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Dining options galore back home yield surprising choice

| October 16, 2013

When we’re on the road, our food options are limited to the places we can park a big truck. This includes pretty much nowhere but truck stops. We eat in the truck as much as possible, but usually end up eating out once a day. A revolving door of Subway, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Chester’s Chicken, Iron Skillet and Denny’s are the most abundant restaurants we see in truck stops. Occasionally, there will be a Wendy’s or Burger King, and What-a-Burger has truck parking at some of their places in Texas. But for the most part, we have about six choices.

(I feel the need to insert here that if there is one more Subway restaurant or Starbucks coffeehouse built on our planet, we will most definitely exceed the universal quota of silliness involving coffeehouses and sandwich shops. There are literally Starbucks opening next door to Starbucks. The emergency room at the hospital has a Subway in it. Apparently grievous injury and smelly bread are a winning combo. Silliness.)

When we’re home, I cook. I cook a lot. I never in a million years thought I could enjoy cooking and eating homemade food as much as I do. I made pork chops last night that, I swear, made the angels sing. I completely annoyed our son by spending the entire meal going on and on about how lucky and blessed we are to be able to eat like we do. I danced in my seat while I chewed, and made up little songs about pork chops. (Just ask the Ever Elusive and Sometimes Famous Max Heine how fun it is to eat dinner with me.) Anyway, the point is, it’s a rare occasion we eat out when we’re home, but when it does happen, I’m completely overwhelmed with all the options I have.


“If there is one more Subway restaurant or Starbucks coffeehouse built on our planet, we will most definitely exceed the universal quota of silliness involving coffeehouses and sandwich shops.”


We had a really busy day last week, I actually was incredibly busy in my office all day (for real, Todd [We hear you. –ed.]), and George had hung tile all day. (George is one of those guys who can do anything. He’s helping my dad with a bathroom remodel while we’re home, and working himself to death when he should be resting up.) We were both pretty tired, and I didn’t feel like cooking. The inevitable “what’s for dinner” conversation eventually came up. We went through the litany: we could have Mexican, or Italian, or Greek or Chinese. We could have cheese steaks from the Chop House, or fish from Capt. D’s. In the end, we settled on a sack of Arby’s roast beef sammiches.

I know, right?

For all my moaning about not having a lot of choices on the road, when I do have a choice, I choose something I can get on the road. I don’t know if it means I’m just a gripe, or I miss the road so much I need to taste it somehow. Good thing we only have a few days left at home — George needs some rest and I need some fried corn on the cob from Chester’s. And I cannot believe I just said that. Lord help me. And my arteries.

  • Ken Nilsen

    If you ever run in Texas there are a multitude of great BBQ joints that have truck parking or there is truck parking within a block. That always adds variety to road food. Also there are some great little stops along 99 out in California that have some good local food. Along I-10 in Louisiana there are many great little seafood places that have truck parking also. I really wish someone with some time could catalogue all of these great places and put them online.

  • jackie keys

    this is us we go thur the same thing we saw a mllion not kidding Dunkin Donut shops in the new England states I feel your pain,,we read your blog and enjoy it so much it seems you live our life keep writing we love it thanks…..

  • guest

    Wendy as a Nurse you should know better…you might want to get some Blood workups done on both of you…check for cholesterol and all the bad stuff??? No excercise and eating fast foods will bring on Heart Problems etc…..if you had a Refrigerator in ur truck..for fruit and veggie snacks?? Fish, poultry(no skin) redmeats…..this lifestyle will kill you if you keep eating like that..A Bag Of Arby’s Sammiches??? You must be kidding….if your WEIGHT is increasing is Bad Cholesterol…..a HIGH price to pay for limited Revenue that trucking affords the average Trucker…..plan on retiring in a Wheelchair after the STROKE??

  • Wendy Parker

    Just because I’m a nurse doesn’t automatically mean I make good life choices. I actually think nurses may forgo ‘the rules of healthy life’ a lot more than people realize. While we see the benefits of making good choices, we also see the people who have spent their entire lives eating only lean meat and exercising who drop dead of a stroke at 50. I learned on the floor of a nursing home that you better be more concerned about enjoying life than living it completely healthy. It’s short, and it’s gone before you know it, and people who enjoy it tend to make healthier choices on the whole.

  • guest

    I see….Good advice from a Professional.
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