E-log mandate: Agency extends public comment period to June 26

The electronic logging mandate could take effect in the second half of 2016.

Following a request by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, FMCSA has extended the comment period for its proposed electronic logging device mandate, pushing back the comment period 30 days to June 26.


ELD mandate: Independents’ final straw?

An Overdrive survey shows between 50 and 70 percent of respondents threatening to exit the industry over the electronic-log mandate -- the highest percentages are ...

CVSA Executive Director Stephen Keppler formally requested the extension May 7 in letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, citing the complexity and significance of the rule as reasons. The comment period originally was set to conclude May 27.

In its notice for the extension, FMCSA says it “acknowledges CVSA’s concerns” and has granted the extension “to provide all interested parties additional time to submit comments on this rulemaking.”

The rule, when made final, will require all truck drivers who currently must keep records of duty status to use an electronic logging device, formerly known as electronic onboard recorders.


Logging device mandate could come in 2016, outlines hardware spec’s, harassment provisions

The rule addresses driver harassment protections, hardware specifications and hours of service-related supporting documents.

After the comment period ends, the agency will begin work on a final rule, which likely will be published later this year.

The effective date of the rule will be two years after publication of the final rule, meaning the ELD mandate should go into effect late 2016.

Comments on the rule can be made online at regulations.gov using the Docket Number FMCSA-2010-0167 or by email at oira_submissions@omb.eop.gov, using the subject line Attention: Desk Officer for FMCSA, DOT. They can also be faxed to 202-395-6566.

Submissions can also be made by mail: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, 725 17th Street NW., Washington, DC 20503, ATTN: Desk Officer, FMCSA, DOT.

  • Geoff Chausse

    I have been on them a couple of years now. They have advantages but they also have huge disadvantages.

    The advantages are:

    I no longer can be tempted to run 2 days straight.

    I don’t have to draw lines, figure recaps, or figure out where I’m at.


    I have NO choice but to drive in traffic, adverse weather conditions, and/or fatigued because I can’t take a nap or avoid adverse conditions because it is tick, tick, ticking away.

    They have caused huge parking shortages. We all pretty much pick up at the same times there for we all run out of hours at about the same times.

    Slow loading or unloading times affect my overall productivity and paycheck more so then they did before.

    In short they are expensive, restrictive, and should be left as a choice.

  • norman ott

    I don’t understand how they work, I drive for several small outfits would I have to have one that i move from truck to truck or does the log stay with the truck? I might drive 2 different trucks the same day.

  • pissed off again,,

    i do pretty much as you do from what you described,,, am an o/o, have 2 trucks, several trailers, I switch back an forth as for what load i’m doing, i called teletrax on their units, each one is mounted in a truck, a tablet unit, cost is 80./ month, adds up to app.$ 1000. per year, x 2 is $ 2000. and still need to maintain paper log as backup, there are xtras included, gps, internet, etc, I don’t need those but no amount is taken off for not using them,, as I see it, i am being forced to use this E-log nonsense, at my expense, because companies cannot keep trak of their drivers,,, it’s not my fault, or yours,,,
    jus big brother screwin everyone, probably gettin a kickback in return,, govt cannot even run what it’s doing now, has to screw up something, else,,,

  • Harold Gibson

    Why do all of us STUPID truck drivers sit back and let this shit happen ??? Years ago there would have been a nation wide shutdown to voice our opinion ! What about DOCTORS , POLICE and other so called professionals why ate they not required to have E LOGS on how long they have been on duty ??? Wake up here people , your government is trying to put independents out of business !!!!!!

  • Mike Smith

    I sounds to me like they had already decided to INFLICT this elog shit on us already. These scum better start looking at whats going on with trucking. CA is already losing the ability to get loads AND move loads because of their horse shit CARB; for which they have been forced to put off their horrendous demands because truck business owners won’t comply.

    What we are facing is a WAR against us. We must respond in kind. This is the way of life. The’re tromping on us we tromp on them. Remember the revolutionary war.

    Stop talking with “kid gloves”.

    The gov must not control us. They work for us. We don’t work for them.

  • Lisa M Romano

    no,no,,drivers should not “clock watch” they should concentrate on driving :(

  • Jared

    How bout blow and go for drunk drivers?? They get in trouble and they punish the drunks not EVERYONE!!! This ELD IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!! Shame on you American government!! What is the straw that breaks the camels back? Guess you’ll find out

  • mousekiller

    E log, EOBR, ELD, by any other name is still a tool to CONTROL you. The only things I see it will benefit is companies can finally find out why some drivers are always late for Pu and Del.
    It will be a way to track the driver that has excessive out of route miles.
    But still CONTROL. If you were hired because you were safe, dependable, honest and half way neat with a good work record what is the need for all this Crap? Control. Nothing less. Take a look at the political agendas by Clinton, Reid, Pelosi ,Kerry and the some agencies that have been told to now be armed. IRS. Armed, Agriculture agency Armed, BLM armed. Why Control is coming. and a few others that are for taking all your rights away. Control. A simple fact. Whom ever controls the transportation industry controls the country.

  • Benjamin Norris


  • Chris Knight

    Really folks? Just follow the money. Look at who is behind those that are behind those that are pushing for this. Consider this. Two million trucks on the road (I know, a very low figure). Multiply that by $1, 000.00 per truck (again, I know, low side figure). Do I need to say anymore? Can you say crony capitalism?

  • Clinton Seals in Oregon

    From what I hearing here on this forum is that we as truckers have had it with the political intervention only to pad big companies pockets. But the true picture here is that this new implementation of ELDs is only going to create more economic problems due to the nature of these ELDs . Lets be frank we all know that these devices are only going to slow productivity down and also costs us more to have them and so in return our already fragile economy suffers because now we have to pass this added cost on to the consumers . I really feel for my fellow truckers as well as my fellow citizens on this wildly conceived concept of monitoring us like little children . Come on we the truckers have been the knights of the road for years and have help make this nation great .But now they want to babysit us as if we cant do our jobs. Its like really ,we’ve been doing just fine for over 100 years with out them so why now. I agree with one of the other gentlemen that suggested that these ELDs should be optional and or mandatory for habitual logbook offenders. There should be no other policy but that. If the big companies want to monitor drivers so be it , but leave us Owner/Operators and small companies alone that wish not to have them.

  • Jason Holmes

    They can put the elog in my truck as soon as they make it manditory that all companies pay the driver $30 per hour all hours spent in the truck away from there families and friends

  • Jason Holmes

    Remember drivers we are the economic engines of the global economy 75percent of global economy travels in these trucks a year we are way under paid and are a constant revenue generator for the federal dot if we want to we can change all of this as soon as we all stop saying we can’t get together we will get together

  • MarsRiver

    I shut my truck down 1 month ago. It started out as repair work and then I realized the industry I’ve loved for so long isn’t loving me back. Someone wants to track you for more than just “safety” or “compliance” reasons and we all know it. Follow the money.

  • don trucker

    I will say it plain and clear if you run legal elogs are not that big of a change. I have no problem with them othet than the 30 minute break. Been in it 21 yrs and my job has gotten alot easier. Drivers that are used to back logging or running two logs and doing whatever they want will not like elogs. I have been driving long enough i have seen it and am sick of drivers that think they above everyone and don’t think they have to follow the rules while some of us do the right thing. Not a perfect driver but i think most should shut up learn to do it legal and just do your job. If not step aside and let a real professional do what you wont. If some of you want to shut down go for it. Just stay out of my way. Quitting shutting down will have very little impact on the industry. Drivers quit drivers replaced.

  • Blue truck

    Only thing all of us meaning truck driver own op or company drive all of is need to start tell this government that we are not doing this and we driver hold the control we just have to take it back from them

  • don trucker

    The industry is full of cry babies now.

  • Mike Smith

    Point taken. 3 thumbs up.

  • norman ott

    The industry needs more drivers like you. Just bend over and take it.

  • Mike Smith

    Why would you say such a thing? Everything you’ve said is anti-American, anti-Rights.

    Are you going to let the gov violate ALL your rights, like search and seizure, freedom of speech, etc. etc., just because you have nothing to hide. Your statement is madness to put it politely. Our RIGHTS IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON.

    The gov has no right tracking American Citizens, or doing so many of the other things they are doing. (This gov has gone against it’s own citizens. ItS main job is to protect our borders. It ha INTERNATIONALLY FAILED. Instead they have allowed 10’s of millions of Mexicans to INVADE our country to drive down our wages. The gov has even paid Mexicans to birth 4,5, & 6 kids. The cost this country $10 trillion of our $17 trillion debt over the last 20-30 yrs).

    This gov has been totally corrupted by the corporations and we have been brainwashed into acceptance by the MEDIA which is controlled by the corporations!

    There is either no way out, or one way out!

  • don trucker

    For me i now take a full 48 hrs now on the weekend instead of 34. I am never pushed to do a load. Full 10 hrs in now able to excersize shower sleep. I never get bothered by dot now. My job has gotten easier. Most of the arguments i see are people that are not on elogs yet. There are many big corporations on elogs now with no sign of stopping. Kraft. Sherwin williams pepsi. And alot of daycab companies. The bottom line is most drivers are unable to cheat and that is what all the bitching is about.

  • Mike Smith

    Your statement is quick and to the point. I guess that’s all I should have said.

  • don trucker

    You guys are funny. The only thing it takes away is your ability to cheat. And you know it. And no i wont stand up and fight for you. You an kiss my ass. And you have no balls to do anything either just run your fucking billy big rigger mouths. Maybe there is a fuel desk cashier that will hear your cries or go out on your cb and bitch to your cb buddies. But thats as far as it will go no one cares. So shut the fuck up and do your job crybaby.

  • Mike Smith

    Like you I shut my truck down about a month ago too. Just doing this and that on it. And now I just don’t want to go back because of all the H S.

  • bigbird2461 .


  • suecitysue

    Whats going to happen with only owning an operating one semi ….the goverment is pushing out the small owner operators whom cant afford as it is…

  • Winus Cleyne

    You guys don’t get it,we are talking money don’t you understand $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!! Just think about the SOB that are making them computers that are called. Logbooks ……. I would like to have some stock in that….no matter what it always turns out on the end somebody is collecting it’s not US. And the road check that comes up,we can make that a 3 day vacation would that fuck up the DOT……..

  • norman ott

    Im sure they are made in china .

  • don trucker

    You are full of shit. No rights have been taken away. You are just pissed your days of falsifying logs are almost over. So the freight you haul no one has the right to track you??? Do you haul your own freight? But yeah i am laughing. Elogs are not a new thing some of you are way behind in the industry.

  • D. Colw

    I worked with a company that had e-logs, about half of the time the system would freeze up. and woul’t let me change anything. it also forced me to drive when I was tired to make del. & PU.

    also when you nare at customers with very large wherehouses it will log you driveing. witch eats up your hours. but I think that if they are going to force us to use them, then they should go back to the old HOS.and get rid of the 14 hour ruel the 30 min break BS. and let us do our jobs.

    and as someone mentchend it has a GPS the one that I used has a GPS but most of the time it would direct me down 1way streets, streets with weight lemits, or just tell me turn off of the interstate where there was no exit at all. the gps’s in there things must be 1st genaratation. AND BEFORE ANYONE SAYS THAT YOU ARE NOT SPOSED TO FOLLOW A GPS EXACTLY, I KNOW THAT.


    I personly will most likly quit driveing when they make them mandatory

  • Mike Smith

    Your a pathetic fool. That most all of us can see from the utter stupid, childish, uneducated statements you have made. Your not even worth responding to but unfortunately people have to confront your asinine.

    You are clearly a product of, the idiotic people, that this gov’s educational system has produced in recent years.

    You have no idea how rights are connected to what’s going on here. Yo just mimic the asshole statements made by others like you.

    No doubt you want 1 or 2 hours paid for so you can lay down in the middle of the day.

    You need to join the Hamburger picket line and demand your $15 an hour along with all the other 3rd worlders, Mexicans, etc..

  • don trucker

    Ok whatever you have no balls to fight the goverment and if you dont know that this country could not care less about what a truck driver wants you have not been driving for too long. I still am able to do everything i did before no problem. But i am laughing at cry babies like you. All you can do is wine. You have no power to change anything. If you dont like it here why dont you put a towel on your head join the taliban and pray to alah to change the laws.

  • Keith Morphew

    I have been out here trucking for a very long time. 40 yrs and of course that doesn’t mean I know everything. The elogs are not going to make you sleep..the gov has spent millions doing sleep studies only to throw them away when trying to get us all on elogs….they found in sleep studies that many people perform better in daytime and many perform better at night. It has to do with cirrcadium rythms..Elogs force you to shut down when you aren’t tired or can’t sleep and then when break is over dispatch thinks that no matter if your rested or not it’s time to get moving. The original idea behind logs was to keep trucking companies from running a driver to death and that was or is a good thing because some drivers would do just that. So the feds mandated the 70hr/8day rule and the 60/7day rule. This was set up for the 24hr day not the current 14hr day as it is now…..the old way had much more flexibility in it…sleeper berth could be split to better accomodate each drivers sleep needs….Driving times and on duty also could be broken up which allowed the driver more flexibility.. back then drivers could plan better to get thru large cities with heavy traffic rush hours by either getting going thru earlier or later…..and not at peak times like elogs force one to do….many times a driver could plan to get ahead of a bad winter storm using the legal flexibility of first logbook regs….why did the feds think by increasing driving time from 10 hr rule/8 hr break would be any safer at the current 11 hr then 10 hr break..the old regs allowed the split sleeper birth…of course today once the 14hr clock starts the only way to stop it is an 8hr sleep break. That’s nuts…So have things really gotten any safer out here with all the new regs? How about the new 34hr restart? A resounding NO! When are the feds going to install an on and off switch on all drivers to insure sleep? What about a driver off duty for 34hrs and gets no rest but gets to driving and was “legal?” when he fell asleep at the wheel down the road..another thing….how about all the drivers pulling campers, driving u hauls across country, and others going long distances driving excess hrs to get someplace not having to keep hrs of service are they somehow (or we) any safer..? NO.. how about if a commercial driver is put out of service because of HOS issue…if he or she wants…get a car and drive right out if there since no requirement keeping HOS to drive a car. So WHY did feds change rules and regs in the first place? I don’t know but I would sit and debate them all day….just recently read an article pertaining to truck driving safety…..it stated that driving at night increased one’s chances of getting Into accident from 4 to 6 times….so you drivers with elogs telling you to get down the road
    at 3am just call dispatch and tell them about it’s more dangerous than daytime driving and you go back to sleep. So why aren’t some of these situations addressed with all these new rules and regs? Honest to God I really believe it’s more about money than safety…the feds have complicated things so much that it takes a Philadelphia lawyer to sort it out…and this is what’s affecting us in our daily lives whether it’s in our trucks or not.

  • luis murillo

    how about a simple solution, have shippers and receivers write the time on the bill of lading,truck stops put the time on fuel receipts that together with the times on the toll tickets and the possibility that every weight station keeps a record of you will make a very tough to lie

  • Bill

    stop whining. They are simply trying to cut back on accidents cause by you drivers.

  • Bill

    Mcdonalds is hiring

  • don trucke

    Omg!!!! Well when you switch trucks you log in on that truck.

  • don trucker

    You clearly dont know what in the fuck you are talking about do you? Be a quitter if you are too dumb to figure it out. Drivers have been quitting for years over elogs. Has the industry stopped??? You quit then are quickly replaced with someone willing to adapt.

  • Tom T

    Next mandate will be speed limiters and the Obama administration just issued a statement that more EPA regulations are needed and will be coming because global warming, or is it climate change now?, is getting worse. Saw all this coming and sold my truck 3 yrs. ago after 45 yrs. and have no regrets. Aggravation and stress levels have dropped 85%. You could not give me a truck today even if it was brand new with all the bells and whistles. It`s just not worth it anymore. After all the mandates take effect and the clean air regulations watch the rates tumble. With the economy we have and excess available labor there will be plenty of people to fill those seats, at least for a while, but then what is a little turnover to this industry.

  • Chris Knight

    Move along sheep. Nothing for you to see here.

  • MarsRiver

    I just had that conversation with my agent. I’m sorry to hear that we feel this way. I hope to snap out of it but I’ll admit they’ve worn me out with all of it. I hate to say it is nice knowing I’m not having this feeling alone.

  • Chris Knight

    It’s obvious, or at least it should be obvious. Follow the money. Look at who is behind the ones who are behind the ones who are behind this. Simple math. Two million trucks on the road (I know, a low number). Multiply that by $1, 000.00 (again, I know, a low figure). The amount of money the manufacturers stand to make is staggering. Can you say ‘crony capitalism?’

  • MarsRiver

    Fuel that fire ;-)

  • waiting to go broke

    how is e-logs going to cut back on accidents , when most of the truck in accidents , are the trucks that have e-logs . watch how the e-log drivers drive !!!!!

  • BRD

    To Don Trucker. I think that what the”cry babies” are trying to get across is the issue of the government watching every move we make. I’m one of the old guys that got my class 1 in 1978 drove a company truck for 6 years and then bought my own truck and got my own authority and I’ve had it ever sense. Trucking has been good to me. I run legal and I don’t feel that I should have to have extra expenses of running e-logs when paper logs have done the job for me just fine. I have been adapting to all the changes over the years from changing truck types to go with the freight that I have needed to haul to selling my 1999 Peterbuilt and updating to comply with the Calif smog laws because all my money is still with Calif freight. But I am tired of having big brother wanting to watch every move I make. There is a new breed of steering wheel holder out there that will replace me when I quit when the e-logs become law. The new breed of kids don’t mind being watched because they don’t know the difference and how it used to be out on the open road. Us cry babies do remember what it was like and how it used to be enjoyable starting that motor in the morning. Everytime I turn around there’s some new “safety law” being passed and it’s getting old really quick. So to Don Trucker, you keep those big wheels turning and keep this country going and enjoy Big Brother telling you when to sleep and eat and take a shit. I’ll be out on the lake or climbing hills in the jeep and enjoying my life when I turn 62. Like I said’ trucking’s been good to me. I’ve put money away for this day cause I turned those big wheels when I wanted to and did it my way, not the govt’s way. PS…It really pissed me off that Calif ran my business telling me I needed a new truck when I didn’t but this cry baby adapted…again. Have a good day and be safe out there with all the kids

  • Mike Smith

    You fool, you would call those American colonist who fought the American Revolution men who had no balls. Only a moron like you could suggest such a think. But that’s why r country has turned into such a shit hole of humanity, because of shits like you talk’n your stupid shit.

  • Mike Smith

    Explain who our rights are not under attack.

  • Sky Tripp-Schaefer

    u log out of one it is up loaded to server you log in to the next and it downloads it back in to that one similar to chrome book or an android phone. there has been times were i had switched 3 times in 2 days…. no hiccups. And I love them!!! Easy as pie. no more paper is great. Just causes most drives to now have to plan ahead a few days!!

  • don trucker

    Ok quitter bye. You cant handle it stay home watch your soaps and do housework. They will fit you better

  • don trucker

    Not true. Overdrive posted a chart on it thursday or friday. You supertruckers trying to impress your c buddies but running aa long as you can backlogging sleeping a few hours are very dangerous. 2016. You wont be able to anymore crybaby

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