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Clarification: EPA’s clearance for Calif. enforcement of aero device regs applies to trucks, too

| August 12, 2014

As noted in Overdrive‘s Aug. 11 coverage of the EPA’s grant of permission to California to enforce its greenhouse gas regulations, the California Air Resources Board may now enforce its rules requiring certain aerodynamic add-ons or other devices that improve fuel economy and, hence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


CARB can enforce rule requiring aero add-ons to trailers, EPA says

CARB has been granted permission by the federal government to enforce its requirement that trailers in the state be equipped with certain EPA-verified aerodynamic equipment. ...

The Aug. 11 story, however, only says the EPA’s ruling applies to 2011 and later model trailers. 

The EPA’s ruling also clears CARB to enforce similar requirements on 2011-2013 year-model tractors with integrated sleepers.

CARB’s greenhouse gas rule, which went into effect January of 2010, required the use of EPA SmartWay-verified tires and other SmartWay-verified equipment on all new trucks and trailers. 

However, CARB had not been enforcing the rule because the EPA’s Clean Air Act had preempted the state rules. In June 2013, CARB asked for a waiver of that preemption, and the EPA granted the waiver last week, clearing the way for CARB to enforce the rule on 2011-2013 year-model trucks and 2011 and later trailers. 

Click here to read Overdrive‘s original coverage of the EPA’s ruling.

  • Mav

    Don’t haul freight to Comiiefornia.

  • Eugene Grechko

    For me, California lake freight receiver and shipper doesn’t exist! And Arizona and New Mexico … And all western states…

  • rc1234

    They can meet me in Nevada to get their stuff….

  • Brock

    Just tell California to fuck off!!!!

  • Patty Cakes

    Good thought, but it would be much better to tell them ‘ Grab your ankles, ’cause we just DOUBLED or TRIPLED the Rates for ALL freight into / out of The Shakey to pay for that harebrained CARB requirement.

    Bang ’em right in the wallet friend …. real hard, right in the wallet ! ! !

  • Daniel Perry

    I’m fine with either idea, or just have a local bring the loads to the border.

  • bigred

    LOL, Let them pay(shippers) and see where this goes….Just a big ploy to get food so high that only the wealthy can eat.With the drought in Shakey, we won`t be able to afford their crap anyway.

  • Ricci Logan

    Hasn’t commiefornica fell into the ocean yet

  • rambler

    I celebrated the day my truck no longer passed CARB requirements. Figured Cali could stick it in their San Francisco love hole…deep….I love the 49 states of my USA

  • john creedon

    I hope their produce rot in the fields because there is no cold storage, because there’s not enough trucks to haul it!

  • originalbob

    If you bang ’em in the wallet, they will just raise taxes and fees. They don’t care about the people trying to make a living. The people shoving this CARB crap down our throats already have enough money to pay for what they want. And most of the people that keep them in office are getting freebies by keeping them there.

  • Jayne N. Montana

    here is how you affect the rates and the “stupid” laws being forced upon us… for one 1 month do not take any freight into or out of California, the following month do not take any freight into or out of Washington DC/New York… this is NOT a strike like so many are concerned about, or say nothing will happen, IT WILL HAPPEN if the drivers were to stick together…. even if only 75% did this it would have a MAJOR impact on these two areas

  • DE_from_NC

    bigred, YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT !! EVERYTHING they are doing to the trucking industry is centered around cutting productivity, the “goin’ green scam”, and putting small business outta business, and what Braindead America does not see, is they ARE USING OUR INDUSTRY to “back door” their operation of what you spoke of, “getting food and clothes so high only the rich will eat and survive” and if they are successful with this “operation”, WHO will get the blame ? THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY, when the industry was setup in a frameup of bringing America and the middle class to it’s knees ! And the masterminds of this, the elite banking cabal that “own” the gov’t, the EPA, the FDA and on and on sit back at their big cherry wood conference table and have a glass of $200 a bottle Scotch and smoke imported high $$ Cuban stogies and laugh like hell at us !! Their “operation” was a success !! And when we’re on our knees and desperate, it’ll be “sign here and become my “personal shoeshine boy for life” and I’ll see to it you have hamburger and blue jeans”, SLAVE !! Iceland shut these bastards down and imprisoned them in their country. Their economy is doing fine now. The U.S. and Greece are headed for a concrete wall of failure at 300 mph under their “control” ! And people are still stupid enough to think “it’s the Demopublican’s fault or the Republicrat’s fault”, they can’t see, as George Carlin so eloquently put it, “it’s a BIG CLUB, and yoooooouu ain’t in it” !! Why do you think we went to computerized voting decades ago ? So the banking elite can “electronically appoint” their next agenda pushing “puppet” !! I don’t expect anybody to believe that so perhaps you’ll believe grand jury testimony from the man who wrote the software and watch Boehner read a rigged Republican convention floor vote “script” off a teleprompter. THEY ARE ALL BANKSTER BOUGHT PUPPETS !!- or

  • Jason

    If you won’t move the freight somebody else will , ca moves more commodities in and out of the state then any other, so stop crying get the equipment and continue earning!!!!!!!

  • Jason


  • Jason

    Yes if you idiots did that I would be a very wealthy man, so please continue your stupidity strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.