Convoy, shutdown effort dubbed ‘bust’ by national press

| October 11, 2013

The Ride for the Constitution protest convoy was a bust, having little effect on traffic or attention garnering from those on Capitol Hill, say national and local news reports.

As reported earlier by Overdriveabout 30 trucks showed up Friday, Oct. 11, to the Capital Beltway this morning as part of the planned convoy around Washington’s I-495. A much larger number of trucks was intended to overtake all three lanes and cause a traffic jam to get the attention of lawmakers.

Organizers had also talked of shutdowns or other trucker-related activity in other cities, but there appears to be no such reports corroborating anything happened. 

Ride for the Constitution rolls, reports say 30 show up to convoy

The convoy and concurrent shutdown — also billed as a buy-nothing protest — had received much in the way of national attention from the likes of cable networks like Fox News and national print and online media like USA Today, CNN, Gawker, Politico and The Washington Post.

In a conversation with Fox News this week, one of the coordinators told Fox News 10,000 trucks would be involved in the protest. 

However, as reported Thursday by Overdrive, the protest, convoy and shutdown had been losing support due to a lack of organization and lack of credibility of its organizers. 

Readers react to the Ride for the Constitution

Politico published its story about the small turnout with the headline “Trucker protest a bust”. USA Today also takes a pointed approach — “Truckers ‘rolling protest’ hard to spot around capital”. However, USA Today in a separate story also blamed the poor weather in the Washington, D.C., area for the possible low turnout. 

The Washington Post said no “major incidents” from the protest occurred, but also said rain played a part in heavy traffic on the Beltway. It quotes police from Virginia and Maryland as saying that around mid-morning, drivers participating in the convoy were traveling the same speed as other commuters and had splintered into smaller groups. 

Fox News, too, recanted its report that 10,000 would show up, saying in its headline “Dozens, not thousands, show up for DC trucker protest”

As pictures from Twitter show, the protesters did make some attempts at blocking all four lanes of the Beltway — Click here to see Overdrive‘s coverage from this morning to see them. 

However, according to tweets from the scene (like the one below), enforcers were on hand and giving those blocking the highway warnings for doing so. 

  • Black Betty

    My love goes out to the ones who were brave enough to actually show up!!!

  • Debieve

    Of course it is being called a support from anyone..30 truckers who try to support there fellowman is amazing..they have all my respect! you all can sit back in your warm cubby holes and pat yourselves on the back for not doing a damn thing about your constitutional rights..Don’t cry later when you accept all that is unconstitutional! remember you want it that way!

  • Rockwell

    My love goes out to the truckers with the brains to keep working and the grit to keep our great nation rolling!!! SHUT DOWN AMERICA huh? Nope!

  • KJinWTexas

    Can’t be too much of a bust, it’s got a LOT of people talking, from ‘both sides of the aisle.’

  • FedUp

    What does “brave” have to do with it?
    That use of the word brave is about as sensible as these people walking around talking about how “proud” they are to be ‘mer-cans.
    What did they even have to do with being born ‘mer-can that they should be proud?
    That’s like being proud your white.
    What’s brave about driving around the beltway showing your ass? Unless it lets you claim to be an obstructionist like that bunch of baggers you support. What have they passed to try and help our situation? Guess nothing and you would be right.
    Get off of Fox news and tune back into real life or get some books on cd concerning history and find out how far out of mainstream you have been lead by limpbaughlls and beck, etc.
    Show some class, you reflect on the professionalism of your industry when you act stupid.

  • Daniel Kupke

    At least they were there and trying !!?? Other than being a wet blanket n condeming it what did you do to improve our future ??

  • Their Grandma

    It’s a 3 day event.

  • David Obermark

    And the “Grand Opening” busted. I’ll be rolling every day this weekend after including a day at home.

  • Darryl G Evans

    it is day one, it takes 2 days to travel across America, wait till Sunday.

  • David Obermark

    I sense some censorship with comments being deleted.

    I will get to the gist of what I posted previously:

    Trucker Strike next spring. Exact dates? We wait for DOT to advertise the dates of their next 72 hour check.

    We’ll keep the politics out of it and stick to trucking issues. We also will be reasonable in our demands.

    It worked for me this past spring. I went on strike during that 72 hour check. My demands? DOT ends the 72 hour check and I would not roll until they did so. It worked. It only took three days for DOT to give in to my demands (grin).

    That was just one truck. Imagine what could happen if DOT threw a 72 hour party and nobody showed up (for the inspections).

  • mousekiller

    Just goes to show you . This strike or shutdown or what ever in DC was the brain child of a non trucker with no trucking ties what so ever. . Poorly planed if any planning was used. Begging for money to supposedly help buy fuel for the trucks that show up. That was a scam. I understand that many of us are frustrated with the CSA crap, HOS BS and all the new regulations we need to deal with. But this was not going to do it. At the best it is going to darken the already black eye we truckers have in the eye of the public. Very little has been said about the constitution or other worth while reasons. Do they really think obama is going to resign? Now that is just plain stupid.. I feel sorry for those that fell for this gimmick hook line and sinker. In my opinion this was just some person way of using the truckers for their own personal agenda. A test as it were to see if we are willing to actually go on a shutdown. Evidently we are not ready ..

  • Lenny Ladner

    You know after politicians the worst enemy of liberty in these United States is the media.

    They not only show a bias for more and bigger government but they ignore the protests of We The People against it.

    All you have to do is to remember how these highly paid prostitutes and liars in the press reacted against the Tea Party in the beginning.

    Screw the media they are only concerned with satisfying their appetites and ambitions.

  • Castaway50

    Sadly it’s like any other attempt to get truckers together for a cause, they just won’t do it. And the main ones that can do it are owner operators, Companies aren’t going to let their drivers take part in something like this. :(

  • William Stanfield

    Do any of these so called reporters know what a truck is or do they not know how to count?

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    I’m bummed that this wasn’t planned better. I along with a group of like-minded individuals tried to tell the people putting this together that the rhetoric was only going to drive people away from it and they needed to stick to the everyday trucking related issues and stay away from the ” witch hunt” for Obama’s head on a stick and political mumbo jumbo like Obamacare, the constitution, and all that horseshit.

    This country runs on trucks and truck issues should have been the focal point of this protest. They might have time to repair this faux pais if they quit with the propaganda double talking and focus on the REAL ISSUES FACING EVERY TRUCK DRIVER TODAY AND ARE STARVING US OUT OF THIS INDUSTRY. KEEP THE TORCHES AT HOME AND FOCUS ON THE REAL ISSUES PLEASE.


    Number 1:
    HOS need to be reverted to Pre July 1st enforcement. Drivers are driving more tired now under these new rules. They’re useless and irresponsible on the part of the FMCSA. Anne Ferro, Anthony Foxx, the FMCSA, and the transportation subcommittee need to go before a panel of truckers to explain why the rules were enforced WITHOUT REAL WORLD APPLICATION BEING DONE FIRST.

    Number 2 :
    Freight rates have to come up to shoulder the costs of operations across the boards all over. We can’t live or feed our families on cheap freight. Sorry. We deserve a fair shake at rates and more money needs to be paid to trucks.

    Number 3:
    The CSA safety scoring system needs dissipated. It falsely represents carriers’ and drivers’ safety records and attaches / negatively reflects on the records whether they are at fault for accidents or not. That in itself is egregious and unfair to all companies. Dot officers are writing erroneous tickets over mundane details that forego any type of rhyme or reason and screw the driver and carrier both.

    Number 4:
    The mandatory ELOG / Electronic onboard recorder mandate in the works is just throwing money at a problem that could be solved with just more training and awareness. Just because you can print money, doesn’t mean you have to!

    All the other crap is just that. crap!
    I fight for my owner operators every day and this whole situation makes me sick to my stomach at how discouraged i am now. ugh. Please focus on the real issues and quit with the bullshit. That’s all that me and the other millions of drivers ask for.

  • James

    F’ed Up;
    Okay,so what are YOU doing to make a difference against the Country’s slide into Communism?

  • pirate

    Hey asshole,if you were in front of me I would bitchslap your ass

  • James

    You MIGHT wanna remove the Constitution from that “horseshit” column. THAT’S what all this is ultimately about,but I guess if you narrow your scope to just “REAL ISSUES FACING EVERY TRUCK DRIVER TODAY”,it’s hard to see the Big Picture. If we don’t try to restore Constitutional values in our Government,a lot of the freedom you’re losing right now,and any freedom you hope to hang onto,will be gone. On the plus side,you won’t have to worry about anything at all. Get in your Government owned truck,get your orders,drive to your destination,unload,go back to the terminal,wait for Lord Government to issue your Purchase Credits (They’ll outlaw possession of money for all but the Ruling Class) so you can buy groceries,etc. Sorry,but I prefer to have a say in my day to day life,and when those of us who DON’T fight for the Constitution let the NWO take over,Freedom will be just a word in old books.

  • godfearingrebel

    This is the first completly sensible idea i’ve heard yet. I like michael wintons thought exept number2 involves government intervention and everybody would fight over it. Lets rally behind an accual group of drivers. How about it , mr. David?

  • rockwell

    Sounds like you were one of the thirty! LMAO! That had to suck!

  • Thomas Duncan

    The thing is if you snarl traffic,and disrupt innocent peoples lives it will turn on us just like it did in the 70’s.The media is no ones friend,they will make it look as if you are trying to cripple the country.Look what both sides,included Republicans, have done to the Tea Party and Ted Cruz(HERO)for speaking out against this tyranny.Law is out of control,the entire govt. is out of control and if things don’t turn we will have major disrest like never before seen.about the time extended unemployment and welfare run short on $$$$$$

  • Mike

    Dear sir. I guess u re not a driver or owner operator. Sir fuel prices are killing us. Insurance rates are grinding whatever is left of us …. Sir would you have an eighty thousand piece of equipment with a million dollar liability insurance plus cargo insurance Rolling for 200 dollars net. ( hoping you won’t have a tire blown) per day?… ( In a good day) Brokers are making sometimes as much as 30% profit and we are left with all the expenses. Do you know how much it takes to fill up a truck with diesel? I guess not!!!! It only takes one tire blown to have your profit completely depleeted … It only takes just a ticket or two to have you safety scores go up so high that u could get audited or denied work. With all due respect. Would you work under conditions like that? Thanks for your comments. But please informed yourself beforehand and be knowledgable before you share your sacastic comments

  • Mike


  • 1959MackB61

    Where is the “Rubber Duck” when you need him?

  • jim stewart

    After finding out who was behind this mega capital trucker job action I decided only to shut my truck down long enough to check the oil this morning. OK, when everyone wants to really do something spectacular that binifits all truckers let’s first have a clear cut plan that really includes actual hands on truckers next time. Not some non trucking group ego or personal agenda! I took part in the early seventies shutdown over the fictitious oil shortage created by our Arab friends & also several other work actions over the past twenty years including at the ocean terminals which got my truck towed & landed me in jail a couple of times. I’m no newbie when it comes to trucker agitating, instigating nor organizing but I’m not going to agree to back some half-baked protest without a clear cut plan of action which with proper timing could hopefully build a fire under the a$$ of some of our legislators who sit on the right committees on capital hill. The ATA’s corporate motor carrier management certainly doesn’t represent us as some drivers falsely believe, the Teamsters don’t anymore, and sometimes I even wonder if OOIDA really does? Sadly once again another small self serving non-trucking organization has succeeded in making a few truckers look like a bunch of fools. I believe those who participated had the best of intentions but they were used & now discarded like so much roadside rubbish. Maybe each of us can learn from this latest fiasco and devise a sure fire way that truckers can actually stand together united someday soon. American owner/operators desperately need a strong voice that can address our views on capital hill. An organization for truckers-run by truckers-who speaks for truckers and that does more than sell insurance to truckers! OH well, guess we can dream, right?

  • coloradojo

    I am proud to know that the truckers whom tried to protest were successful. Sad thing is as always they can’t get it to stick.
    I have heard of these protests for years and this is the furthest it has gotten, I wish the truckers would pull together more maybe we would get more done.

  • OscarJones

    all the things you complain of are the result of private enterprise and the lack of government controls over unfettered capitalism.
    For some bizarre reason working Americans have begun to believe that unions who fight for their rights or at least a fair deal are the enemy.
    The rhetoric of the organisers of this charade blame Obama for all these things which is bizarre.
    They claim they wan to attack ‘government’ but they want that same government to fix bridges and roads so you don;t get your tyres busted.

    For some bizarre reason you listen to every word of multi- millionaire shock jocks who couldn’t give a stuff about you and you think the Republican Party that wants even less government control over industry so wages can be driven down, more tax subsidies and welfare for huge corporations like oil companies but less for citizens in need, something that has been pushed by the right for 30 years now that Americans earn far less in real terms than they did in the 1960s- you still expect them to go out and be able to afford the goods you buy which probably all come from China.

  • OscarJones

    yeh talk is cheap.

  • OscarJones

    the enemy of liberty if Fox news.

  • PatriotNC

    They are the direct result of government control! The government, not the private enterprise, create all the regulations.

  • truckers wife

    talk to Cwbintennessee Michael Winton maybe the both of you could work together on something that will support truck drivers and there issues. David Obermark seems like he would be a good one to involve as well.

  • kw6238b

    While I agree with your politics Oscar, I think that unless a way can be found to come up with an apolitical way to organize truckers, the polarization that affects US politics will polarize anything truckers try to do. That polarization is more or less reflected in the comments and it helped make the action we’re talking about here unpopular and seem ridiculous in the eyes of some. There aren’t many truckers, either, who are sophisticated enough to keep something from being co-opted by a political party (or economic class) in the way that the Tea Party has been.

  • Tex Dyess

    i wasnt able to be there. But I did shut my truck down today. I parked in protest and turned down 3 loads, none going to DC unfortunately, to stand with my fellows. I am proud of them none the less. I may get some heat about my choice next week from dispatch, but its worth it.

  • Lightning

    I agree 100%, if the convoy or shut down would have been for trucking industry related issues I would have been there. Once I read the detailed description of the shut down on the web site, I only agreed with 1 issue, the fuel!! It seems to me your the only one besides me that read what it was all about, judgeing from these other comments. Kudos for you sir, you spelled it out very nicely and clearly. Thanks.

  • Pat

    You must be too young to remember the strikes in the 70’s, they had considerably more than 30 trucks involved, and actually shut down I-70 in Ohio for a time.

  • Chico Bennett

    I wish somebody would have explained to me , what difference was it going to make on the weekend when alot of the trucks are at the companies yards and at drivers homes? If they would have said mon thru thurs, I would had been there. I just didnt see how it wouldve helped the industry. for it to work, something other than traffic has to incur, like the food warehouses running out of stock, truck stops running out of diesel, ect.

  • Chico Bennett

    Dont take that the wrong way, Im for the efford, atleast no one was shooting or throwing bricks off brigdes, lol this time.

  • MileHiMoose

    THANK YOU : MileHiMoose ! Posted in Honor of: Butterfingers : God Bless Her Macon Georgia Soul !

  • MileHiMoose

    Maverick, if the rest of the guys won’t Fligh With You, Give me a call. I’ll Fly With You !
    MileHiMoose !

  • laynalanguage

    you are a sickening obot…be gone with thee!…L.

  • laynalanguage

    you don’t…rock well.

  • laynalanguage

    all I know is…I would rather have a little capitalism, any day, with some privacy, than, socialism with some goon sticking their hands down my pants to find a b-o-m-b…and since I am a woman – that’s sayin’ something!…lol…go home, obot, and count your piles of ‘yes we can!’ – I am sure you can find that…in your bathroom, when you lift the lid on the toilet.

  • laynalanguage

    ah… you life long democritter – weaned on the teats of the milk of socialism…

  • laynalanguage

    I saw a video report that the truckers who were enroute, were threatened not to come into Washington, D.C., that they would be arrested.
    So, the ones that had to make a trip across country…are they now going to turn around and go home again? This just doesn’t make any sense at all.
    And, I saw video and fotos from the early morning yesterday, and there were a dang site more than 30 trucks.
    I think the Media had it well planned out to discourage the event, by downplaying it, in every way they could.
    I think we all better ask ourselves – are we QUITTERS?!?

  • John Scott

    The effort requires a lot more then what happened to get anyone’s attention. I am not surprised that this was the end result. You really need not only truckers but trucking companies backing something like this. Sorry to say both need to be earning money every day to survive. Its become so cut throat their is no time to think about long term goals.
    I would say trucking is the most under represented industry in Washington DC and yet one of the most regulated.

  • Nolovegov

    As with any DC rally, the media (who is monitored) plays it down significently, just like when a “few thousand” bikers rolled into DC, not the million that were supposed too.. very little and correct coverage on that one too, while reports from spectators state there were hundreds of thousands of bikers that actually showed up.

    I thank all the truckers that attended for the fact that they stood up for what they believe in and invested their resources to do so, for ultimately a more citizen friendly Country, too many Americans are burying their heads in the sand while we are watching everything that our forefathers
    Instituted to assure that the USA would be the greatest nation in the world and its people’s rights would be protected from leaders (government) who felt they were above the law..

    I won’t get into it here but if you really believe that this country is headed in a good direction, take the time to research exactly what freedoms have been removed over the last 10 years before you judge others for standing up for their rights.

    Like any organization, it takes time to build, solidify and be successful, I believe that this should be just the beginning and that the next rally should be more of a concerted effort with an agreed upon agenda

  • PattyCakes

    Soon, your dopey ” Love ” will be taxed as well as the ‘ Transporting Thought ‘ to get it there.

    You wouldn’t know a ” Great Nation ” if it bit your Peso Workin’ butt.

    Keep on cryin’ Einstein.

  • PattyCakes

    ” tune back into real life ” …. she is tuned into real life and apparently has noticed the Single-Digit Washington and morons such as yourself have been waving to The Industry.

    ” reflect on the professionalism of your industry ” …. obviously, the Professionals are gone, as it seems the Brainless, such as yourself, have The Industry working for Pesos.

    Hey, I hear Celadon has an opening for you at .14cpm ….. what, no Spanish skills ….. no problem, your King Barry has a Welfare Program if you can sign your name.

    With some luck, I might see you ‘ Parked on the side brokedown ‘ …. you’ll know it’s me if you see the truck head directly for the puddle, to give you a shower.

  • PattyCakes

    He’s all for it, he’s The Village Idiot Hillary so loves.

  • PattyCakes

    What sucks, is knowing that a Dick with Ears, such as yourself, would benefit by anything they might have accomplished

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