Dubious HOS science

| January 03, 2006

Most drivers know that should they get caught operating illegally the company will disavow any knowledge of the drivers’ activities. Truck drivers need to realize they are the victims of predators and that they need to protect themselves from abuse. Who has the driver’s license? Certainly not the company. Let’s see those trucks operate themselves or watch that freight move itself.

If you have to operate illegally to work for a specific company, then you do not need to work for that company. Before anyone decides on rebuttal, I make as much, or more, money now as what I made running outlaw with less stress and aggravation. It works for me, and it has worked for years. And remember, the lower the paid wages, or rates, the more abusive the company.
Arthur E. Ford
Cleburne, Texas

Know What’s Important
It seems to me all you hear about is the lack of respect given drivers anymore. Since when do any of us need justification for a job well done? No respect from your boss? Find another company. Shippers and receivers? Get used to it. DOT? Look what’s in the truck next to you.

It is about time we as an industry wake up. I drive a truck to support my family. I do not look for anyone to respect me but my family. I used to be one of those drivers banging the drum looking to change the world. Then reality hit home. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. Now I realize what is really important in life – my loved ones. A bad day at work is just that – a bad day at work. I finally woke up. I could care less what you or anyone else thinks of me. I still am the first guy to stop and offer my help. I am a third-generation driver with 22 years experience. No, I do not know everything. Like all of you, I am not a four-walls person. Driving a truck is all I have ever wanted to do. I still love my job most of the time.

It is time all of us take a deep breath, slow down. Your lives are passing right before your eyes. Does your spouse and kids or parents know how much they mean to you? Have you told them today?

It is about time each of us became accountable for our actions. The CB radio has become an embarrassment to our industry. Just shut up and do your job. Then the respect you covet so much will follow. Act like the adult you claim to be. Life is short, start living it before it is too late.
Ken Foell
Scranton, Pa.

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