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Max Heine

Deadly roads, best Interstate, stupid drivers

| March 11, 2010

Knoxville News Sentinel columnist Sam Venable took time to concur with our readers, who recently voted I-40 in Tennessee as the nation’s best highway segment in our annual Highway Report Card.

However, if he didn’t know how diversely opinionated truckers are, he does now. He polled three of them at a truck stop about their favorite stretch of highway. None picked I-40 – in Tennessee or anywhere else.

Meanwhile, the April issue of Reader’s Digest has its own survey about highways and drivers. (Sorry, most of the content is not online, so no link.)

The magazine’s findings: Kansas has the best roads, Montana is deadliest for DUI and Alabama is deadliest for speeding. No surprise regarding the Heart of Dixie, Overdrive’s home state, which our readers rank every year as the state having the least amount of highway law enforcement.

Perhaps best is a collection of what truckers told Reader’s Digest they’ve seen four-wheelers doing. It includes the usual you know too well – eating, drinking, putting on makeup – and a few outrageous things, like knitting, playing an electronic keyboard and changing a baby’s diaper. With diversions like that, how can they find any free fingers for texting?

Thanks to colleagues Jill Dunn for the Knoxville lead and Lucinda Coulter for the other.

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