Diesel prices reverse trend, begin climbing

| July 15, 2013

7:15 fuelAfter six straight weeks of decline — though small decline — the national average retail price of on-highway diesel has now risen two weeks in a row, according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration.

The national average price rose 3.9 cents in the week ended July 15, following a 1.1-cent increase the week prior. Before that 1.1-cent rise, diesel had dropped each week since May 20. However, the price had only dropped 7.3 cents total in that six-week span.

This national average price reported this week — $3.867 — is 17.2 cents higher than the average in the same week in 2012.

Moreover, average prices rose in all regions for the second straight week. A 5.3-cent increase in the West Coast excluding California region led the regional increases. California has the nation’s highest diesel average, $4.065 a gallon, while the country’s cheapest diesel is in the Gulf Coast Region — $3.798.

  • anonoymus

    The big oil companies vs the small trucking companies. Do they care how much it costs a small fleet to operate just on the same dollar that the bigger trucking companies pay for fuel. For every ( as an example ) $2500.00 load that a small company makes, paying the driver, wear and tear, tires, insurance, workers comp., S.S. benefits, broker services, etc if they dont have thier own rights and authority, etc.
    The small fleet has already exumed 50 to 55 % of thier gross revenue. The larger companies can afford to absume some of these costs cause they have so many trucks that will haul a good paying loads and then haul so many small margin loads, it more than covers thier losses on fuel and so on. Im a retired O/O and also owned a logistics company and Ive seen the world of wheels from both sides. I understand after 35 years of sitting behind a wheel, I think its time for a break for the little man. I, in Gods truth, am gettting ready to reopen my business again, help these little companies out and cut some of the middle men out. Im going to do all inmy power to make it more profitable for the small companies to survive. Im also going to reopen my Logistics company again and do all I can there. This isnt a rash decision, its something Ive been thinking of for quite a while. A lot of costs are due to 3 party logistics that I can eliminate, and still set a flat rate to turn these bigger logistics companies on thier ear. This is not a get rich scheme, I just want to try to help the little man make it but everyway you turn someone is in your pocket. When I get the ball up and rolling my brothers in trucking, watch for my post and I can give you flat rate numbers, a carved in stone rate for finding your loads without the sit time, dead head miles, making sure theres something on the other end to get when you deliver before you get sent out there, flat rate dispatch no matter what or where you go, run under my authority, base plate, and save you costs on Ins. and every way I can. I had to start form scratch and had to get out early due to health but the way things were going, In time I would have gotten forced out anyway. Like I said, small company vs big company. Now I cant do any serious driving, but I paid my dues, now its time to help those who have to battle a system thats stacked against them. I, with the grace of God, will do all I can to help all I can. I can tell you that you will not get rich, nor neither will I, but I can put a little more in your pocket and every little bit helps. Trust me drivers, thats all I ask when I get it set up again and watch for future adds on here and when its all ready to go, I’ll leave a number and you call me and I will tell you what I have to offer and it wont change at anytime, no backing up on my part. Until then, be safe and God be with you all. I’ll be praying for you to all have safe trips.

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