CSA 2010 webinar Thursday night

| January 19, 2010

Mike Rone_edited-1Will the new federal safety program threaten your livelihood?

To learn the details on CSA 2010, log in to Overdrive’s Jan. 21 webinar, featuring consultant and Certified Fleet Safety Director Mike Rone. You’ll learn how owner-operators and company drivers will receive their own safety determination, using all roadside inspection violations and other data, and what it will mean to you.

Rone has worked in several fleet management roles and for 10 years has run RMR Consultants.

Visit www.TruckerWebinars.com to sign up for this free one-hour webinar. “CSA 2010: New accountability for drivers” begins at 8 p.m. (CST).

  • Mr.Brown

    I truly can understand why it,s so easy for any one to make knew an stricter rules an evaluations of people,s livelihoods of this industry . When the drivers and carriers are not appreciated for the time and sacrifices made to be apart of this industry .The carriers and drivers are tooken for a joke . When are the people going to banned together as group with the same cause of interests . It must be a 2 way street of understanding of trucking community and the public interest of a good preception of safety first . Not just rail roaded to make money an hurt the indivdauls who feed an cloth americans daily . I myself as a driver will not stand for false infomation to given with intent to rob the american carriers or its drivers . I can only speak out for myself as a professional truck driver , I have the public , carriers and other professional drivers in mind to come to aggerment of understanding of safety interest . How we reach this aggrement of safety interest is to work together for our own safety an not just greed . I hope someone or some people wake up wanting to do better as people . Thanks for your time , God bless us all .

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