CARB verification

| March 10, 2010

Donaldson Company received Level 3 Plus verification.

Portable wheel wash solution

| March 10, 2010

Innovative Equipment Solutions' Tracinator is a one tire revolution dirt removal system.

GPS POI downloads

| March 09, 2010

CAT Scales offer GPS POI downloads.

New website

| March 08, 2010

New website new product.

Big Rig Basics

John Baxter | March 01, 2010

Keep your trailer landings in good shape by periodically greasing and inspecting the landing legs

Stainless Steel Air Cleaner

| February 08, 2010

Peterbilt’s stainless steel, cowl-mounted air cleaner and cap is available on Peterbilt Models 389, 388 and 367, in both 13- and 15-inch diameters for single- or dual-side installations.

New Products

Truckers News Staff | February 01, 2010

A wireless headset, shock absorbers, aerodynamic options, an online negotiating system, a conversion bulb and collection cards are showcased in this new product section.

Big Rig Basics: Looking glass

John Baxter | February 01, 2010

Moto Mirrors, now manufactured by the Commercial Vehicle Group, rotate the mirror in either direction with the flip of an on-dash switch. This allows the driver to focus the mirror on the rear of ...

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