Fast Cash

Todd Dills | December 01, 2010

Independents crippled by cash flow find it can be worth sharing a small piece of the pie with a factor. Getting related services helps, too.

Win the warranty game

John Baxter | November 02, 2010

There’s no shortage of reasons for invalidating a warranty. Trump them all with proper PM and get your claim honored.

Time for an overhaul

Max Kvidera | November 02, 2010

Oil analysis and other information can help you determine if an engine’s ripe for rebuilding. The same diagnoses might postpone an overhaul or eliminate engine failure.

Through thick and thin

Max Kvidera | November 02, 2010

Specialists weigh in on cold starts, wear protection and other oil viscosity matters.

Pride of Charlotte

Bruce W. Smith | November 01, 2010

The crowd at the first Charlotte Diesel Super Show was eager to see the parade of trucks entered in Pride & Polish and the less competitive Wash-and-Show.

Highway Idols

Overdrive Staff | November 01, 2010

For Overdrive readers, the road to Paradise has always been populated with their dependable, good-looking rigs.

Birth of an Icon

Lucinda Coulter | October 01, 2010

For hard-working owner-operators trying to survive in a highly regulated industry, Overdrive became the Voice of the American Trucker.

Engine Spotlight

John Baxter | October 01, 2010

Detroit’s newest and biggest engine, the DD16, maximizes pulling power while maintaining good mpg.

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