Dare the Bear

| April 07, 2005

Here are a few examples of biking trails that are waiting for you:

California: At the Grant Ranch near San Jose, Ca., you’re out with the cows and, consequently, have to open and close a few gates and watch out for whatsit on your wheels.

Florida: In West Palm Beach, Fla., you could ride the K-Mart Trail, which is mostly flat but has some adrenaline-rushing spots like an abandoned coral rock quarry and, after heavy rain, a lot of mud to splash through.

North Carolina: At Beech Spring Mountain Bike Park in Charlotte, N.C., there are great rides for newcomers to the sport, but you can also take on Devil’s Drop and the Gravity Cavity once you reach expert status.

Oklahoma: Turkey Mountain near Tulsa, Okla., is a sprawling place to ride with lots of thrills and chances to get lost.

Texas: In Houston, you could try The Anthills at Terry Hershey Park, with a good mix of beginner and tougher trails.

Virginia: The Petersburg battlefield in Virginia, site of major Civil War action, provides some great variety in a scenic, historical setting.

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