E-log mandate rule projected to come this month, driver database rule this week

| February 10, 2014

eobr electronic logIn its monthly update on significant rulemakings, the Department of Transportation has again revised the projected date of publication for a rule mandating Electronic Logging Devices (also known as Electronic Onboard Recorders) for all drivers subject to keeping records of duty status, backing it up this time to Feb. 27.

This is the third month in a row the DOT’s report has projected a date later in the same month, but in both December and January, no rule came, and the rule still has yet to clear the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. The current DOT report predicts that the rule will clear OMB Friday, Feb. 14.


Driver database rule clears White House, e-log rule delayed

A rule that would implement a driver database detailing drivers' history of failed drug and alcohol test has been approved by the White House. The ...

Upon publication, the proposed rule would have a 60-day comment period ending April 30.

Also updated in the DOT report is the status of the drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule, which cleared the OMB Jan. 27 and is now projected to be published Friday, Feb. 14. The rule would establish a database of drivers who have failed or refused to take a drug or alcohol test, and carriers would be required to upload test refusals or failures to the database. Carriers could also query the database when screening drivers.

It too will have a 60-day comment period, ending April 14.

The Carrier Safety Fitness Determination rule is still projected to be published in early August, per the report. The rule would allow the agency to change the methodology with which it calculates carriers’ Safety Fitness Determination scores, allowing it to use data from roadside inspections, crashes, investigations and violation history — a very similar data set as used in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program’s Safety Measurement Score.

The DOT report also still projects its driver coercion to be published April 23. The rule would create a requirement that the agency “consider whether coercion of drivers” by shippers, receivers, carriers or brokers “is a concern when developing a rule.”

  • dumbass, still driving a truck

    more horse hockey, so I would imagine us drivers would get a nice pay increase along with all these new rules, specially us owner operators…. I can dream still can’t I Mr Obama? or are we gonna tax that too? !*&%*#%#@

  • Seteve

    I sure hope they do this before my plates come due in May so I can tell them to kiss my you know what.

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    Hell I guess all drivers should just quit and get on welfare hey no rules and no drug testing

  • jr ogle

    this is what happens when we drivers don’t stick together. the united states can not function without trucks and truck drivers. we have the power to refuse all the b.s. they are trying to shove down our throats but we stand by and let it happen. we need somebody to step up as a spokesman for the drivers and say enough is enough. and all drivers take a stand. this is America and we have a right to be heard.

  • Stormy

    Does this mean I can’t coerce my husband? Oops, they didn’t mention dispatchers so I guess I am OK.

  • jojo

    If We The People need to surveil ME for Your safety,
    Then We The People need to surveil YOU for My safety!!!

    Computer Chip Implant Anyone????

  • jojo

    I wonder what kind of message would be heard if all Drivers took the day of November 2nd off to exercise their right to VOTE?

  • Stringbean

    Do they care how many they will put out of work with this mandate. I have all the expense I can stand and this will break the camels back

  • 5Herb7

    About another 10 years and I can put this all behind me. I love the job, but the constant meddling by the government is harrying.

  • g

    Is Coercion and INTIMIDATION of company drivers a Concern?? It has been going on FOREVER….why PRETEND to be Concerned?? Companies have ALWAYS implied to the boy/slave/driver that he WILL be at the receivers dock ON TIME or he will be looking for a new job. Is NEW to somebody??

  • guest

    The trucker is treated like a SUSPECT…someone who NEEDS to be MONITORED, OBSERVED, information must be gathered about this Dangerous person. The trucker must be “checked out” constantly…..Logs must be verified Electronically now because the Trucker is a known LIAR.
    Cameras need to be installed to OBSERVE the trucker..he is always doing something Criminal and MUST be watched.
    What an Ignorant job to have today……Cops chasing after you constantly demanding to”inspect” you……..what a sick joke its become…basically laughable…..

  • guest

    Today’s “trucker” is basically a humiliated Bootlicker and Buttkisser…..being broken down into an unimportant “yesboy”….having to take crap off anybody who wants to dish it out….cops, dispatchers, shippers, receivers…..all demanding the “trucker”be an obediant slaveboy/chump.
    What a disgusting shameful occupation trucking has become..actually Embarassing to be a “trucker” today.
    How rediculous.

  • RichieC

    I think a 30 minute work day is in order. Also needed is health inspections and bacteria tests in trucks with 2 drivers….. Also needed is a rule mandating that each driver in a truck being driven as a team be required to have seperate floor level accomidations. These trucks should also have self contained septic systems and cooking facilities…so drivers can not need money for eating at stops. SO WHAT IF THE TRACTORS WEIGH IN AT 45,000 LBS….ACTUALY….THE TIME HAS COME FOR SHIPPERS TO BE MANDATED TO BEAR THE COST OF THEIR SHIPMENTS. TRUCKERS ARE NOT INDUSTRYS SAFTEY VALVE. DELAYS, LONG LOADING AND UNLOADING, MANDATED REST PERIODS AND OTHER TRIVIAL NONSENSE MUST BE SHIFTED TO THE SHIPPERS. THE CURRENT METHODOLIGY FOR A DECENT MINI FLAT RATE OR LONG HAUL MILAGE RATE PLUS TIME LOADING, UNLOADING , AND MANDATED BREAKS MUST ALL BE PAID BY SHIPPER.

  • David S. McQueen

    Regardless of the “Big Brother” aspects, I doubt that the OMB (run by the WH with a political appointee at the helm) will release anything that will anger voters prior to the 2014 mid-term elections. The ELD rule will require all CMVs to have additional equipment at a possibly exorbitant cost (there is always gouging when anything becomes mandatory).

  • RichieC

    Shipper must pay their fair share….no longer can truck owners drive old pickups while paper jockeys and truckless trucking cos (brokers) drive Jaguars. Brokers need to be limited to 5% max and must be required to show the actual price charged to the customer. The customer should be required to sign a document with the truckers info on it with a notice stating that “the broker is not providing the trucking service, nor is it allowed to do so. The broker is only allowed to arrange for a trucker to provide those services” Notice of this nature would wake shippers who think that rat clawed brokers are actualy truckers . Who was the brain surgeon who invented truck brokering anyways?

  • Mike

    I think this is a great idea and I for one think it is long overdo! The one’s that complain are usually the one’s that do drugs. You got a CDL “Don’t Do Drugs”! It is that simple

  • MercenaryMan

    Upon publication, the proposed rule would have a 60-day comment period ending April 30. WHY ??? They dont listen to a thing Drivers say, we coul;d talk till were blue in the face, theyll still do what the Lobbysits PAY them to do, Increase regulations, force drivers to buy things, add costs, and expect it to be absorbed…never passed along…If truckers added on a fee everytime were shoved a new regulation to satisfy the Cheap Suits desire to create regulation so they appear to be working…If we charged a fee, imagine what that would do to Commerce…CHARGE A FEE FOR EVERY NEW REGULATION…

  • 18 speed

    How many trucks in a fleet before you need E logs

  • David S. McQueen

    To paraphrase that giant of intellectual acumen, Nancy Pelosi, you’ll have to pass the regulation to find out what’s in it.

  • Jkc

    Sex offenders don’t get this much attention and watched all the time but we are treated like criminals.

  • g

    Exactly…we are treated like we are CONVICTED CRIMINALS…already guilty and need ONLY to answer the Officer’s questions…and undergo SEARCHES and INSPECTIONS……no other “JOB” is like this.

  • guest

    Great job if you want to live in truckstops filled with mexicans and you like to kiss Cops ass all day.

  • Spence

    My guess is, if you only have one truck you’ll probably have to have E logs or EOBR. I don’t trust the government one bit. If you want to know what happens when you trust the government and don’t control immigration, just ask the Indians.

  • http://www.truckertwotimes.com/ Truckertwotimes

    Crooks are the only one’s that follow a pattern, Truckers have always been a get’ er done on our own type person and yes, that does cause separation.

  • Gary Johns

    Here is my comment,,,, dot, fmcsa get the fuck out of my bizness

  • Cali dreamin’

    Totally agree with you. Brokers are thieves. Customer asked my husband what he was getting paid, told him, customer had a fit because the broker lied to him about what the trucker needed. Turns out, broker pocketed more than 25%! Why can’t they be required to disclose load prices. Lord, truckers have to be on time or get fined. Rarely get detention, no backing at all from brokers when things go badly.

  • Cali dreamin’

    Well, personally I think they want e-logs because most commercial or CHP’s can’t read a log book to save their life. Our son is a deputy and he says they put the CHP’s who can’t do their jobs to work the scales. The rejects of the highway.

  • Cali dreamin’

    Owner operator is the only way to go! Pick & choose your jobs. Be in charge of your own destiny. I quit my job of 22 years to go to work for my husband as his dispatcher. Our income grew over $60,000 the first year and I never looked back.

  • David S. McQueen

    If the government had wanted ELDs in all commercial motor vehicles, it would have published a proposed rule in 2012. It’s now 2014 and the OMB supposedly released the NPRM but the FMCSA has not published it in the Federal Register. Does that seem like “they” want ELDs? It’s all political. The Socialist-Democrats are headed for a disaster in November mid-terms and they do not want any controversial regs out there right now, trying to mitigate the coming damage.

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  • Kardos

    the rule cleared OMB yesterday

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