CARB: Operators’ voices, more on the regs in podcast part 2

| November 27, 2013

This feature podcast follows the Monday, Nov. 25, installment, which covered the California Air Resources Board’s 11th-hour flexibility maneuvering (click through that link to listen to the first installment). Proposed new options for compliance for various fleets and owner-operators — and the politics behind them — were described there by Joe Rajkovacz of the California Construction Trucking Association.


California delaying enforcement of retrofit deadline for truck owners

California will delay enforcement of the next retrofit deadline for truckers who report certain efforts toward compliance by Jan. 31.

Following that podcast, owner-operators made their own voices heard via Overdrive‘s 530-40-VOICE hotline. Find some of their voices in addition to that of Rajkovacz in Part 2 in the CARB series, in which among other points Rajkovacz emphasizes a potential six-month extension to compliance with the Truck and Bus Rule as long as equipment owners register intent to upgrade with CARB by January 31. 

We want to hear from you, too. Call 530-408-6423 — leave your name and location, and speak your piece.


Podcast: CARB compliance flexibility, or lack thereof, not set in stone

In the first of two podcasts on CARB's 11th-hour flexibility maneuvering, Joe Rajkovacz of the CCTA urged operators around the nation to get involved in ...

To contribute to the official discussion of flexibility options, Rajkovacz emphasizes, make time for the Dec. 4 webcast of the second in a series of early-December public meetings CARB is holding to hear opinion on their proposed advisory for flexibility for truck owners, which you can download via this link.

California residents, find information on physical locations of the meetings, as well as the webcast, in this story.

Rajkovacz will also be a guest on Sirius XM Channel 128 Wednesday, Nov. 27, at 2 p.m. EST.


Explore your options for complying with CARB’s Truck and Bus Rule by using our interactive tool here.  

  • jesse wood

    carb is bigger crooks than the ones in prison

  • John Scott

    I think that CARB causes too much hardship vs benefit. The ends do not justify the means. We have too many who look at a narrow view of a problem and a solution. I certainly don’t see a reason for me living outside of California to invest their regulations just so I can do business there.

  • mousekiller

    CARB has in their employ a liar. The person that did the figures and claimed to do the research was not a graduate nor a professor and yet they use his paper and figures to screw the country instead of being truthful and honest.

  • Out of state driver

    I received a ticket last year for my truck because the engine was a 1999. After signing all my papers with the CARB officer, I asked him this question. In your research for cleaner air, how many people died in the state of California and the death certificate said, Cause of death, Air pollution? The officer just looked at me. That’s right. None!

  • mousekiller

    well done. good question osd

  • bigred

    California gets part of our 550 buck road use tax per year right>>>>>End of story…

  • Dave Wilhelm

    Too much, too soon. CARB being one sided wanting us to afford DPF ‘s or Newer equip. that in all reality so many of us cant afford right now. Its way too much, too soon and their concern I know is every ones right to cleaner air but now my lively hood is at stake in doing my share for cleaner air. Seems like I’m be forced to sacrifice a lot more than others. Its not fair and … Its too much, too soon

  • Ground Pounder

    I don’t see a problem here. We know that all insanity always starts in California and moves inland. I wouldn’t think of setting tire in that state, so why does anybody else that doesn’t live there? Starve them out! Certainly the truckers who live there alone can’t supply their needs.I feel sorry for them, but lets face it; the ONLY way they will wake up is when there is no food on the shelves,or any other commodity available to survive. Certainly you guys (and gals) can make a living running in the other 47 states, can’t you? I can! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.