Court sides with engine makers, against EPA and throws out rule that benefitted Navistar

| December 13, 2013

In the months since the original ruling, Navistar has transitioned all of its Class 8 trucks to compliant SCR technology.

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  • Mike

    So what happens to engines fielded under the now stricken rule?

  • William McKelvie

    Ah I see, make whatever motor you want, EPA compliant or not, just pay the government their fine, and you are good as gold. The mafia ain’t got nuttin on the government. Smh

  • Ol Dog

    Navistar isn’t the only company that went with the all EGR solution. Caterpillar no longer makes over the road engines to avoid the issue. The Military got stuck with a lot of the Cat engines with the Montezuma “regen” systems. Speaking of which, I’d really be pissed if I’d bought a new Cat truck and then found out the engine was a Navistar painted Cat yellow and the cab came off the Navistar assembly line. LOL, that’s got to hurt. Navistar has touted a b50 engine life better than any other manufacturer and then reports the astronomical warranty losses every quarter for the engines. They should throw in some swamp land with these deals.