CARB fines for trucking companies total $2.2 million last year

| May 16, 2014

California’s Air Resources Board Diesel penalized truck and bus fleets a total of $2,177,813 last year for non-compliance with state diesel risk reduction programs.

Forty-seven companies accumulated $1,727,975 in penalties in 2013. The board settled the remaining 209 cases for $449,838 altogether, with each company fined less than $10,000.

Agency officials found a total of 256 companies in violation of state regulations such as non-compliance with the Statewide Truck and Bus program. Other violations included improper verification and certification of diesel particulate filters, incorrect self-inspections for compliance with state smoke emission standards and dispatching non-compliant trucks.

The penalties will result in $1,703,084 for state air quality research projects, while $417,167 is earmarked for Peralta Colleges Foundation to fund diesel emission education and diesel technology certificate and degree programs. The remaining $57,562 will fund school bus diesel particulate filter installations.

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  • Flat Rack Jack

    Why don’t California pack sand in there ass over their overregulated laws

  • PattyCakes

    You’re need to think just like they do friend … yes, ” pack sand ” is the correct attitude, however, we need to play the Game by THEIR Rules.

    California wants to f*ck us, f*ck ’em back ….. any fright going in / out of MoonBeams state gets a ‘ Harassment / Over-Reg Assessment ‘.

    Lets say an organization such as OOIDA does a breakdown of each an every Regulatory cost per truck to comply with CARB’s bullsh*t Regs …. take that cost breakdown, multiply it by 2, 3 or 4 and there my friend, is your / our ” CARB Compliance Fee “, for any / all freight moved in the Shakey.

    Any freight moved for a Gummint entity doesn’t get that assessment, they get a Special Assessment ….. you multiply Gummint costs by 25 times, just for the bullsh*t they put us through.

    What’s the first thing any C S’er ( c*ck-sucker for those of you in RioLinda ) with a Senator / Congressman before their name recommends doing to you / me to ‘ Teach a Lesson ‘ …. ‘yep, they spank-you-in-the-wallet.

    Simply play their game friend … play their game …. Spank-them-in-the-wallet !.

  • Jim

    California is robbing good people just to get money. When will this law breaking state get what’s coming to them?

  • lastgoodusername

    i’ll say it again. this should only be effecting people who live there. everybody else should just quit going out there. problem solved.

  • localnet

    I say let them starve. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.