Convoy, shutdown effort dubbed ‘bust’ by national press

| October 11, 2013

The Ride for the Constitution protest convoy was a bust, having little effect on traffic or attention garnering from those on Capitol Hill, say national and local news reports.

As reported earlier by Overdriveabout 30 trucks showed up Friday, Oct. 11, to the Capital Beltway this morning as part of the planned convoy around Washington’s I-495. A much larger number of trucks was intended to overtake all three lanes and cause a traffic jam to get the attention of lawmakers.

Organizers had also talked of shutdowns or other trucker-related activity in other cities, but there appears to be no such reports corroborating anything happened. 

Ride for the Constitution rolls, reports say 30 show up to convoy

The convoy and concurrent shutdown — also billed as a buy-nothing protest — had received much in the way of national attention from the likes of cable networks like Fox News and national print and online media like USA Today, CNN, Gawker, Politico and The Washington Post.

In a conversation with Fox News this week, one of the coordinators told Fox News 10,000 trucks would be involved in the protest. 

However, as reported Thursday by Overdrive, the protest, convoy and shutdown had been losing support due to a lack of organization and lack of credibility of its organizers. 

Readers react to the Ride for the Constitution

Politico published its story about the small turnout with the headline “Trucker protest a bust”. USA Today also takes a pointed approach — “Truckers ‘rolling protest’ hard to spot around capital”. However, USA Today in a separate story also blamed the poor weather in the Washington, D.C., area for the possible low turnout. 

The Washington Post said no “major incidents” from the protest occurred, but also said rain played a part in heavy traffic on the Beltway. It quotes police from Virginia and Maryland as saying that around mid-morning, drivers participating in the convoy were traveling the same speed as other commuters and had splintered into smaller groups. 

Fox News, too, recanted its report that 10,000 would show up, saying in its headline “Dozens, not thousands, show up for DC trucker protest”

As pictures from Twitter show, the protesters did make some attempts at blocking all four lanes of the Beltway — Click here to see Overdrive‘s coverage from this morning to see them. 

However, according to tweets from the scene (like the one below), enforcers were on hand and giving those blocking the highway warnings for doing so. 

  • PattyCakes

    Yer’ beatin’ a Dead Horse Mike.

    He doesn’t deserve the Country he lives in nor the Freedoms the Founders envisioned …. actually, twits , such as him and Kevin, ARE the problem.

    Best to ya’.

  • PattyCakes

    Ya’ know, you’re right !

    Plenty of ” Cheap Talk ” right here in this thread …. gonna vote for Hillary are ya’ ?

  • Diva Driver

    Shame it HAD NOTHING TO DO ABOUT TRUCKERS, But hey I hear she made $20 grand on it…..

  • PattyCakes

    Nah’ ….. where is Ted Kaczynski when ya’ need him.

  • Robert

    What did you expect from what I have seen is about 75% of trucks voted for Obama. They seem to like being overly regulated. Those that claim to not have voted for Obama failed to vote at all why do you think your voice has no real connection with those in Washington. They know your to busy trying to make ends meet to vote. Only 50% of those eligible to vote in the 2012 election actually voted that mean Obama and have in current office were elected by 25.6% of the actual vote. Its a shame you want to change it start listening up and investigating those who are running then go vote.

  • john doe

    Typical Trucking F#%* show. Everyone in this racket bitches all day every day. They finally get a chance to use some of their leverage in Washington and nobody shows up. Pathetic. Send two truck drivers into a whore house and they’ll end up screwing each other.

  • Daryl Wirth

    this is why I get a fuel surcharge to pay for my fuel, drive slow to get 8 mpg and earn more than a 1 tire blow out .

  • top gun

    They should have served pork chop sandwiches. Every as whole holding a steering wheel would have shown up.

  • Todd Dills

    No deleting here, David.

  • Mike

    I don’t think you read my post right I said per day and a do get fuel surcharge and my trucks are governed to 65 mph …I don’t know if u know this , Cost of living has gone up 30+% since year 2000. In 1994 u could still buy fuel for $0.80 cents per gallon and now fuel is roughly $3.80 per gallon 475% more than 1996. Happy to hear you get fuel surcharge like every one. But u said it right. “FUEL SURCHARGE”. What about operation cost? Fuel is one of them. And only one…. Insurance , again tires( in 1996 I could buy a 22.5 for roughly $225.00 and now the same tire will run you $400.00. Well If you like Chinese tires $335.0) oil chages $125.00 now almost $250.00. Is your fuel surcharge enough to cover that?……. Again like I stated before informed yourself before you speak.and get your thoughts and facts right… thanks for you comments. Btw. I strongly believe we have become a nation followers but leaders…… If you see per every nickel on fuel increase you only roughly get about a penny back. So every $0.10 cents increase your pay goes up $0.2 cents to upset the red…. Wow

  • Tony riffe

    Well only 30 trucks show up. I guess the rest of us are too busy trying to make Obama payments. If this was going to be successful the “big boys” would have to show up and not for a parade. I’m talking about e-4 weeks of a total shut down.

  • Davey Belmont

    Too bad we can’t shut down the entire system for 3 days, and save the expensive drive to DC. Maybe that would be effective. Even 1 day might be sufficient and make it less extreme in the protest demands. I along with many others would like to see the arrest of most of the politicians, but to openly state that makes you seem like fodder for the media.

  • jeff clark

    In the national article they actually said gas for trucks-yup they were eally involved with trucking.

  • Pat Huffman

    Everyone of these efforts since the “70’s” got people talking and usually brought out all the nut bags dropping things off of bridges etc all resulting in negative affects.
    Here is what troubles me about these “Protests”
    In the early 80’s, when the CVSA Act of 86 was being considered, we tried to reach out to drivers and get financial support so we could send lobbyists to Washington to represent us, like M.A.D.D. , P.A.T.T. and C.R.A.S.H. have representing them.
    Drivers would look at you like you asked to sleep with their significant other when you asked for financial support.
    Dale Somers “truckin bozo” and I had this conversation quite often before he passed.
    People cry foul but don’t get involved, and there is no reason in the world unless your a felon who has had their right to vote taken away, that any driver should miss an election.
    It’s your civic duty as a citizen of these United States.
    The Majority of Drivers DON’T VOTE,
    They don’t want to get involved especially if it means affecting their financial situation.
    A lot can’t afford to because they work for shit companies that pay crap wages,…. but the company gives them a big pretty truck with all the amenities so they are tied into a situation they create for themselves because they settle for the pay these ass-bags offer.
    A situation they continue to support by settling, for low wages, no benefits etc, yet the owners of said companies are not going to lower their living standards.
    There are good jobs out there and they are well kept secrets, and if you have one, you keep it, and if one comes open you better be the cream of the crop or you don’t stand a chance.
    I guess what I am saying through my rant is, drivers, as usual wait until the town is 3 foot under water before they figure out there is a problem with the dam.
    With this protest particular,you can’t blame people for not getting involved!
    Look at the vindictive nature of our leaders.
    Look at the way the IRS has targeted any group who is against Obama.
    If you think these people are not paying attention, your’e are wrong, and they may be paying attention to your efforts in a way that is going to bite you in the ass.
    Your Hearts are in the right place in concern for the disregard for the Constitution that is being displayed in Washington DC, but I don’t think trying to tie up traffic and bringing things to a standstill for people who don’t have an argument with you is the answer.
    I started driving in 1978 and have never had to settle for shit companies.
    You shouldn’t either!

  • jim stewart

    What a great idea!!!! 72-hour operation road check becomes “72 hours in America without a truck!” I believe that would fly. It would take some real effort to organize it from coast to coast. That would make a much more forceful statement to the politicians, media, and general public than some wildcat BS action blocking roads pissing everyone off with us. I know it certainly would be an easier sell to drivers everywhere. Those who want to join in a movement to make a statement in unity but don’t want to be caught up in a strike atmosphere would go for this. It’s almost the same thing for ones who just want cause a freight disruption only this is a more politically correct way, NO trucks,NO drivers,NO freight moves until the 72 hours is officially over! It may even cause the authorities to re-think their national 72 hour campaign strategy. That within itself could turn out to be an interesting scenario if drivers managed to pull off the first one with massive driver participation in every state! In any event maybe we come up with some good ideas on doing something constructive during that period other than everything concentrated on our transportation problems. Divert some of that trucker energy during the 72 hours to some type public, child, or social initiative while at the same time we totally manage to get our most important issues across. Park everything that hauls freight the entire time. I’d be willing to bet a few trucking companies would ( off the record ) encourage their drivers to take a somewhat short vacation..

  • Voyager

    As a Driver and owner of 11 trucks, it cost an average of .63 per mile to operate one truck. If your dumb enough to take cheap freight, then who’s fault is it? Let the large companies take the cheap freight and learn to book the better freight. Or learn to manage your funds better.

  • DE_from_NC

    I’ve said once, I’ll say it again !! Although I ADMIRE THE HELL OUTTA THE GUYS WHO SHOWED UP IN D.C. IT’S NOT ENOUGH !! By that I mean WE MUST ALL QUIT (tell that to the corporate execs who have gone to “SpeedBall Truck School” and are now THANKFUL SWIFT would hire them !!) AND STAY HOME DURING THE SAME WEEK for A MINIMUM OF 4 DAYS !! That’s all it will take to get the “Rothschild/Rochefeller “owned” “teleprompter readers” of CNN, MSNBC, “Faux Amews” and all the other “Presstitute” channels who TALKED UP Bush’s 37% “disapproval rating” and are absolutely “tongue tied” on the illegal Kenyan imposter’s “disapproval rating” now dipped to 37% ! When the “Presstitute’s VERY OWN “Lil’ Johnnies” don’t have corn flakes to eat nor milk or sugar to put on them before school, THEY WILL JOIN YOU BECAUSE IT AFFECTS THEM DIRECTLY !! At that point they will tell their producers to stick their “bankster scripted teleprompter” up their a** !! But if WE AS A COLLECTIVE UNIT, CANNOT MAKE THE SHELVES GET BARE WHICH WILL ABSOLUTELY HAVE EVERY SOCCER MOM SCREAMING (some of which are “6 & 11 Presstitutes” themselves !) then we’ve accomplished nothing !! I admire the hell outta you guys that went up there BUT IT AIN’T ENOUGH !! The guys in France had the right idea a few years ago, AND THEY WON !! BUT IT TOOK EVERY DAMN ONE OF ‘EM TO DO IT !! IT LASTED 3-4 DAYS !! Again, I reinterate “the corporate exec booted on his ass and outta desperation AND SpeedBall to Success Truck School is ATTEMPTING to handle a vehicle HE CAN’T REALLY HANDLE complete with a automatic transmission to shift for him/her and a VORAD system to put on the brakes for him/her, DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY’LL HELP ? DO YA THINK THEY’LL STOP ? Two words for ya- H**l NOOOOOOOOOOO !! And if there WERE 10’s of 1000’s of truckers protesting, YES IT WOULD gain more attention BUT IT WOULDN’T BE ENOUGH !! We GOTTA GET THE STORE SHELVES TO “MISSING STUFF, A LOTTA STUFF” BEFORE IT WILL EVER HAVE AN EFFECT !! And in most major metro areas, THEY ARE ONLY 3-4 DAYS “AHEAD” on warehousing ANYTHING !! That’s the “secret” right there !! BUT IT WILL TAKE EVERYBODY !! Including you “newby corporate execs attempting to become truck drivers” !!

  • Bret McClary

    no on #2 we don’t want government in the free commerce they need to stay out. but I agree with all the other points.

  • haller

    Hey, ‘OVERDRIVE’ who’s side are you on???

  • haller

    What are the names of the truckers that drove to DC to protest,,, Overdrive what are their names,, Overdrive are you with us or making money against us??

  • haller

    My cost per mile per truck is $1.03.. Your .63 cent is from 2005.. I think the only truck you own is a pickup….

  • haller

    Your a dope!

  • haller

    What kind of tire are you getting for $400???

  • haller

    WE are being played as always..

  • Daryl Wirth

    I get .57 per mile surcharge and fuel cost me .5 a mile to run Firestone all the way around 150000 on the steers before replacement,220000 on drives with 40% tread 1.74 a mile all miles dont tell me I dont make money

  • Daryl Wirth

    please explain why Im a dope

  • Daryl Wirth

    I agree 100% mouse killer

  • Paula

    Lets face it – this was not done correctly at all….if it had been there would have been more of a showing but there wasnt and this whole thing wont amount to much of anything…lots of wasted space on face book…thats all folks.

  • Chris L Mitchell

    Haha…I hope someone else with more common sense then you have got your loads and will continue to do so. Yer an inspiration of how NOT to do business…

  • Chris L Mitchell

    Mike, you are the classic example of who doesnt need to be in this industry. You are operating on a shoestring margin and thats the problem with these morons who say they dont make money…its cause they refuse to learn how to, because they already know everything. You would be better going back to driving a company truck and not dragging rates down like you obviously do, since you cant make any money. Yes, I am an O/O, fleet owner and manager and my trucks will not turn a wheel for less then $2.75/mile gross and the average is a nice comfortable 11000 miles a month. I know what Im talkin about, you dont so pack it up already…

  • Chris L Mitchell

    Really?? I think you better recalculate. You do know it takes fuel, ins, plates, truck pmt for most, maintenance, and driver to operate a truck? My cost per mile including all this is $1.33 to ‘operate 1 truck’.

  • Chris L Mitchell

    Sounds like yer the kinda guy who cant confirm if his truck is safe enough to be on the road or not. Lay off the cheeseburgers n climb under yer truck every now n then n make sure its safe then you wont have to shit yer pants n be scared of the big bad DOT.. I love to laugh at idiots like you…

  • LeaveMeAlone

    You Can’t Argue With Crazy!!! PattyCakes is a troll.

  • LeaveMeAlone

    LOL. So little some of these people know Chris! Easy Breezy Trucking for me to with HIGH RATES! I make so much money, I almost feel guilty about it. LOL, OVERDRIVE commentaries are so ignorant mostly, I get a laugh every time I read them.

  • Tex Dyess

    You ma’am, are a troll. I try not to argue with ladies so I will be nice. I never lost a load. I shut down in solidarity. You are a poor excuse for a woman, and should not be so blatant as to make rude comments to people. Jeez!!! What would your husband say if he heard you speak to someone like that?

  • Tex Dyess

    You don’t own any trucking company. You run your mouth like a motor though. Hiding behind your computer like the coward you are. You are a chicken $hit coward. You talk a big game though. For example: “Its sad to see how shoddy you all are in investigating me to ‘know’ I am a 4 wheeler. I dont even own a 4 wheeler so dont ya all look stupid now.” What the he11 does that even mean? These are your words. But I am investigating, I will find out who you are, and you and I will have a nice talk. I promise. I am easy to find if you want to come to me. I don’t hide my identity. Your words, and comments mean nothing. But I would be careful. Sooner or later that C@CK Sucker of yours is going to get you in alot of trouble.

  • KingO’O

    Then after you bitch slap him, turn around and i’ll bitch slap you.

  • cerista

    Who gives a shit what he’d say? There’s no Shari’a law here.

  • mike

    i make one haul from lapper mi to hebron ky back to lapper mich in a dryvan 1300 dollers down and 1200 dollers backlol@ 1.74 per

  • mike

    thats about what i average with deadhead figured in chris on most of my loads
    well lets see 316 mikles with deadhead for 1300 dollers down and reload same dock back haul for 1200 aint bad

  • mike

    if a man can afford to sit a bit 3.00 a mile plus loads happen all the time and guess what you may get that load on a regular basis do a good job and be available once you know how it works and i pull a dry van some loads pay 4. 5 doller or more i take a load from chapman nebraska to eving tex bout every 5 weeks for 2600 dollers
    you have to be where the high pay load are at the right time and structuer your runs to be there

  • mike

    about 650 miles i get this load from a broker buy the way and if something happens and i cant load to the next day i take it in stride thats service the customer like that i dont try for more fee like a layover with that rate but only had to do that one time had i charged i would nit get this nice run again

  • Mike

    Dear sir I operate way more trucks than you do…. Trust me cheap freight hardly… I also own a factoring company and I do logistics for several companies. Sir I know trucking better than you. And $0.63 cents per mile to run a truck. Never!!!so let’s say yo pay your drivers $0.35 cents per mile. $0.28 cents per mile to cover the rest of you operating cost. So basically your trucks. Wow are averaging 11 miles per gallon. That’s not even counting ins, and maintenance …. Must be syphoning fuel somewhere …. Wow like I said before If you make a comment back it up with facts. ….. Never mind. I just remember You must have one of those cold fusion trucks that can get about 100 years worth of energy from one single fuel cell.

  • Mike

    Dear sir my trucks run regional … My trucks run an average of 5500 miles per months and my drivers make 28 % of line of haul. The take home an average of $900.00 to $1400 per week. So cheap freight? Classic example?? No sir. Not even close.

  • Mike

    At $1.74. Yes I am telling you. You are making NO money!!!

  • Tex Dyess

    Uh.. I was insulting a man by calling him a woman. Not insulting a woman by implying she be subservient to her husband. My comment was in response to a male mouthing off in regards to the shut down. I wish you would have read the whole thing before commenting yourself. But, I must say, if you do not at least value a man’s opinion equally to your own, then that is just as bad. I wouldn’t want my wife to be disappointed in me any more than I believe she would want me disappointed in her.

  • Dave

    You tell’em Tex. You got to be involved to understand.

  • Dave

    Tex, what makes you think anyone would be “attached” to her?

  • Dave

    He is not really a man. Look at what he drives and most likely calls himself a “truck driver”, a pickup does not count, I got both but without my Freightliner I could not be called a trucker. They said Elvis was a truck driver in his younger days but never drove anything bigger than a pickup.

  • Tex Dyess

    You are so right Dave. I found the Douche Bag on facebook. Left him a message. He has yet to reply. A coward is what he (or she) is. You should click on his name and see all of his posts. They are all attacks on truckers. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.