Delving into CSA data shows enforcement irregularities

| May 01, 2013
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Close analysis of inspections, alerts and out-of-service orders under CSA reveals enforcement disparities with positive and/or negative implications for carriers of different sizes, according to RigDig Business Intelligence data analyzed by Overdrive and Commercial Carrier Journal.

The more you know, the more empowered you are. That’s especially true in today’s ever-tightening regulatory environment under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

That’s why Overdrive is excited to launch the expanded CSA’s Data Trail website, which is dedicated to empowering owner-operators, company drivers and fleets of all sizes with data and analysis of how CSA affects their business. The data was compiled by RigDig Business Intelligence, a research division of Overdrive publisher Randall-Reilly Business Media and Information.

The last two months, we’ve been continually posting in-depth articles, interactive maps, infographics and downloadable data on the site as part of our  CSA’s Data Trail series. However, the site today has a new look, expanded content and there’s more to come.

Throughout May, we’ll be publishing pieces from the “Crashes and interventions” installment of the CSA’s Data Trail series, which documents areas where CSA misses the mark, failing to accurately identify carriers involved in the most accidents. The site also contains full coverage of Parts 1 (“Screening out drivers”) and 2 (“Inconsistent enforcement”) of the Data Trail series.

An interactive map now shows at a glance the top 10 states for truck-involved accidents, injuries and fatalities. You also can download lists that show those rates for the 48 contiguous states, including total fatalities, injuries and towaway crashes by state.

The map continues to show states with the highest rates of inspections, including a breakdown of violation priorities by state. Files available for free download offer a comprehensive look at inspection intensity nationwide as well as state rankings by violation types.

Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll continue to update the information and publish stories and news about CSA.

Our hope is that this site, sponsored by PeopleNet, will help you understand more about CSA, its enforcement and what you can do to run with minimal regulatory hassle.


—Max Heine, editorial director, Overdrive

  • No Reform

    Hard to Believe this “inspector” who is actually a uniformed police man….would be standing UNDER a greasy, Oil dripping Tractor Trailer..wearing a GUN?? What kind of crazy picture is this???? What does he plan on shooting?
    He is guaranteed to get that tan Uniform filled with grease smudges if he is near that truck for long…what WORK could he possible get done??

  • No Reform

    Nobody in their right mind gets UNDER a tractor trailer wearing a light tan Pressed Uniform…seems Abnormal from the beginning…..usually they wear COVERALLS and plan on getting their hands dirty doing a REAL INSPECTION…Brakes, Oil Leaks, Chaffing Hoses….everything under there is dirty and waiting to get on your clothes….This picture is somewhat Fake.

  • bigred

    I have been inspected 15 times now in the last 2 years and it`s now come down to write ups on bolts that aren`t loose, brakes that aren`t bad and ball joints that aren`t either as i have no tickets, no accidents, no log book violations. I have 3 out service(none were o/s) and they send this in as soon as they write this up. I had to have mechanic come out for the first one, he showed inspector there was nothing wrong and if i wanted t off the record i had to come back 2300 miles to court…two more were for bolts and neither was loose but after i tried to tighten and told them,,nada,,,,So, what do we do about this,,We can`t get them off our record and they sure won`t take them off at the site,,,,,After these my score is still under 30% and i expect more til they ruin my record and score

  • Jesse Wood

    all these inspections are good for is raising revenues they should be called revenue rangers

  • Moose

    Do any of these DOT cops have licenses and degrees for working on rigs? If a licensed mechanic is the only person that can effect repairs on my truck, is it not fair to ask to see their degree that says they passed courses on all types of vehicles they inspect and deem unsafe.
    What qualifications do they have to tell me my truck isn’t safe?

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  • No Reform

    You can see by the picture that guy is a COP ..not a mechanically qualified INSPECTOR…what the hell is he doing under there? I would guess MOST of these Patrolman Cops should NOT be entering ANYTHING into a CSA File in regard to Mechanical Deficiencies…He is supposed to be wearing a Hard Hat like the REAL inspectors do…he is in Violation of OSHA Rules…needs a Citation Himself.

  • mike

    PEOPLE LOOK!!! the answer is simple. all it would take is everyone to pull together we all know how washington responds when the country as a whole is pst off..we have all heard it and talked about it. even the big companys need to bend an ear because while they may be doing great while the compitition is falling like flys remember this the people in washington have a job and that job is to pick on you and when you are the only one left standing guess who is going down next. for crying out loud people out kids and kids of people we know are dieing on forien soil just so you have the right to be free. organize everyone and it will take everyone to do it. you want to make a differiance? you want to change what is happening? then STRIKE! its the only way to save this industry. i have over 30 years invested in trucking. and im mad about whats taking place. i have done it but im one of the flys that dropped. i refuse to invest my time into a game of russian roulette.. its time to stop this madness. i love the industry and i love trucking. and i hate seeing it be distroyed by people who havent a care in the world about what i spent 30 years doing my part to pass a dream on to the next generation of truck drivers. sure its not the easiest way to make a living but its honest. people if you dont draw a line in the sand then you are only making it possable for the goverment to oneday end your job. sure we need laws. and we need the rules.and we need safty for everyone on the road. and there are drivers that need to be kicked out of the business. but CSA is not the answer. realize this if CSA continues oneday you will be its victom for one reason or another they will send you walking. and if you dont draw a line now and stick together you wont be able to blame anyone but yourself. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.