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‘Courtesy not necessarily contagious’: UPS driver after 50 accident-free years

| January 30, 2012

Ohio resident and UPS driver Ron “Big Dog” Sowder (pictured) started his career with UPS in 1962 after serving in the Navy and answering an employment ad. On January 25, the driver marked 50 years hauling for the company — all of it without an accident. Sowder’s 4 million-plus safe miles have made him the longest-serving active member of the company elite “Circle of Honor” group of UPS safe drivers with 25-plus years of service to the company’s customers.

If you were listening to Morning Edition on NPR today you may have heard this interview with Sowder by host Steve Innskeep about the accomplishment. Among Sowder’s observations about how the work of driving has changed over the years is one those of you who’ve been on the roads for decades will no doubt see no small measure of truth in, I’d imagine: “The old saying used to be courtesy is contagious — not so much any more. You let people in, and that’s that. Only about one out of 50 can bring themselves to throw their hand up, thanks….” Read or listen to more from him here.

All the same, here’s congrats to Sowder on the milestone. Keep on trucking’.

Photos courtesy of UPS.

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