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Deadline for drivers to comply with medical certification rule coming Jan. 30

| January 02, 2014

Truck drivers have until Jan. 30 to self-certify their operating status and provide medical examiner’s certificates to state driver licensing agencies.

On Jan. 30, 2012, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration began requiring CDL holders to identify if they conduct intrastate or interstate commerce and if they hold non-excepted or excepted status. Most truckers are classified under non-excepted interstate commerce and must furnish a current medical examiner’s certificate to state agencies.


UPDATED: Medical certification confusion — and a state by state resource guide for meeting Jan. 30 reporting deadline

Clearing up some of the confusion around self-reporting of CDL holders' medical certifications. Reporting deadline: Jan. 30, 2014; Kansas, Idaho here update their procedures since ...

Those who do not need to have a license renewal, upgrade or transfer during the two-year implementation process still must self-certify and provide the certificate, often called a DOT card, by the 2014 deadline.

State agencies who do not receive self-certification, medical certificates and any required variance from CDL-holders by the compliance deadline must notify drivers that they are no longer medically certified in non-excepted interstate commerce. State officials will remove all CDL privileges from their licenses.

The FMCSA 2008 final rule required CDL holders subject to federal physical qualification to provide a medical certificate to state agencies. After several states reported they could not meet the original 2012 deadline, the FMCSA extended the paper copy requirement. Interstate CDL holders must keep paper copies of the certificate with them and carriers file a paper copy until Jan. 30, 2014.

Following the 2014 deadline, the medical paper certificates will be valid the first 15 days after issuance. After the 15-day limit, certificates will be recorded on CDL holders’ driving records and will be considered the valid medical certification.


    Its like they are trying everything they can for us to not be able to do our job. I don’t understand why, If I have a current medical card, that I have to go through all these other steps to be compliant. You would think that once you have your medical card, that all this information would be in their system so it shouldn’t have to take any extra steps to have a CDL.

  • mike

    I said it before and i’m gonna say it again it time we all sat home for a week all at the same time .

  • Paul Miller

    Thirty-three years and three million miles safe driver. I’ve had my valid fed-med card since they were first required. My current card expires in August, 2014. Because my primary care physician, who I’ve been seeing for fourteen years, isn’t in the DOT certified physician group, I have to get a new physical, and then go to the state DMV/DOT and give them the new info(my state already has this). I have no choice but to use two vacation days or to take two days unpaid, just to complete what’s already been done. Then there’s the cost of the physical and the cost that the state will charge me for putting the info onto my driver license. I know it has to be done, but in the end, I’ll be out about nine-hundred dollars – all for something that they already have on file.

  • David Johnson

    Here Here. I agree. All in favor SIT AT HOME AND BEAT OFF.

  • jbb

    you can self certify…use your same physician you have been using for fourteen years….go online and get the self certification paperwork (or it might have been mailed to you since you have a cdl)-fill it out and send it in with a copy of your Dot physical card (it can be faxed) and the paperwork is one page and just a couple of check marks and a signature needed-the self certification process has not been very well publicized- if you are not certified by January 30, 2014 then your CDL privileges will be compromised. Good luck!

  • Paul Miller

    OK. But I’ve been told that only certain doctors now are able to do the physical…is this incorrect? Also, we all just found out today that our boss has been getting our paperwork, addressed to us, but hasn’t passed it on to us. we are not a happy group! Thanks!!

  • jbb

    not true….doctors can get certified, most don’t know how (again a very well kept secret)….but you do not have to go to a certified DOT Dr…..that is what the “self certification” paperwork is for, you are certifying that you have a current DOT physical card….because of the lack of clarification on all of this there are going to be a lot of drivers that are going to have their CDL privileges compromised on 1/30/2014 and unfortunately they are going to find out when they get the letter in the mail or are stopped on the road. what state are you licensed in?

  • eddylucas

    Mad trucker, why?, because the railroad could haul your freight. The higher your cost and more inconvenient your service is the more competitive the railroad is.
    Obama’s buddy Warren Buffet who owns a railroad things the railroads emit fewer green house gases so you lose.

  • Ricks’ Solutions, Inc.

    We will shut down for a week! We as a whole need to stop letting the government run over us. They are making us pay for those who run illegal. Yes, they are out there. I love being a truck driver and am very proud of my dad, mom, brother, my husband. Just wish the trucking community would join together. Ricks’ solutions, Inc.

  • Paul Miller

    Wisconsin. I’m on the DMV/DOT website now – it looks like I can send my copy electronically. Thanks, again.

  • roge160

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  • freedom

    police state and so on, and on… just to bring you down

  • jbb

    glad to help…good luck! Just be sure you get your physical in advance of the expiration…you will have to file the self cert form with the state every time you get a new physical card from now on…

  • jbb

    just realized you said your dot card runs out August 2014….don’t wait until then to file the self cert form…do it now with your current card and then again in august 2014 when you get a new one….there is no grace period after 1/30/2014…everyone will have to be self certified or DOT Dr. certified or the cdl privileges on your license will be revoked…just wanted to be sure you are clear on that 1/30/2014 date requirement. It will always be the drivers responsibility, not the company they work for, to file the self cert paperwork….

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    Took three minutes, faxed the self-certification form along with a copy of my long-form physical to the Ohio BMV.


  • Tired trucker
  • EF McHenry

    Yes and guess what, voting republican will get you more police state as fast or possibly even faster than voting democrat. Although personally the establishment bunch in both parties are exactly the same. The police state starts and often ends with the federal govt agencies like the DOT, EPA, DOE DeptofHmlandSecurity etc. These are the rule makers, these are the Control Freaks! And they justify what they do in the name of safety. Sequester cut ALL GENERAL NON-Mandatory Discretionary Spending ACROSS THE BOARD including Pentagon Military Spending, spending on Hwy trust funds that fund FMCSA and all extra external spending like Block Grants to the tune of multimillions of dollars to boost state police, and highway patrol budgets! And mind you all this is suppose to be funded with the payroll tax which had been insufficient for decades. What sequester doesn’t cut is Social Security and Medicare! Because these are considered off-budget because they are funded by the payroll tax or FICA. However any extra payroll revenue money ends up staying in the General Treasury and ends up being borrowed by the General Treasury to fund all those POLICE STATE FED GOVT AGENCIES! The borrowed money is accounted for and TBills or Treasury Bonds are assigned to the Social Security Trust Fund. Thesr are what some call IOUs. Republican Paul Ryan wants to cut Social Security and Medicare so those programs pay out less benefit to beneficiaries so more money is left over so more can be spent on all those POLICE STATE AGENCIES!!
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  • EF McHenry


  • EF McHenry


  • bbmyls2go

    so why hasn’t my state DMV notified me of this requirement/penalty?

  • BEM

    Can someone please explain where I go to download this form, and then where I fax it to? We heard there was a letter some people were receiving, but we never received one. They asked for a medical card at our September Safety Audit, does that count?

  • haller

    Big business and government KILLED Jimmy Hoffa.. If Hoffa would be alive today none of this illegal pressure would be going on. Hoffa would say “shut down for one month, not 25 days, one complete month”. NO TRUCKS MOVING. No tankers, no refers, no lumber trucks, no dry vans, no contract mail carriers, no nothing,, COMPLETE STOPPAGE. Bring back the TEAMSTERS at whatever the cost. haller

  • haller

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  • roge160

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  • roge160

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  • driveandcycle

    call your home state dmv

  • pissedofftrucker

    It’s time to take back our country. fuck this fucking government. i’ll fucking snap how the fuck can they take away something that we pay thousands of dollars for? I’ll beat the fuck out of some poor registry worker if i get down graded. sit in jail rent free and 3 squares a day.

  • Steve

    They did this as drivers will no longer be required to carry a medical card due to it being attached to the CDL in the new regulations.
    Another important matter one should be aware; is that the new medical requirements for Doctors go into effect on March 1, 2014. These new regs will put many more drivers out of service, cause difficulty for drivers to find a doctor to get a physical (as fewer Doctors will be certified to give DOT physicals), and cost drivers more money to get certified.

    So… A word of warning, renew your physical in February, 2014 before the new regs go into effect, giving yourself 2 years into the new system before you need to renew under the new regs.

    See here:
    for more info.

  • MercenaryMan
  • MercenaryMan
  • MercenaryMan

    The aamva site has several PDFs that you can click, save and then find your state link to contact for more info or submit forms…The State by State Instructions includes Phone, Email and contacts for Forms or Info….

  • MercenaryMan
  • MercenaryMan

    Heres a link that will help guide to info and state by state

  • QQTrick1QQ

    Crushing the Trucking industry like the rest of the Country, You can buy the Fed Med Cards in truck stops and fill them out yourself, this certification linked to your license will straighten everyone out.

  • Keith Thompson

    not driving right now for anyone so i elected to use option 3 self -certify Ohio ,did it when i renewed in November of 2013

  • norman ott

    I just renewed my med. card today, my doctor will no longer give exams after this month. I have talked to several other drivers around here that were renewing their card, they didn’t know they had to self certify. I went down to the DMV and filled out a form they took a copy of my card and that was it. I think there will be a lot of drivers put out of service because of this. It was easy for me, I live in small town but I could see It being a pain in the ass in the larger cities. Its not about safety its about making it easier for enforcement to track drivers. Drug testing is the next thing that will be tied to your CDL. Then cell phone records.

  • Todd Dills

    The issue with the doctors is the National Registry of Certified Examiners coming online. Let me see if I can find our last news on it — OK, here’s the story about the change generally:

    Docs performing physicals must be certified and in the registry as of May next year, so come August if your doc is not in there you’ll need to use a different one, looks like, unless there are extensions of the May deadline — may well be likely, given relatively short time docs have had to get everything together.

  • WING

    just park in place…no need to go home. Someone get an app together to tell us on our phones…no one will believe it’s happenin’, NSA will get app also and monitor and shut down app as a terrorist event….
    just get on yer cb and spread the word…oops, no one talks on the cb anymore…brainwashed to the fancy qualcomm and smart phones.oops..truckers do not network! oops!

  • wing

    WHO SAID THEY HAVE TO? you are the captain of your ship…….

  • wing

    when the feds shut down those drivers…..perfect time to park in place….we missed the shut down op when congress did not pass spending bill…. now, no one should have put their dot info on their states site… just wait to be shut down…park in place with enough supplies to last.. food/water,shelter in the truck if OTR, if in town, call a cab! How hard is this??? We all know the date for the med card shut down. Shut it down then, registered or not. Too hard? This is a no brainer!

  • wing

    call you your state dmv to register, you can do that, can’t you?!

  • wing

    don’t snap….just take a 3 day nap! jan 30 2014, when uninformed drivers will be put out of service,,or shortly there after… all registered drivers know the date! How hard is this…. you have knowledge to unite.. do you have the balls to commit? don’t miss this opportunity as we did with budget shutdown! they’re givin’ us the numbers and the opportunity. spread the word! Or just keep nappin’ until they put the robots to work in ur place!

    if you snap… go to FEMA prison under Patriot Act as terrorist with no attorney or constitional right to habeas corpus… you dis-apear!

  • Bill

    So I went to DMV yesterday and turned in my self-cert form along with my current medical card so I could be compliant. I then asked the guy entering all the info in the database “So does this mean I don’t have to carry this medical card anymore?”. And he responded “Nope, you still have to keep that on you to provide along with your license to a DOT officer if pulled over.” So my question is this, why the heck to I need to register with DMV if still have to carry the card anyway. Either he was incorrect or this is a waste of time for everyone. Not sure which.

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  • Todd Dills

    Bill, Todd here with Overdrive — I think carrying the card for the time being will be necessary until all states are in line with everything. Till the end of January, at least. I’ll update later on with more info on this once I have a better sense of how everything’s gone with the states.

  • rcdwltd

    Nothing like the efforts of a determined bureacracy to contol citizens. There are so many attempts to implement gestapo rule that it is hard to keep tarck of all of them!

  • craig

    OMG I have never seen a group of people that whine so much as truckers. Good lord just go to it shut up and go about your job.

  • Brandi Wood Tunnell

    Those Medical cards will no longer work.
    All DOT medical examiners are now required to be listed in a National Registry. Their National Registry number will be written in the ‘National Registry No’ box on the Medical Card. I’m sure these numbers will be cross checked to make sure the cards were obtained from a valid registered examiner.

  • together we accomplish

    It’s to take the fake ones of the highways. when you give them your copy of your medical card. I believe an image of it will be attach to your license and dot pulls it up when they run your license. it’s bull shit. to just take something that cost thousands of dollars. another thing that shows you how spineless and dumb truck drivers are.

  • Cary Davis

    Rick that isn’t a very good solution! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.