FMCSA launches cross-border program

Jill Dunn | October 14, 2011

U.S. officials have confirmed the cross-border pilot program with Mexico has begun after they granted provisional operating authority to the first Mexican carrier participant.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted authority to Transportes Olympic Oct. 14.

In March, Mexico agreed to remove the remaining 50 percent of the $2.4 billion retaliatory tariffs against U.S. agricultural, consumer and other products five days after the program began, according to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “This is a big win for American farmers and consumers, who will no longer have to struggle with onerous tariffs imposed by Mexico,” LaHood said.

The agency authorized Transportes Olympic, of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, for two of its trucks and two drivers, according to the Mexico’s secretary of transportation and communication.

The FMCSA published a Federal Register Notice Oct. 14 announcing plans to grant authority to Transportes Olympic. It responded to public comment on the carrier’s Pre-Authorization Safety Audit, which the agency conducts on Mexican carrier applicants to verify program compliance.

The notice stated that although Grupo Behr of Apodaca, Nuevo León, had cleared its PASA, it would extend review so that officials could investigate questions raised by groups commenting on the PASA results.

All trucks that participate in the program will carry GPS-capable electronic on-board recorders to ensure hours-of-service compliance and monitor trucks to and from assigned U.S. destinations.

Also, the FMCSA will review the driving records of each participating driver and require U.S. labs analyze all drug testing samples from each driver before that driver receives approval.

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) blasted the decision to start the program. “Adding insult to injury, the Mexican carriers approved will be outfitted with vital safety equipment (EOBRs) paid for by American taxpayers,” he said in a news release. “It is simply unacceptable that U.S. truckers, through their fuel tax, will subsidize the cost of doing business for these Mexican carriers. I will continue to push my legislation that would forbid this kind of expenditure from the (Highway) Trust Fund.”

  • Christopher Goldizen

    Wats going on any more? Cant start up a truck with out getting a ticket. EPA sticking there nose and destroying the trucks and congress trying ruling the trucking companies. Now there letting mexican truckers to come in hauling freight and drugs in. This country isnt United States no more. Now DOT picking on truckers and the health thing. These people that driving there cars dont know how to drive and blame it on the truckers.
    There not worry bout jobs in United States. Fuel is going up, EPA being nuts over stupid things, and congress trying putting trucking out of business. Its time for truckers quit being a baby and stand up and tell the whole United States that there on strike till things gets worked out if not they kiss there jobs good bye. Let congress worry bout there cell phone, clothes, gas, and food that they put trucking out of business.
    They wish they quit messing with the trucking.

  • DanieL Wyllie

    The FMCSA has been hell bent on passing this program with no regard for ” we the people ” . My Illinois Senator Dick Durbin did a complete 360 in this issue as I spoke to his staff on many occasions drumming support to oppose this . THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE TRUCKERS OR THE CONSEQUENCES THIS PROGRAM WILL HAVE OVER TIME ! You see protests all over the world and now here on Wall St . Until the american truckers stand united and ” shut em down ” our voices will never be heard . Until big business is affected they don’t care about what is happening to this industry . If this were happening in any other industry you can bet it would make national news but because the state of this industry of the utter lack of leadership we will always be divided and will never stand for anything ! It really is sad that a bunch of folks can organize on Wall St . but an industry rich in history and numbers can’t do anything but bitch and moan . Many forget the power we as truckers hold . We can bring this country to a grinding halt and maybe that is what it will take to get the EPA and politician’s to wake up to what is happening right under their noses . Trust me , most politicians are clueless this is even going on ! OOIDA needs to quit thinking fruitless negotiations are the answer , take the lead and organize a nationwide shutdown before they too are out of business !!! This government only reacts to wake up calls made by the big money that get them and keep them in office . When bottom lines are affected they will call their respected political leaders and parties and tell them to getr something done and if not atleast a dialogue will be open for true negotiations ! Wake up truckers , your rights are being violated . Educate yourself and start calling your elected officials . It is not that hard and you don’t have to be a political scholar !

  • Lawrence Chimovitz

    Big things for the Farmers and Ray LaHood. Not so much for the United States truck drivers of the future, or the safety of the American Roads, what with the junk I see when in Laredo. More jobs being sucked out of the USA.

  • Al Williams

    Why not let Mexico be Mexico and US be US? We’ve worked hard to develop our country, let them do the same instead of taking from us. If they come here, it will only draw us down to their level, which I suppose is what our big corporations that control Congress want.

  • Robert Johnson

    This has been coming for a while now, as the one fellow pointed out. The industry failed to do enough to stop it, and now it is happening.

    It is all about money. They talk about the farmer, well there are not many farmers any more, it is large cooperate farms. I bet if anyone took a few minutes to search it out, we would find that the large cooperations own large farms in Mexico, just like many of the larger trucking companies do. It is not about the individual, but the cooperation.

    What do Americans do…nothing. What does the American trucker do, complain and keep on doing what they do. We fought a revolution to form this country, we fought a war to keep it together…I wonder what they are doing in all those graves as they watch our government give it away.

  • Angel Garcia

    with all respect mr. Williams, I feel your
    coments are based in ignorance and prejudice, no person or country gets anything for free.
    Educate yourself to avoid being draw down to further and deeper mediocrity.
    Excuse my gramar, English is my second

  • Danny B.

    VOTE with your pocketbook, leave it on the shelf if it’s not produced in the U.S.A., if its made in or produced in or assembled in another country let them purchase there goods. its allway been a labor issue,one class against the other,one union against the other, one immigrant against another. all this shit from mexico is just another way to avoid our ports ( longshoreman ). how many mexicans can you hire for the salary of one longshoreman? and mexicans dont strike.

  • Jim Sankey

    What do you all think when you go shopping? Whats the cheapest? Well thats whats happening. All those years of buying FOREIGN cars, trucks and goods is now killing us…..CHEAPER? I dont think so. How are we going to afford to live?

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