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Do extensive research

| November 11, 2013

The best advice I could give is to research as many carriers as you can and talk to drivers from those companies and when you decide on a carrier, stick with that one company instead ...

Make time for exercise

| October 01, 2013

When you exercise you don’t just tone your abdominal core, you tone your spiritual core, too.

Never quit learning

| September 04, 2013

Listen to those who have the least to say, because sometimes people don't have you and your ways in mind.

Inspect your truck

| September 03, 2013

Do all your pretrip inspections. Fix what is broken. Remember that other drivers are not professional drivers like you.

Grease your truck regularly

| July 31, 2013

If you grease your truck on a regular basis, you are more likely to catch the smaller problems because you are touching and inspecting the truck as you go along.

What’s your best advice for saving fuel?

| July 08, 2013

Driver training — truck inspections, driving habits — is the single most important variable that can be tweaked to achieve the biggest positive difference in cutting fuel costs.

What’s your best advice for choosing loads?

| June 05, 2013

“Part of watching our expenses is watching what we are hauling. We can pull an empty shipping container, and it’s like pulling a parachute, but we can put a heavy object on the trailer, like ...

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