BLOG: Phil Madsen

Is FMCSA putting back in the air what EPA takes out?

New FMCSA rules require truckers to take a 30 minute break. What effect will this have on air quality?

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Using free info and free air to extend tire life

Tire inflation tables -- do you use them?

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Your stuff — why do you own it?

When was the last time you thought deeply about the stuff you own?

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An owner-operator’s guide to success

Here's a book I recommend to all owner-operators and owner-operator wannabees.

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Our impressions of Landstar BCO Appreciation Days

Diane and I attend Landstar BCO Appreciation Days; our impressions.

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Liking it in Florida

Learning more about our Florida community

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Looking forward to BCO Appreciation Days

BCO Appreciation Days are coming up! We'll be there!

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Your business and your relationship to authority

People react in different ways to rules. How do you react and what difference does it make in your business?

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Humbled and honored to be blogging here

I learned today that I feel intimidated in the presence of the masters. Learned when I began to write this blog entry, the first of many that will appear on Overdrive magazine's web site. Greetings to my new readers. My name is Phil Madsen. I am a truck owner-operator who has been blogging elsewhere on the web since July, 2007. I was surprised and honored to receive a phone call from Overdrive, inviting me to include ...

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