Cargo theft numbers fall in 2012

| January 27, 2013

As fleets, owners and drivers have responded to cargo theft’s rise in recent years with more security and watch, cargo thefts in 2012 dropped in 2011, thought just slightly.

The total — 940 — is down just half a percent from 2011, which saw a near-10-percent leap from 2010, according to a report from FreightWatch International.

Moreover, the report indicates that the number of violent thefts – which include hijackings — was down, while the number of “white collar” type thefts, dubbed “deceptive pickups” by FreightWatch, increased. Deceptive pickups involve a form of identity theft in which criminals pose as an actual carrier and broker a load.

For more numbers from the report, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s report.

  • martymarsh

    I love this one, I have loaded and unloaded loads where I was never allowed in the trailer on either end but there where shortages. Gee I wonder where they went, there is only 2 possible answers, it was either not put on or someone played with the count coming off. The best part of this, company management takes responsibility like it is the drivers fault, we are talking stupid people here. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.