Consultant: New CSA wave washing ashore

| June 25, 2014

About to catch your breath because you’ve finally gotten the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program under control? Not so fast.

Regulatory compliance expert Jeff Davis, principle officer for Fleet Safety Services, told CCJ Summer Symposium attendees in LaJolla Calif., this morning that a virtual tsunami of regulations directly or indirectly related to CSA has begun to hit the trucking industry.

Even with “regulation fatigue” at the executive level, Davis maintains that truck fleets will have to redouble their efforts to stay ahead of the curve on CSA in order to protect their BASIC scores. Those numerical rankings are coming under increasing scrutiny by law enforcement and regulatory agencies, as well as shippers and insurance companies.

“We’ve come through Phase 1 of the CSA,” Davis explained, “which was the actual launch of the program and understanding how it would work. For better or worse, we now have that information. Now we’re entering Phase 2, which is the actual intervention phase, which CSA was all about in the first place.”


CSA’s Fallout: Scoring reliability woes dominate independents’ concerns

Overdrive's 2014 CSA survey shows independents are most concerned about reliability of scores, but the system’s many flaws haven’t halted third-party use of the rankings ...

In other words, Davis says, truckers must shift primary concerns from educating themselves about CSA to learning how to operate in a world largely defined by how the program views them. The process is made even more complicated by the way the program is being used — and abused — in ways it was never intended to.

Davis told Symposium attendees that he believes a primary internal purpose of CSA is to force carriers into using electronic logs. He maintains that use of e-logs is the only way fleets today can accurately track and control hours compliance to head off detrimental CSA scores. 


Overdrive’s Truckers Tools offers easy access to FMCSA registry of med examiners

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Medical examiner registry adds hurdles
Drivers are now required to use doctors who are certified by the federal medical registry to renew a CDL or get a new one.

More annoying for back-office management, Davis says, is a requirement that requires the government-certified doctor to, in turn, be re-certified by the fleet as well.

“You have to place a note in the driver’s file that the doctor who passed him or her as fit for duty is government-certified,” he explained. “You have to go to the FCMSA website and verify they are certified. This regulation crept up on us and I had no idea it was even being considered until I ran up on it last week.”

Davis says fleets can expect a sleep apnea test to round out the medical certification process for drivers.

“The bottom line is that fleets are simply going to have to be more hands-on in helping their drivers get — and keep — their medical cards,” Davis adds. “It’s going to take more time, more resources and more people to do so.” 


Drug testing for truckers via hair progresses as Senate, House introduce bills

Companion bills that would require the Department of Health and Human Services to recognize hair testing as an option for carrier compliance of drug testing ...

Hair drug testing on the way
Additionally, Davis believes that hair testing for the new driver drug and alcohol clearing house may soon be required. “My advice to fleets is to be proactive on this front now,” he stressed. “I recommend checking your database on every driver to ascertain whether they’ve had a prior drug or alcohol violation and follow up to make certain they are in compliance now.”

  • Kenn Ashcraft

    CSA is just another ridiculous invention made up by the FMCSA and the MEGA CARRIERS to force the smaller companies out if business and decrease the freight rates.

  • Dave

    More useless regulations with no effect on safety for an already over-regulated industry. Ferro needs gone!!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    There should not even be a test , when i got my drivers license at 17 it was good for anything on the road but a motorcycle ,

  • g22p

    If we all just took a one week vacation at the same time we could put a stop to all this mess .

  • James Loar

    That will NEVER happen and we all know it. Everyone is out for themselves now adays. Best part about it is that if they was smart and did take the vacation all at the same time they would actually make more money in the long run but they are to stupid to realize that!

  • shadow hauling

    I agree. Let’s go back in time when you could drive and not have the stress of worrying about csa,FMCSA and all the other government agencies and bullshit. I read the other day where there is a so called driver school that would get you your permit, road test and license in 24 hours. Now tell me how is that safe ? I think instead of eld and csa scores and the other crap they should be looking at student driver training. Yup the large companies that wanted this crap along with ata and the teamsters will now pay. It will take a lawyer to keep track of all the legal crap and paperwork to be sure we are in compliance. They asked for it well they got it. To bad all of us now are going to pay. As an O/O with one truck and keeping up on paperwork and trying to keep truck repairs done myself it’s getting almost impossible. Wonder when the government will tell us that we can’t do our own repairs and have to take it to a licensed government approved on their list of repair facility’s .

  • shadow hauling

    Good point but you can’t even get two drivers to hardly talk to each other now days. They are too consumed in their electronics and trying to get the most out of their eld’s. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with you. Look what happens when people hear a big storm or major catastrophic event happening the first thing that happens is people raid the stores and gas stations and just about empty them out in less than 24 hours. In manage what would happen after a couple days of very few trucks on the roads and very little gas and food deliveries ? It would get FMCSA and all government agencies on the hot seat. If they can do away with the regulations for fuel deliveries and storm supply deliveries then itcan be done all the time. Seems it only can be done when it makes them look good and the public thinks they are great.

  • Born

    CSA Is No Good. Fmcsa Is Just Another Government Intrusion Into American Freedom. Dont Agree? Make Sure Your 2290 Taxes Are In By The 30Th. Dont Know What They Are Or Dont Pay Them Yourself? Sit Down And Be Quiet.

  • roge160

    Here is what is up The big carriers want to put the real O/O out so they can control the market and government wants it so when big carries get out of control the government can step in and have control over it all because the government knows they can’t control us .

  • roge160

    Park your truck, July 1st, for one week. Show that we have power and then we will get them to listen. And you company drivers they can’t fire you all, they won’t as they need you more than you need them. Stand up and take a stand if you really want to make a difference for your job, your life and for your family. The industry safety has gotten better every year for the past 10 years when you factor in the total cars and trucks that increase each year you have proven over and over that we are doing better. The media just puts the bad info out there to get you all stirred up and in a feeding frenzy .The public needs to know the truth. If we stop and show them what can happen, they will rethink and see we are no different than them. We are good, safe, hard working Americans so help your self and stick together and let’s make some changes.

  • Joe Pauley

    Won’t work but the big companies would love it cause the would try to take All of the customers. Once you get good customers you don’t leave them hanging or you will be looking for new customers. …

  • Born


  • Joe Pauley

    Its one way to fight unemployment. Some of the yoyos they find don’t know half of what they should and most of them have no idea what it takes to make your own job.

  • Joe Pauley

    How do we test them? Some don’t know their donkey from a hole in the ground.

  • Joe Pauley

    Thats hitting the nail on the Head. Soon we will all need second jobs Cause

  • whooops

    Overarching issues. We humans currently haul food. Lots Farmers used to O/O winters. FDR was interested creating better smarter stronger humans. 1970’s FDA Head said “we hav only begun to wield the extent of control we intend to hav over what you eat.” And, if “You Are What You Eat” you cld b more concerned now 4 healthy nutrient rich (vitamin/mineral &trace Mineral rich) foods remaining available to population at large.
    Couple days back I heard on news that ENGLAND/UK will or has begun allowing DNA Designer BABIES. DNA enhancements available for Looks, IQ, Athletics Ability, Gender, Eye Color, Hair Color, etc.
    Currently, USA permits (if i heard correctly) gender selection only.
    Trucking used to be one of the ways men/women & small independent farmers could work hard & attain American Dream & provide solid middle class life & save for their children’s higher education.
    Considering this news of DNA beyond MENSA engineered individuals & eventually a “ruling elite ” (as Democrat Jane Fonda said 1990’s) “who know what’s best for the rest…”
    They will come to view non Designer DNA people as LESS EVOLVED & as what?… worker bees, pets, permanent toddler teenagers as compared to greater intelligence he/she can bring to laser focus on ‘x’ OR ‘y’.
    Back around early mid 1990’s watched Legislature session reviewing R&D to date concerning MUSCLE REJUVENATION that revitalized tissues & returned strength & physical appearance to male only control test group of 15-20 YEARS. That was real. Never caught any further news where women post menopause &/or post hysterectomy were added to Control Group.
    So, if O/O & small farmers & small truck companies squeezed out by regs, there will be less choice as to where your wife & children buy their food.
    ?Could the victory garden be outlawed?
    ?Will a robot be driving OTR Truck in 10 years or less?
    Yes, I agree that big companies had ear of key legislators. As noted b4, in log training class East Coast Chief Of Safety Swirft say he was “helping write new HOS Rules which wld give swiftt an advantage in Transportation Industry due to their size.”

  • Joe Pauley

    If you have a designated haul you might not when this would be over.

  • jojo

    Go Home To VOTE!
    Federal Election Day is 11/4/14.

    As for ME, I’m Going Home 10/31 thru 11/7. I’M MAKING SURE THAT MY VOICE IS GOING TO BE HEARD!!!

    Pat Hockaday

  • Tommy Showalters

    I see things a bit differently. With all of the unsafe drivers I encounter on a daily basis, I think a scoring system that will either bring them into compliance or get them out of the industry is a good thing. Besides, for those of us who drive safely and follow the rules, it can only make us more valuable and thus CSA is more profitable for us.

  • Viki


  • Steve

    I’ve had 4 friends quit/retire since charges were filed on that Walmart driver. When your job can put you in prison even when you’re following all the nit pick rules. It’s time to find another source of income.

  • Steve

    How about the week before Thanksgiving? We should all spend more time with our families at that time of year counting those things we are thankful for anyway.

  • Steve

    That’s how they tried to intimidate me when I was working for companies. So I’d clean out my truck and leave it at the terminal. Within the week they were calling me promising me a new truck, more money, anything to get me back in a Truck. When drivers realize how really valuable they are to the equation, they will start to feel a freedom which will bring them more joy in their lives. Companies threaten to fire a driver, but if that driver is anything above marginal, they can’t afford to have that truck sit, it’s got to have a driver to make them money.

  • Steve

    That Walmart driver was in full compliance with the HOS yet they are working hard to ruin him. Think that couldn’t be you? If you drive a truck, better think again.

  • pakkman

    why July 1st?
    an I agree we need to stamp out these over reaching basically communist government officials who constantly change the rules add new ones violating the very fiber that this country an the constitution was founded starting with trucking turning a free country into a police state using HOS rules as a means to put indivuals who actually try to work a little harder to give their family a little more these government lawmakers do not even have the sense an smarts of a 5th grade class even if they made it to where every truck could only drive 5 hours in a day they still cannot make a driver actually go to sleep WHAT NEXT electronic pulse monitors implanted to see how long u slept

  • JW

    You don’t have to be home on election day to vote. As a truck driver you can do an absentee vote two or three weeks before the election. Did that for several years at the local court house before I got out of this mess called trucking.

  • centerlaneshow

    This is what happens when drivers don’t stand together, why do you think they never did anything to change the education level required. Because they needed to flood the market with incompetent drivers that don’t care then pass the new laws which will be all about control. Finally kick out all the incompetent then what do you have a fully controlled trucking industry less O/O and small mom and pop fleets CHECK MATE!

  • David S. McQueen

    When America voted for Obama, they didn’t understand who and what he is: a radical leftist bent on destroying capitalist America and replacing it with a centrally-managed, collectivist Amerika. For all those who DIDN’T vote for Obama, thank you. For those who didn’t vote period, get off your lazy asses.

  • Jim Oberle

    I say we just shut the whole country down until they get the message. There is power in numbers….

  • Jason Holmes

    Well when they get what they want maybe we as drivers will stand together again to change it back to resonable ruels until we as one stand against the big corporations and the fed nothing is going to go in our favor we need to get off our complacent asses and fight back and get a pay raise in the process corporations are making billions in inflated profits while we foot the bill in transporting all there goods to market we hold the power and we can bring true prosperity back to our industry im tired of making minium wageswhen you add all the time we spend out on the road add it up see how much you actually make drivers i get paid 50cents per mile hub read out i do 2500 miles a week and off on the week ends yet adding up all rhe time spent away from my home i make less then 3 dollars an hour this has to change

  • jan johnson

    Your right its about control freaks and if we don’t stop them some how they are going to distory our country economy even worse until there’s not a thing anyone can do but defend themselfs against criminals steeling lotting killing good people all because of how?

  • Clyde

    What state was that ??? I got my license in 1956 in ohio, in 1956 there was an operator license and a [chauffeur license now CDL].

  • masstrucker

    This has been talked about for over 30 years and that’s as far as it goes. We all know that the large companies will never shut down it would kill their bottom dollar and to get enough O/O to get together would take a miracle. This is the only industry that has NEVER received a cost of living increase never mind a raise in the past 50 years, figure that one out.

  • Stormy

    I feel your pain. After driving, doing the paperwork, keeping up with repairs don’t forget to spend the rest of your time just trying to keep up with the changes, proposed, passed, amended and just being passed around to keep the small O/O in total confusion. The worst is yet to come

  • mikebech

    I can say this more strongly . It’s time to shut it down for a week and show them we mean business there is no reason for the government to stick there nose in our business.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    N.J. 1968

  • localnet

    And people wonder why our pay, as an industry, is still stuck in the 1970’s? Regulatory costs on all levels, from the truck manufacturers right down to the gal that answers the phone in the terminal office. Our entire industry is being destroyed via regulations and compliance. Not saying there are not bad actors out there, but this is getting to just be nothing less than absurd.

  • localnet

    I would agree with you to a point, a clean CSA record is worth its weight in gold. Where I disagree are these “stupid” drivers. Yes, there are some real dirt bags out there, but I would contend that much of the craziness on the road today is due to playing beat the clock. I ran those e-logs for a few weeks, I found myself doing some “stupid” stuff myself just to stay in compliance. These e-logs and ignorant HOS rules are the problem to safety in my experience. I’ll stick with paper and drive the truck as I see fit, for my own and the publics safety.

  • localnet

    All of those pay raises have been sucked up by government regulations and compliance. Not to mention inflation due to insane government policies…

  • localnet

    I already park too much, I own an International… A truck manufacturer that should have stuck with farm equipment, as they have no business building trucks.

  • localnet

    I don’t believe that the mega carriers want to put the O/O out of business. In many cases it is the O/O that saves their bacon, and they pay us very good to do just that. The government on the other hand… I think they want us all living in mud huts… Soylent Green, the movie comes to mind. Rent it if you have never seen it. It is a vision of leftist utopianism.

  • localnet

    Sure, and they will just pass another regulation further punishing the industry. I wish I had the answer, all I can do is contact my congress critter and make sure I vote as well as educating everyone that will listen on what is really going on out here in regards to regulations. It sure is an interesting time to be alive.

  • roge160

    I meant real O/O not lease drivers I have done both and I make twice as mush with my own authority and customers .They have total control of lease drivers .

  • localnet

    Not all companies operate like that. I have had my own authority, ran 5 trucks. The BS was getting ridiculous and quite costly, along with an inexperienced driver pool to work with. Now, I lease on with a small outfit, one truck, and run just like I would with my own authority, roughly 1200 to 1600 miles per week. I actually make just as much, if not more today then I did running under my own authority. It’s a great gig, no headaches and few costs with great per mile averages. I told the owner, if he keeps it up, I will retire here.

  • MercenaryMan

    Proactive means no law in place but do it anyway HE’LL NO, if your asked to do it you can refuse, legally no law exists but clinics sure make great profits, hogwash

  • jojo

    Yes Sir, I will absentee vote if able to.
    I will then be able to shut my truck down the week of 10/31 thru 11/7 anywhere USA.
    In effect I would have voted twice.
    Once at the ballot box and once again by shutting my truck down for a week.
    Pat Hockaday

  • jojo

    11/4 is election day. If all Drivers were at home voting we would in effect have a one day shutdown.
    I don’t go home for just one day. After 60 to 100+ days on the road I’m taking a week or two off.
    I’ve been suggesting the week of 10/31 thru 11/7 for the past 3 months as that gives Drivers plenty of time to spread the word and to save up for that week off.
    Pat Hockaday

  • jojo

    Three Ways to Send a Message
    1. Inform your Carrier that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7. By doing this, You have just told your carrier, the ATA and the shippers/receivers that things need to Change.
    2. You, Your Family and Friends NEED to Call your elected officials in DC.
    Inform them of your issues at 202-224-3121. It’s EASY and Fast!
    3. Go Home To VOTE! Federal Election Day is 11/4/14.
    As for ME, I’m Going Home 10/31 thru 11/7. I’M MAKING SURE THAT MY VOICE IS GOING TO BE HEARD!!!

  • guest

    Notice they always have these “Symposiums” for execs in La Jolla and Naples Fla etc…..try to pry a dime out of them and risk yer life….lol

  • Jammer

    Who you drive for? I am an O/O with my own authority, and I have to run my behind off to make ends meet. Clue me in friend. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.