Driver helps trooper subdue wanted criminal at rest area

Harry Welker

Harry Welker

Oklahoma-based driver Harry Welker has been named the latest TCA Highway Angel for his efforts in helping subdue a belligerent man who was in a fight with a Kansas state trooper. 

Welker, a driver for Melton Truck Lines, was stopped at a rest area on I-70 in Kannapolis, Kan., where he saw the Kansas trooper pulling over a van. He was with a driver trainee. 

Welker went into the rest area, and while he was in there, the trooper had asked the man — who was being evasive — to place his hands on the hood of the trooper’s SUV. When he tried to handcuff the man, he became hostile and attacked the trooper, putting him in a chokehold and punching him several times. He also was trying to grab the trooper’s gun. 


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When Welker returned to his truck, he saw the trooper and the man in a violent fight in the parking lot. 

Welker and the trainee, both Marine veterans, went to help, tackling the man and subduing him. The trooper used a stun gun and was finally able to handcuff him. The man was wanted for parole violations in another state. 

“It was my natural reaction to go over there and help. I didn’t give it a second thought,” said Welker, who spent eight years as a corrections officer for the state of Missouri and also used to escort prisoners for the Marines. “I’m not out to get recognition. I’m a concerned citizen who took action when action needed to be taken.” 


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TCA has presented Welker with a Highway Angel certificate, patch and lapel pin. The Kansas Highway Patrol also gave Welker a plaque. “Mr. Welker, you exhibited a great deal of bravery when you, unselfishly and without regard to your own safety, responded to help [our trooper],” states the letter of thanks. “You put yourself in harm’s way for a state trooper who you did not know. Your actions undoubtedly saved [the trooper] from further injury and possibly death.”

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  • James

    Great work Harry;there needs to be more people like you out there. I hope if you ever get in a battle against law-breakers there’s someone like you nearby. People like you have a special place in Heaven.

  • Jeff Swearingen

    I agree that Harry did the right thing. But in reading the story it says both Harry and the trainee both tackled the man. So shouldn’t they both be listed as highway Angels?

  • Rich Miller

    Did the cop then give ya a ticket for being ” on duty” rather then being in sleeper berth? Haha. Then again; it wouldn’t surprise me

  • ricky

    After Harry was done subduing the fugitive. Trooper asked him for his logbook.

  • Jason Castrodad

    Thank you for acknowledging the fact that I should be recognize as well! My name is Jason Castrodad and I was the so called TRAINEE in the story that is not even written correctly. It’s funny how the story changed as soon as I left for a injury! Thanks Again! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.