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Todd Dills

Down the road, feeling good

| October 01, 2008

“Sticker Steve” Stone of Barstow, Calif. (928-899-1771), sketched this patch design for members of the Road Dogs on Hogs truck drivers/motorcyclist group, which began with one woman’s desire to jump out of the box and live life to the fullest. That woman is “>White Rose,” aka Cynthia Morgan, who organized the Dogs, and the crew of truck drivers on Harleys and other bikes trekked en masse this past August to Sturgis Bike Week in Sturgis, S.D. Says Rose, “We invite all drivers to join us for some fun each year the first week of August for the rally.” Their goal? Quite simply “to make the roads of America a bit friendlier.” She invites any hauler interested in a two-wheel haul and neighborly camaraderie next year to get in touch. Pictures from the trip and contact info are available at the Road Dogs site and their MySpace page.

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  • White Rose

    Todd, thanks for posting this. We all had such a great time! Meeting everyone that went has given us all something to look forward to out here on the road. We exchanged phone numbers and keep track of each other and are able meet and become better friends. It is cool to be able to bring a good aspect of the “old school” trucking back to our roads! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.