E-log mandate: Agency extends public comment period to June 26

The electronic logging mandate could take effect in the second half of 2016.

Following a request by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, FMCSA has extended the comment period for its proposed electronic logging device mandate, pushing back the comment period 30 days to June 26.


ELD mandate: Independents’ final straw?

An Overdrive survey shows between 50 and 70 percent of respondents threatening to exit the industry over the electronic-log mandate -- the highest percentages are ...

CVSA Executive Director Stephen Keppler formally requested the extension May 7 in letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, citing the complexity and significance of the rule as reasons. The comment period originally was set to conclude May 27.

In its notice for the extension, FMCSA says it “acknowledges CVSA’s concerns” and has granted the extension “to provide all interested parties additional time to submit comments on this rulemaking.”

The rule, when made final, will require all truck drivers who currently must keep records of duty status to use an electronic logging device, formerly known as electronic onboard recorders.


Logging device mandate could come in 2016, outlines hardware spec’s, harassment provisions

The rule addresses driver harassment protections, hardware specifications and hours of service-related supporting documents.

After the comment period ends, the agency will begin work on a final rule, which likely will be published later this year.

The effective date of the rule will be two years after publication of the final rule, meaning the ELD mandate should go into effect late 2016.

Comments on the rule can be made online at regulations.gov using the Docket Number FMCSA-2010-0167 or by email at oira_submissions@omb.eop.gov, using the subject line Attention: Desk Officer for FMCSA, DOT. They can also be faxed to 202-395-6566.

Submissions can also be made by mail: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, 725 17th Street NW., Washington, DC 20503, ATTN: Desk Officer, FMCSA, DOT.

  • don trucker

    What a sob story. Well you will probably be in a rest home being fed baby food before too long so bye. And i have been driving 21 yrs and i know how it used to be and i really dont give a fuck. So go put on your hospital gown turn on wheel of fortune and go fuck yourself

  • Mike Smith

    That’s why I replied to your comment. I found that if I’m feeling a certain way about what’s going on around me millions of others are feeling the same way too.

    The gov is to powerful to NOT know what will happen for each move they will make. As they make one move they put pressure on more citizens to move out, and they just replace us with staving 3rd worlders. This is why we have the open boarder crowd

    They are wiping out true American Citizens, and bringing in more and more 3rd world savages. 3rd worlders don’t know what’s happening. They only know that they live 100 times better here, in our worst conditions, IN THE COUNTRY, we and our forefathers built from sea to shining sea, Manifest Destiny.

  • waiting to go broke

    don it appears you are one of the under paid e-log drivers !

  • sam

    Its not about control or money its truck drivers that think they can do what ever they want to do and ignore the laws. IF YOU RUN LEGAL THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. NONE. ITS not hard to see the drivers that run legal and the ones that don’t. Quitting will have little impact on the industry. I see drivers say lets go on strike. Really? Are you that dumb? There is NO WAY THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN!!!!! I am not going to stop and not pay my bills because YOU want to run legal. NO WAY!!!! i laugh when i see that. Then there are the drivers that know everything about the goverment but yet still only driving a truck. Thats shocking. Big talkers are everywhere. But thats all they are is talkers. It does not mean a damn thing to anyone. The world could not care less about truck drivers. So just shut up. Quit crying and do your job. Cry babies

  • sam


  • don trucker

    Well mike like i said you cant and wont do anything about it. You have no control. You are just a big talker no balls.

  • BRD

    So Don Trucker…Today is e-logs and tomorrow is speed limiters and cameras in your cab watching the road in front of you and watching you all day long…Do you agree to that? Telling other drivers to go F@&% themselves is really not the way to get your point across to where other drivers will respect what you have to say.

  • nunya

    Optional? You are a dumbass. Thats ok drivers like you will quit because you are pussies and think you are above everyone

  • mike g.

    Nicely put.im with you. A nation wide truck shut down for a week will make them listen..if only we truck driver could stick together…..they know we are solos thats why the gov steps all over us.if they mandate elogs..im done..

  • Tired of CA Shit

    You’ll see how many drivers will go out of business when this shit becames a law.This stupid politicians dont have nothing else to do , i guess. We should stop the trucks for 1 week and wake them up. I’m in.

  • Tired of CA Shit

    NUNYA< you're a dumbass . So shut the f,,k up and respect other drivers opinions

  • Tired of CA Shit

    Still not enough. As an O/O i need much more.

  • Tired of CA Shit

    Shut up, you dumbass

  • Tired of CA Shit

    You still talking BS? SHUT UP

  • Tired of CA Shit

    I asked him several times to shut up but he still barging

  • Tired of CA Shit

    He is just one of this BIG ASS HOLES. A Broken chicken

  • in your dreams

    Will never happen

  • superhero

    To build a new world sometimes you have to tear the old one down. That can create enemies.

  • don trucker

    Bullshit. I do not care. Cameras will never happen. If they do hope they like the x rated shows. Haha

  • Mike Smith

    It’s time to say it now. Go fuck yourself you punk ass bitch. It’s a sure bet you take it in the ass.

  • Mike Smith

    My balls are in your sisters mouth.

  • Mike Smith

    ‘If you have nothing to worry about you should let me search you, give you a blood test, we should cut off your voice to free speech, you should let us disarm you’.

    This mentality turns it’s back on history. and knowledge. This is a lost mentality that is akin to what I call Dark Ages, thinking, or more so lack of thinking.

    Take bad drivers off the road. Don’t inflict violating infringements on everyone.

  • bullman

    Nunya all you are is a spineless shit turd probably a damn Rookie and a yes mam yes sir fuck me harder with no grease big company driver so shut up sit back and enjoy the ride while the real drivers who has everything to lose by the government implementing this EOBR bullshit fight our fight

  • bullman

    Don you have probably been out here for 21 days or months but your attitude doesn’t show 21 years but you will see with the abuse companies will be able to do when the EOBR become mandatory you will wish you listened because what its going to boil down to is less pay and more time on the road away from your sour puss loved ones

  • bullman

    They will happen and they are happening some companies like Conway are already putting cameras in their truck’s mister know it all oh by the way your big company will be putting them in next jack ass

  • don

    Bull sir. I got nothing to hide if they do. When i park it might be kind of x rated though haha. But listen i do understand why the owner ops and small buisnesses are upset but i have no complaints. Everyone will have to figure a way how to deal with it. After all these changes more will come. Welcome to trucking. No way to stop what has already been started. Alot of companies on elogs now. Over half the industry. They are not going away.

  • don

    That is completely false. I get more time at home now and love it!!!! I do not have to run as hard now and i sleep great. Dot does not screw with you at all. I have ran legal for a long time and don’t agree with running any other way. I just see no reason to kiss another truck drivers ass because i owe other drivers nothing. I know this will not work out for everyone but i have been in trucking long enough to know after these changes more will come. And there is no way to stop it. None. Best to just shut up make the best of it and keep rolling.

  • don

    Mike with all due respect i do see what you are saying. But even if you got drivers to strike what about their pay? ? Things have gotten easier on electronic logs for me. I have been through a ton of shit over the years with companies. I don’t think there is a trucker out there thats never been pushed by a dispatcher or raced to make an appointment missing sleep to make a load. With elogs all that is gone. Its the gravy train. I would never work for a company that did not have them. Yeah i used to run like most still do. Got tired of it. No point in it. More money??? Yeah big deal.

  • RichieC

    LOL…OMG…you dope…this isnt about money…this is about controll. You wont see 30 nor 20 dollars an hour. You simply need to be controlled as your incapable of deciding when your eyes are heavy at 3 am. you need a machine programed by a inteligencia to decide that for you.

  • nunya. blme

    Yeah good luck with that. You will never get enough drivers to agree with you. The trucking industry is too widespread. It won’t even make a scratch.

  • omar xankara

    E-log deprives me from my break time. Forces me to drive during rush and traffic hours. It shouldn’t be mandatory for everyone. Its stressful and causes risk to everyone on the road.

  • nunya

    Well if you dont want to drive in rush hour start later. Duh. Quit your wining if you cant handle quit. Elogs are not going away dushbag.

  • omar xankara

    I don’t think you know what you are talking about

  • David Ebnet

    Everyone tries to organize a week shut down but we all know that won’t happen I say do one better just refuse any load going to the DC area that way it hits the political partys and not the rest of us and look doesn’t mean we go without pay!

  • Mark Platt

    In cab cameras monitoring drivers have already begun being tested by Conway and a couple of other carriers, if you google in cab truck driver video monitoring system you will find several manufacturers selling the equipment. They are not making it just to be doing something, look for this to be mandatory in a few more years as the crazy left wing political nanny staters try to tighten their grip on trucking.

    This is all about control and revenue. The government is broke, we are viewed as a revenue stream.

  • lastgoodusername

    no need for comments, this shit is going hit the fan. this is a done deal

  • nunya

    Yeah thats why i laugh at most trying to fight it. Fight what? Get a clue you are just waisting your time.

  • tony lagrange

    This is my truck I forth to pay for itmy blood sweat and tears I will be dam if them bunsh of peaces of shit gov.that is highly over payd will say what I will have in my truck.

  • Darryl Young


  • deaf ears

    Ok tony whatever you say.

  • Mike Smith

    So, your new world is a tyranny, and you justify supporting this with your captain america comment. This is more twisted thoughts from the brainwashed in America.

    I’m sure your will love the cameras watching you in the truck too. This is what’s coming next.

    Before you know it, the gov will approve of a probe to stick up your torcas so they can monitor your body functions, blood pressure etc., ALL IN THE NAME OF SAFETY of course.

  • jojo

    Three Ways to Send a Message

    1. Inform your Carrier that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7. By doing this, You have just told your carrier, the ATA and the shippers/receivers that things need to Change.

    2. You, Your Family and Friends NEED to Call your elected officials in DC.
    Inform them of your issues at 202-224-3121. It’s EASY and Fast!

    3. Go Home To VOTE! Federal Election Day is 11/4/14.

    As for ME, I’m Going Home 10/31 thru 11/7.


    Drivers, We Are In This Together and We Must Act as Together.

  • Stormy

    It seems that the statements of “the rule, when made final”, and “after the comment period ends, the agency will begin work on the final rule”, pretty much says how much good posting comments will do. The problems ELBs will cause can’t be anticipated by beaucrarts sitting behind a desk.

  • USMC 69-75

    Darryl, because there are to many spineless wanders out there that just want to complain, to hear themselves sniffle, but don’t have the gonads to stand up for themselves!

  • USMC 69-75


  • USMC 69-75

    That’s just it Jason….. If they focused more on setting a base rate for brokers and shippers, made it mandatory for detention to be paid to the DRIVER/O/O, and keep the driver’s off the docks, for starters. Instead of causing unsafe conditions with forced driving, lane restrictions, changing the HOS monthy…… all under the guiess of saftey, we’d be safe out there. We are already safer than the 4 wheelers, that has been proven, it’s just because we drive big trucks, so we must make big bucks….and they want them!

  • USMC 69-75

    second that.

  • USMC 69-75

    So another words, you happy letting big government keep rolling over you, taking away your rights one piece at a time, and you just sit back and love it? What an idiot!

  • USMC 69-75

    Like I said “Your an idiot” they are already here, and will be mandatory, before you retire son! Although you will never be able to retire, by the time these progressives get done with you.

  • USMC 69-75

    That’s just it moron, there is a way to stop it, but pussies like you don’t have the balls, or understanding on how or why. You just want to show your ignorance, bend over and let the government have it’s way with you!

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