Most Loved Pet contest finalists

Mr. Muggsy

| November 03, 2013

Mr. Muggsy is very special to us being he was our first baby. Muggsy was my wife's for the first 4 years of his life. I got bit every time I got close. One day ...

Callie and Perly

| November 03, 2013

They hold conversation with you. They love hanging around and stealing Mom's food when I'm not looking. They protect the truck and squawk when someone comes near. They even know how to use the mirrors ...


| November 03, 2013

Duke and I have been together since he was hatched. Duke is 7 years old now and we are best friends. John Jr. Vedder | Owner-operator, Rocky Ledge Farms

Frank Mansheim

| November 03, 2013

Frank has been with me for 5 years. People call me, "the duck guy." I think if everyone had a duck in their truck, the world would be a better place! Joe Mansheim | Company driver, ...


| November 03, 2013

Layla comes to the office everyday. She attends all Truck Shows we go to and Truckers just love her. She is a great pet and everybody in the office refers to her as the BOSS. Dearman ...

Sammy Lott

| November 03, 2013

He loves to ride and watch traffic. Also a great buddy on the road for 8 years now. Plus he talks. David Lott | Company driver, Blamba Express Inc.

Diesel Young

| November 03, 2013

He is truly unique to have in the truck.  He can make you laugh when your riding down the road and he says something funny to you. He loves to climb his toys that I ...


| November 03, 2013

Floyd is personality times a thousand.  He loves everyone.  We trained to be a Therapy Dog to visit ill children in the hospital and the elderly.  We passed all but one area.  He loves people ...

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