New website

| March 08, 2010

New website new product.

Big Rig Basics

John Baxter | March 01, 2010

Keep your trailer landings in good shape by periodically greasing and inspecting the landing legs

Stainless Steel Air Cleaner

| February 08, 2010

Peterbilt’s stainless steel, cowl-mounted air cleaner and cap is available on Peterbilt Models 389, 388 and 367, in both 13- and 15-inch diameters for single- or dual-side installations.

New Products

Truckers News Staff | February 01, 2010

A wireless headset, shock absorbers, aerodynamic options, an online negotiating system, a conversion bulb and collection cards are showcased in this new product section.

Big Rig Basics: Looking glass

John Baxter | February 01, 2010

Moto Mirrors, now manufactured by the Commercial Vehicle Group, rotate the mirror in either direction with the flip of an on-dash switch. This allows the driver to focus the mirror on the rear of ...

Heat pump system

| January 07, 2010

Stark's HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit was built to handle extreme temperatures. By eliminating the need for the truck's engine to idle, fuel usage is reduced significantly. The heat pump system provides cost savings and keeps ...

Tunnel light

| January 07, 2010

Peterson's LED line of tunnel lights has a 274 Series featuring a 2-inch round, grommet-mounted accessory light for trucks and trailers. With an operating range of 8-16 volts and available in both amber and red, ...

Express indexing software

| January 07, 2010

Pegasus TransTech's Express Indexing module is a software solution that reduces the time and number of people required to route and process proof-of-delivery and other incoming electronic documents. The software will correctly identify and index ...

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