requirements for most drivers,especially the owner/operators. Even I am seeing more and more tractors advertised for sale on Craigslist every week,and I believe this over-regulation is a large part of the reason why. I understand it helps how a driver feels to complain to other drivers about it,but the drivers SHOULD be trying their best to get the complaints out to those in control,in a PUBLIC forum. THAT is where their complaints will find backing and things can be made to change. And DON’T FORGET TO VOTE AS MANY OF THE POLITICAL JOKERS OUT AS YOU CAN!

  • Jason Haggard

    There is a problem with that theory, the trucking industry is in fact not strong, it is the most divided it has been in years and the over regulation is making it weaker by the minute. The media will not cover anything trucking related unless it casts a negative light on the industry and/or drivers.

  • g

    Writing to the Governor or any Cop Agency is Useless….No Cop and No Government Official gives a damn about a trucker..they only care about themselves..and fattening their Wallets…..Kind of like Welfare for government workers…its US against THEM and they are winning.

  • g

    Take a Hint…Government and bigMoney will replace every
    American Citizen trucker with a mexican and other LOW PAY foreign laborers as SOON as possible..this ISSUE is only ONE of many…on the road to foreign truckers.

  • Tommy T

    I find it really sad. As friends stepped up to buy new $287,000 carhaulers in order to comply with $5,700 a month payments. The new CARB compliant engines having them in the shop more then on the road. Digging deep deep holes for themselves.

  • James

    Would a prepared statement and a “show of force” at several TV stations possibly get the word out? after reading the FCC’s operating rules,it appears a station can’t be forced to run what someone brings ’em,but there MUST be some way to get this covered outside of being part of an accidental death…..
    It’d sure be nice to wrest the News Media away from the Socialists. Makes me wonder if they’ll all jump the fence when the Conservatives have control of the White House and Congress.

  • Jason Haggard

    I think it would take repeated showing of support for drivers at the grassrooots level. People are under the impression these days that they have to be a union to organize anything and that isn’t the case. All it takes is some dedication to a cause and a solution, people will have ot make a sacrifice by volunteering some time and effort to make it happen.

  • Dave Nichols

    So maybe enough of you will see the way to have an impact. Stop running. move away, stop spending money in the state. get out and vote and recruit voters,

  • Ken Nilsen

    OK, here we go, it is time for the ugly truth and no one will like it, least of all the so called writer of this article.

    1. False Headline. CARB did not uproot this family and split it. The writer even states that the woman did not stay with her husband and father of her child but blames CARB for her divorce.

    2. She had a choice. She could have chosen to stay with her first husband instead of going to sleep with another man. She is apparently aware of the issues with CARB and knowing that they would need money for a new truck decided to have another child instead.

    2. He had a choice. He chose to drive the older truck even though he knew 8 years ago the standards were changing. Poor businessman at best, typical loser at worst.

    3. It is apparent from reading other posts here that no one wants to take responsibility for themselves. All anyone wants to do is blame someone else.

    4. The writer fails to mention any facts in the article, just quotes a woman whining about a situation she and her current and past husband created. Sure CARB rules are affecting people, but good businessmen and professional owners and drivers know what it takes to make money and overcome.

    I purchased a new truck when I saw the regs coming. I spec’d it to meet all the regulations. It is now paid for and I am busier than ever and being paid well because a large number of owners would rather quit than make the best of it. That is fine, I’ll take the money all the way to the bank.

  • Mind Games

    Same here! I can’t even go and see my own Mother because of them people, I haved asked my Mother to let’s all move back to Dallas yet she won’t budge. So I gotta buy another truck or work for some rat that lobbied for that same law (Just don’t know which company did… YET!) just to see my Mother??? Hu??? I thought we lived in a country that has freedom of choice???
    People lets cuts the freight off no rail no nothing into California, If ya live there ok I can see ya gotta eat but if ya don’t then just don’t! It’s juts that simple!

  • Mind Games

    I was caught off guard but will have the chance to make it right ONLY because a Swift driver hit me and my pending lawsuit against Swift will put me in a much better place.
    Ok here’s the UGLY truth YOU don’t seem to understand as you stand up on your holier than thou pedestal.
    You caught a wave and rode it and I commend you on that BUT many have not and so you should teach not preach.
    If you are leased on tell us who to if not instructions on how you got your own authority.
    If you were as advanced as you say you are you would know the push for natural gas and or electric trucks is just around the corner but we all know you got money in the bank, Right?!?!?!? Yea Right….

  • Daniel Kupke

    Your attitude comes from the fact that instead of demanding that we are all treated fairly in Cal u decided to just knuckle under n spend the $$ to buy a new truck ?? U know nothing of that familys problems ect ect being a stranger to them but yet u pass judge-ment just to make yourself feel better about spending $150,000 to make the state of Cal happy with u ??? Everyone due to no fault of their own might not have the ability or desire to spend that kind of $$ for a new truck ?? I for one have a 359 86 model Pete Conv n if u think I have any ideas about giveing that up for one of these problem ridden computerized new trucks that I haft to make these payments on month after month n year after year u r on better drugs than me ?? I GO HOME WHEN I WANT TO n have a life n enjoy my time off without worrying about that allmighty truck payment due in 3 more days for the next 5 or 6 years !! N as much as it irks u me n that old truck make just as much $$ as u n that new one ?? The only difference is I still have those $$ n u have a truck payment book !!!

  • Ken Nilsen

    Actually my truck is paid for. He knew 8 years ago changes were coming. If he were a good businessman he would have been saving money for a downpayment on even a new used truck. Nothing says he had to buy “new”. I am sick and tired of people crying over their own problems and blaming someone else. Grow up!! Life is not fair and things change. Also, if anyone is paying attention these changes are coming to other states very quickly. So when each state adopts new rules are you just going to keep moving? No, I don’t like all the rules. However, I enjoy my career and want to keep doing it until I retire. I also go home when I want to or need to. This is my truck, my name on the title, could sell it tomorrow and just sit on my ass, post negative comments about how I am so oppressed and ask for handouts. I refuse to be a leech and want everything done for me. My final thought is a question for you. Who gave you your truck with your name on the title, or did you actually have to buy it? You sound like you have never made a truck payment.

  • Ken Nilsen

    Actually I do have money in the bank. That is what a good businessman does. He plans for the future, sets aside capital for future investment in assets necessary to maintain his business. But, you steering wheel holders don’t know anything about that do you?

  • Ken Nilsen

    Actually you can go see her, its called greyhound, AMTRAK, airlines, or God forbid you actually get in your car and drive to see her.

  • Daniel Kupke

    No-one ever gave me anything in the trucking industry ?? I got my start being a OO with NAVL back in 79 and have been in it ever since ?? I was one of the less than 1% of people that did that lease purchase thing back then and “”LEFT”” with the truck paid for 5 years later !! The only company that was worse than NAVL was Midwestern Dist (The Dollar Truck) out of Kansas !!! I’ve bought n paid for 3 trucks in the last 35 years as well as done 5 years in IRAQ and 2 years in Afghanistan as a driver (Private Contractor) for The Dept of Defense !!! (Ask people at OOIDA about me !!) I just simply prefer to know what I have for a piece of equipment and the fact of knowing for sure what kind of shape it is in n it’s abilitys ect ect ?? Sooooooooo many of my trucking friends have all but lost their bussiness’s to lemon problem-atic newer trucks that it pathetic !!! A lot of them have since went back to a older truck n refreshed it to be like new just to get away from the head-aches of the newer ones !! As far as the other states adapting these Cal style laws I havn’t seen any ?? Now mind u some of the ports in places like the East Coast have or are trying to do that require-ment for newer trucks inside the ports but for the most part it is not working ?? They r only after the $$ they get from that deal anyway n are not concerned in cleaner air ect ect The rest of those rules n CARB’s crazy idiots are “”NOT”” being followed any-where else !! U R simply trying to make yourself feel better for not haveing the back-bone to stand up for yourself !! As the next person states these CARB compliant trucks are allways in the shop ect ect !!! Like I said my old 359 gets the fuel mileage and with that 100 in sleeper has more comfort and is way way more dependable than anything new’r !!!! I sleep extra good at night knowing there is no-one hounding me (includeing myself) to have or worry about that allmighty truck payment ?? U R the one that sounds like a lil rich kid that some-one left a lil $$ to n u went out n spent it real real quick !!!!

  • Ken Nilsen

    Have a good day billy big rigger, drive around that truckstop and look like a rockstar!

  • Daniel Kupke

    Is that the best u can come up with ??

  • Clint Walker

    Ken, if you were even HALF the supposed business man you claim to be you would be offering advice on how people could become as apparently great as you think you are. Unfortunately, all I’ve seen you do on here is belittle everyone else. You are an ass.
    Folks, you have to face facts, Cal is not the only one that’s going to adopt these new laws. It’s coming. You can either suck it up and tolerate it or get out, that’s your only choices. The politicians don’t care, period.
    Just do what you have to do. There are a LOT of factors involved as to wether or not it’s even worth CONSIDERING buying a $300k truck. For most of us, it’s not worth it as the rates just aren’t there. For a few, it is but very damn few.

  • Ranmn7

    Hi Ken,

    The headline refers to the fact that this family had to move thousands of miles in order to stay in business, which separates the mother from her daughter. It does not state that CARB was the cause of their divorce or anything like that.
    What is being discussed is that truckers are being forced to replace perfectly good trucks just because of these regulations, not because the trucks have reached end of life, or are having mechanical problems etc..
    I work at a truck parts store, and hear many different stories from truck drivers about their situation. Just because you were able to get a newer truck doesn’t mean that everyone is able to.
    Also I have customers who bought a new truck in 2006, which met CARB rules at that time, but are now looking at having to replace their truck again or install DPF, due to newer requirements, again just because of regulations, not because there is anything wrong with their current truck.

  • c94591

    when carb came out and said the trucking industry needs to comply with the carb law back in what 2010. (I think) the port of San Francisco, Oakland, Long Beach, and San Diego had nothing but old 70’s and early 80’s day cabs that smoked like a steam locomotive. The long shore men went to management told them the drivers want new equipment, and that is exactly what they got!! the ports took all the grant money for the retro fix. not only did they take the State grant money but also the Federal Grant money. I give them props for doing that. CARB had no money to give us to retro fit. CARB got pushed back. From what I have heard from a friend who is a long shore men, they plan on doing it again, until every one of their drivers has a new truck. which will push the CARB back even further..


    In my country CHILE driver will close the freeways and shut down transport into california.
    but here everybody is a punch of puzzies let the government mess with your income support for your family, dream etc.
    and what you do “NOTHING”
    waiting for athors to take care of your problems
    Today is california, tomorrow every other state and them the only way to move load in USA will be working for billionaires behind this JB Hunt, England, etc.

  • PTS

    Never been to California….never intend to. Put aside the political mistakes that have been made, and narrow down to one basic fact of this story. these people chose a damn truck over a child. Parent of the year award goes to…….

  • DC Trucking

    If you click on this jackass’s name and look at his previous comments, every comment is either negative or an attack on whatever story he is commenting on. Some people are just unhappy without the ability to try and make others feel bad about themselves. I feel sorry for you sir. Just keep in mind your brothers on the road would still help you if you needed it. Have a great day. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.