CSA safety measurement system display changes now available for review

| November 04, 2013
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    Sure…where these cops set the THRESHOLD before INTERVENTION is where the Mega Fleets keep their score for their JUNK EQUIPMENT. Vehicle Maintenance Scores are ALLOWED to run very High….right at the threshold…but not Over…so they arent in ALERT STATUS…so drivers rack up all kinds of POINTS on their Personal CSA SCORE and constantly get 30-90 points at ONE inspection..the Company is not affected UNTIL the Overall Score..which is Monitored gets to a certain level….drivers dont know the Junk trailer they picked up in the dark has problems UNTIL the Inspection and he gets his CSA file charged with mega Points…..still the COMPANY doesnt care…they are all running HIGH SCORES as we can see right up next to the Threshold…..another outright RIP OFF to the Driver.

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    Can you imagine those Gubment Mooches talking about “behavioral analysis”……..shows how ignorant this program is….those jerks Have to be employed by the Gubment…they could NEVER operate in a Free Enterprise system…they have created a “rolling jail cell” for the Entrepreneur….”observing” and pronouncing scores based on “behavior analysis”…….how rediculous….if the SHELVES were all EMPTY from a SHUT DOWN maybe they would shut up with this pathetic JIVE????

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