CSA Challenges

Todd Dills and Max Kvidera | March 01, 2011

Though FMCSA decided it would not release driver rating information to the public, third-party firm Vigillo says the “Roadside Résumé uses FMCSA’s published Driver Safety Measurement System methodology, which the agency now uses to target problem drivers during carrier interventions.

Vigillo has long offered carriers the ability to rate their current drivers using FMCSA’s DSMS methodology. Likewise, Vigillo has provided its own version of FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program reports on prospective hires in their system to subscriber carriers.

Driver scorecards will be available through Vigillo to prospective employers with driver consent, making the company for the first time a “specialty credit reporting agency,” Bryan says.

Just as with DAC reports and with the PSP, drivers will have an opportunity to contest erroneous information. The résumé and attendant scoring will be limited to data reported by participating carriers, Bryan says.

FMCSA will provide a PSP report to a driver for $10, and the information contained on a driver’s PSP report is accessible by the driver free of charge via Freedom of Information Act request (see “Save $10 …” in this supplement). The report contains inspection and crash data (looking back three and five years, respectively), but no scoring.

How to challenge inspection/crash information

Few individual drivers and owner-operators have had much cause until now to use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s DataQs system. Now that CSA is live and even minor inspection violations have the potential to affect owner-operator and larger carrier safety rankings and company ­drivers’ employability, drivers are learning the system quickly.

After filing the request, persistent communication with FMCSA personnel in the state where the violation took place may be necessary to have it successfully removed from the Motor Carrier Management Information System database and your record.

• Visit FMCSA’s DataQs page (dataqs.fmcsa.dot.gov) and register for access.

• Click ADD A CHALLENGE and enter a challenge for each incorrect piece of data.

• Select the appropriate reason for why the crash or inspection should be corrected and click CONTINUE. For instance, if you’re challenging inspection information assigned wrongly to you, select INSPECTION — COMMERCIAL DRIVER DATA. There is a help file on the site for determining which challenge type to select.

• As you list reasons for challenging the data, include as many details as possible.

• Submit the challenge. Your entry should now appear on your list of challenges on your main DataQs page. You can view the information by clicking on the challenge ID.

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