CSA’s Fallout: Where the inspection action is

| August 08, 2014

2009 KW T660 at Indiana inspection barn

Find interactive presentations of a raft of state-to-state enforcement data via this link.

Total inspections nationwide fell by less than a percentage point in 2013, but in Pennsylvania, Georgia and other high-traffic areas, inspectors cranked up their activity.

The state rankings shown below for overall inspection intensity are based on two measurements. One is the total truck and driver inspections performed during 2013. The other is total lane-miles of National Highway System roadway within each state.


New study highlights state truck enforcement disparities

The new report, from ATRI, stresses that the different priorities and violation issuance rates across states dramatically undermine the uniformity of CSA.

Following Overdrive’s report on 2011-2012 data last year, many of the same states remain in the list for 2013, with Maryland once again at top. New states in the top 10 include Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada, all of which climbed the rankings in a big way.


CSA’s Fallout: The shifting enforcement target as states move on driver violations

Among all 48 continental states, 2013 saw 29 states increase their attention to moving violations, figured as a percentage of each state’s total violations. Among ...

Significantly, Pennsylvania and Nevada conduct more than 60 percent of their inspections at roadside (indicated by the police car symbol on the map), which often indicates a strong focus on driver-only inspections and moving and hours violations, rather than maintenance violations.

Access an interactive version of the following map and others plotting clean inspections and a bevy of violations via OverdriveOnline.com/csa. There you’ll also find downloads listing the 48 continental states’ inspection numbers and violation priorities.

Inspection intensity map

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  • Robert Smith

    It’s all about the money,wit

  • Robert Smith

    It’s all about the money,with safety being just a cover story.

  • owner/operator since 1971

    Most people in ” law enforcement” have deep problems of there own……I see many “off duty” doing the Very things they cite others for. A Very Sick group….. It.s all about the MONEY.

  • Glen t

    DOT ‘s only real concern earning is revenue off the backs of the truckers. I have no real respect for what DOT does. Its all a revenue game that designed to keep the have nots struggling and the rich to get richer

  • Randyr

    Pa Dot are crooks. $3477 for running my bobtail tractor without a trip permit. As soon as he spotted my GA tag his eyes lit up like a drunk in a strip club. Bunch of crap lawyer and court to fight what would have been a $15 dollar permit. could hace paid a $150 fine and been done with it. All about the money

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  • Patty Cakes

    What States have the largest cities and the most Freeloaders ?

    It takes Green Paper to fund freeloaders and corrupt cities …. guess who’s funding it.

    What we need do is play their Money Game …. States, Cities + Towns that have a reputation for hammering us the most, well, they pay the most.

    We could call it a Aggravation + Harassment Surcharge.

  • Norman Thompson

    Its no longer about safety , Its about the money , most of these states year mark this money as a slush fund for DOT

  • DE_from_NC

    I tell people all the time “we’re driving a 55 gallon barrel of liquor down the road”. By that I mean if they can’t chase moonshiners for their revenue stream, they chase truckers instead !! All you gotta do is type in “Crooked DOT” or “Police brutality” in a YouTube search window and you could watch for HOURS !! Video DON’T LIE !! Ain’t it nice of ’em “to keep us so safe with their robberies” ? Safety my a** !! I’m waiting to see if they ramrod their latest robbery attempt to our industry, that being the $3-4 million $$ liability insurance limit increase which I fully expect them to pass (at about 3 am when nobody’s listening or aware like they do all their other crooked legislation such as The Patriot Act) and if they do, they just made my decision for me !! I got 37 years in, but won’t have 38 !!

  • guest

    What a total mess…..cops cops and More cops…..seeking the Evil Trucker!….ahahaha….”Look Barney there goes one now! lets go Catch Him..he Must be doing something wrong. We will write him a Fat Citation!”……..ahahahaha……cant take this crap serious today…it is a pathetic joke.

  • Jack Simon

    LOL, the State of NY has us buy a HUT sticker which is the same as paying a ticket before we are issued one.

  • bart

    I have no respect for dot or cops or government people say oh cops have the toughest jobs I say so what they chose it. Truckers have tough jobs too we can die just as easy out there on the road but nobody respects us they look at us like we are scum the real scums are dot and cops the truckers are not the ones robbing people for government profits.

  • Big R Phillips

    When ever yall are ready to get organized state by state to shut’em down…i’m ready! All it will take is 3 or 4 days of freight sitting on the docks…ports at a stand still…and shelves starting to empty out. Oh we’ll get sum attention then! The key word is ORGANIZED!!!! Dont come off like a lynch mob. Shut’em down!

  • Kurt

    As someone said below, it just takes about 3 days and everyone suddenly cares what we think. Just need to do it …until they come crawling back. A week or two would be nice.

  • Robert”Wink “Smith

    That’s anywhere you go now days.

  • Elvis R Gomez Lopez

    Been saying the same for quite a while…park trucks for a few days and they will soften down…but pussy drivers are afraid cause they think they r going to lose their jobs!!

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    There is a new world coming to the trucking industry and it will be a better paying world for the few who can do it right. Trucking is becoming a high risk job, if a driver doesn’t put the . on top of an I there are already penalties in place for that, E-logs are a mandate for medium and large carriers already because they can’t afford the cost of lax drivers who like to drive before they mess with paperwork. the upcoming Elog mandate is only to scoop up the smaller holdouts, the big companies are already there and because they have to protect themselves they are behind the push to force it on everyone else so they can have a level playing field. As this all trickles down and drivers either quit or are forced out by CSA, wages will go up, trucking rates will go up and as these rates go up penalties for violations will also increase. A few decades ago trucking was deregulated and it changed trucking, this is just an end-run at reregulating trucking to the point that the average joe can’t get into trucking on his own, Anyone new on the scene will be driving for a company who is entrenched and has been complying enough to keep their scores acceptable. In the end those who hold out and comply will be making a great deal more money and at the same time have to be more vigilant than ever to keep that extra from filtering right back into the system through fines. Another side effect is the massive increase in foreign drivers being introduced as little more than cannon fodder for the system, No one will even care if most of the money they make gets rerouted back into the system through fines, and they are coming from corrupt countries where they are already conditioned to comply with a corrupt system. Plus with so many drivers that can’t even read the road signs, paying fines is a guaranteed state income source.

  • Barton van Buskirk

    it shows how mandatory e-logs will be here sooner then later

  • bates

    Do you realize what you just said? You say cops don’t have the toughest jobs because they chose it, yet you chose to be a driver. Do you not see your faulty logic there?

  • long

    more money oven time cop 3 time pay day come dot bad lite driven

  • trucker

    It a joke half of these dot just cited you for bullshit are makeup shit. I had one fuck with the electric cable on my trailer and saw him do it and put me out of service the dumbstruck did not think I had a spare in my side compartment. Plug it in and on my way when driving down the road I gave him the finger told he was a piece of shit.

  • bobby eustice

    what money there no money in trucking no more..

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