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Caught in a blizzard: Faring when stuck in snow

What happens when the sky parts and a few feet of snow are dumped onto you and your truck in the middle of a run?

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If it’s getting ugly — and deep — quick, how should you cope? 

The latest installment of the 10 Worst Case trucking Scenarios, tips on getting you and your rig safely through a snowed over earth: 


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  • john

    What if you work for one of those sorry companies that program their trucks to shut off after 5 minutes of idling? Or they install a battery operated heating system, where the batteries lose charge after 6-8 hrs?

  • joe solo

    you cant set the cruise control a to idle higher to avoid it??

  • localnet

    In some cases no. I work up in North Dakota, we leased some new Freightliner’s, the only way some of those trucks would idle is when the pto/wet kit was in operation. Problem with these new trucks, they breakdown like clockwork. I stayed with my trusty old 1994 Freightliner, she was old, mice living in the sleeper, but that old Detroit Series 60 was bullet proof with a good heater, at least when the thermostat was operating properly… ;)

    Bottom line, that old truck always got me back to the yard, unlike the new EPA trucks that prefered being drug around by the nose at the a– end of a wrecker. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.