Overdrive’s Most Beautiful

Laura Allen

| March 29, 2013

I think my wife, Laura, should be considered for Overdrives Most Beautiful because she has been in trucking for over 20 years and not only can she "truck" with the best of them, she remains ...

Christina Case

| March 29, 2013

Just take a look, not many truck drivers like this!

Danette Stevens Adamson

| March 29, 2013

You’re beautiful because you take risks. You substituted “who cares” for “what if” and stopped talking into your beer about how you were going to do it and actually did it. You're not afraid to ...

Barbara Ridley

| March 29, 2013

Barb has drove teams with her husband Don now going on 20 months. Before that she was a stay at home mom and raised 3 kids and held 2 jobs. A full time school bus ...

Sarah Sallee

| March 29, 2013

She is an amazing woman. She had gastric bypass and has maintained great eating habits on the road. She has overcome many obstacles from being told she cant do the job to giving up her ...

Jennifer Roach

| March 29, 2013

My wife is such an awesome, inspiring person. She works hard to make sure myself and our four-legged kids are well cared for. She has been driving for 14 years and pulls a flatbed. She ...

Rebecka Jarvis

| March 29, 2013

Becka has a Class A CDL, is part owner in Whitetail Transport, and will take on any task put before her. She also is a trained welder and qualified engine mechanic. Becka is a single ...

Judith Trice

| March 29, 2013

Our mother would work up to five jobs at one time in order to support her three boys that she was raising as a single mother.  My brothers and I would not realize until we ...

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