CARB sued for allegedly not disclosing defects of particulate filters

| November 25, 2013

CaliforniaA business group is suing California’s Air Resources Board over allegations it did not disclose known defects associated with the Diesel Particulate Filters required for trucks next year.

The Alliance for California Business filed complaint Nov. 11 in Glenn County Superior Court over the mandated DPFs that can cost up of $20,000 per truck. The recently formed non-profit ACB represents carriers and other business owners who want the court to enjoin implementation of portions of CARB’s Truck and Bus Regulation.


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The DPFs have caused fires and are “not designed for use on short distance travel routes and commonly malfunction as a result,” according to ACB’s Nov. 11 statement. Truck owners qualify for assistance in purchasing the filters, but relief is not provided for damage that occurs from the devices or for income lost while the truck undergoes repair., ACB stated.

A May 9 case management conference is set for the alliance and CARB before Judge Peter Twede.

This month, the board announced it would postpone enforcement of the filter deadline from Jan. 1 to July 1 for truckers who qualify for the extension. Also, low-use exemptions are available for owners of trucks driven less than 5,000 miles annually. Trucks driven more than an annual 5,000 miles, but still log less than 1,000 miles in California also may meet exemption criteria.


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At an Oct. 24 CARB meeting, truckers said they found DPFs to be costly and unreliable. Woodland Mayor Skip Davies said the filters sometimes “plug up.”

Recently, 70 truckers attended a recent Woodland meeting, said Davies, who also serves on the Yolo Solano Air Quality Board. The low-use exemption is inadequate relief to cope with the region’s growing season, he said.

Truckers found the CARB website difficult to navigate, Davies continued. Also, DPF compliance would be more likely if it were phased in over a five-year period and a loan program existed that was restricted to small fleet owners.

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  • Mind Games

    Stay tuned boys and girls this is gonna be a great show! Hopefully in part two they will sue Mary Nichols personally and if that happens trust me boys and girls the California legislators will throw her wayyyy under the bus!

  • Christie Fields

    So far I’m certified not to enter the P.R.O.C.

  • Loren Hutnick

    That is what its Turing into. and trust me they will not ever what there asking of us

  • Loren Hutnick

    At the end of the day, What CARB is asking will do so much and more Damage to the Sate of Calif. Alone at every turn with CARB there is a lie or cover up with CARB. I do have to say its funny that my truck, Yes a 3406B Cat has a stamp on the valve cover that reads ” This engine meets the Requirements for the emissions for the State of California, for the year it was built.
    But CARB is more worried about keeping The State so green that they wont everyone back to the days of a hose and bugy, but then they will fin a issue with the horse sooner or latter

  • Trucker Buck

    CARB is a real crock of *hit. My 2012 Kenworth T660 has been in the shop 4 times since April costing over $5,000 and over $7,000 lost revenue. When will the government get their heads out of their asses and see that they’re pushing EPA too hard and too fast? We all want cleaner air, but don’t go forcing truckers out of business to do it. Industry can’t make the required changes to technology when the rules keep changing so fast. When are they going to go after the rail industry. They are some of the worst polluters in some areas. Thick black smoke billowing from locomotives. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot….they have a free pass. “Our locomotives are electric”. Really, but the generators are powered by diesel engines! Wakeup EPA!

  • Angela Casler

    Please contact the Alliance for CA Business if you are effected by the Truck and Bus Regulation. At the next CARB meetings we’d like to show the economic impact to the transportation industry both to CA companyies and interstate hualers.

  • Angela Casler

    Can you please contact me?

  • Angela Casler

    Thank you Jill for bringing attention to this important issue! Great article.

  • Tony

    Please donate money to the Alliance For California Business to help fight CARB

  • wrenchmonkey

    I say they need to expand the lawsuit to deal with the newer trucks too. I have seen so many trucks in and out of my shop repeatedly for DPF/SCR malfunctions. also I believe the CARB punks should be the lab rats to see the health risks of burning the urea.

  • Stormy

    We already lost more than we can ever get back. With low mileage exemptions, delays on DPFs and anything else they throw in, it won’t be enough to get me back in the state. They have their mega carriers,i and I am sure are charging them mega rates. Let them pay it and then watch them increase taxes to the max to make up for the money they lost from trucking IFTA taxes. If they weren’t hurting they wouldn’t be trying to figure something else out. The skies may be blue, the air may be clean but the roads to get there will wind up being the worst in the US. They can hate the truckers but surely they have figured out how much those nasty trucks contribute to the infrastructure fund. But it is California so maybe they haven’t figured it out yet. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.