‘WB 70 shoulder: An expressway of one’s own’ — from the dashcam of Colin Young

| October 27, 2016

Colin Young was westbound on I-70 “coming down Floyd Hill in Colorado,” he says. Traffic was creeping along, and a pickup-truck driver, as you’ll see in the video above, caught by Young’s dashcam, decided to take matters into his own hands, safety be … well, you know.

He decides “he doesn’t need to sit in traffic,” Young says. “Drove down the entire hill using the shoulder as his personal expressway.”

We’ve seen that before, haven’t we:

Dashcam to the rescue: Trucker assists law enforcement twice — in two days — with video evidence

Two days, two near-fatalities with plenty of motorist impatience at fault caught on the dashcam of independent owner-operator Howard Salmon. In both incidents, Salmon provided ...

Sometimes it doesn’t work out so well. Be safe, drivers.

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Norman Ott
Norman Ott

Never a cop when  you need one.


Back window has all their info if you can read it... 

Can easily read "Interstate Roofing" but on the small screen on my Chromebook I can't make out the name and number listed on the right side of the back window. I can also see the Colorado plate but again, trouble seeing the numbers.