E-log proposed mandate comment period nearing end

| June 24, 2014

Follow this link to submit a comment with one click. 

Following the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s extension of the public comment period on its proposed electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, comments close finally on June 26. To submit a comment, use Docket Number FMCSA-2010-0167 at regulations.gov or by email at oira_submissions@omb.eop.gov, using the subject line Attention: Desk Officer for FMCSA, DOT. See below for fax and postal mail options. 

With the deadline two days away, the CCJ Symposium was well under way in La Jolla, Calif. A session devoted to issues surrounding the ELD mandate saw fleet reps from Con-way, Swift and John Christner Trucking speak of their respective fleets’ e-log implementations and associated challenges. Overdrive Equipment Editor Jack Roberts covered the panel, in which all speakers emphasized difficulties in implementation and generally positive experiences following.

While owner-operators wouldn’t experience the same length of time for implementation as such large fleets, small fleets have reported a similar dynamic, with some difficulty settling on a system on the market currently that fit their company’s needs well.

In Overdrive‘s 2014 ELD Survey, conducted this Spring, among owner-operators and small fleets who noted an intent to comply with the mandate, should it become final, familiarity with the current device market was low, as the following chart indicates. 


ELDs: Privacy, competition, adoption

While the expectation of privacy and freedom of business choice are two different things, both tend to dominate ELD concerns... More voices on the mandate. ...

Furthermore, only 12 percent of readers indicated they were using e-logs for hours of service compliance today — implementation for non-ELD-equipped trucks, should the mandate become final, will be no small matter. 

Among recent commenters, reader Geoff Chausse was among those already running under ELDs (for two years now, he said), and he summed up advantages and disadvantages in commentary under the story at this link.

Among the advantages: “I no longer can be tempted to run two days straight. I don’t have to draw lines, figure recaps or figure out where I am.”


ELD mandate: Independents’ final straw?

An Overdrive survey shows between 50 and 70 percent of respondents threatening to exit the industry over the electronic-log mandate -- the highest percentages are ...

The disadvantages Chausse named, however, were numerous and, considered on the whole, may represent a safety negative for trucking nationwide, particularly given time pressures of the 14-hour clock in the hours of service rules, he wrote. “I have no choice but to drive in traffic, adverse weather conditions and/or fatigued because I can’t take a nap or avoid adverse conditions because it is tick, tick, ticking away.”

ELDs also have exacerbated already extant parking shortages, he added. “We all pretty much pick up at the same times, therefore we all run out of hours at about the same times. Slow loading or unloading times affect my overall productivity and paycheck more so then they did before.”


ELDs: Privacy, competition, adoption

While the expectation of privacy and freedom of business choice are two different things, both tend to dominate ELD concerns... More voices on the mandate. ...

In short, Chausse concluded, “they are expensive and restrictive, and should be left as a choice.”

Those who haven’t commented on the proposed rule as yet can use the links above for online submission. Comments can also be faxed to 202-395-6566, or mailed to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, 725 17th Street NW., Washington, DC 20503, ATTN: Desk Officer, FMCSA, DOT. 

  • eko

    You should check out big fleet company s they disconnect e-log when ever they need.

  • Mike Smith

    my god 54% are not familiar with Elog. We are in trouble.

  • Mike Smith

    This is good to know. Can OO do the same? If so no concern.

  • Mike Smith

    Instead of this magazine continuing to say there is a comment period, why don’t they CREATE an canned email that covers the anti-sentiment that covers Elogs. Then have each of us fill in our info and click on an email button to send the FMCSA our comments. This what you need to do OVERDRIVE. Do something instead of just posting news you get off of the media news screen.

  • CactusJack166

    Better yet 54% are familiar with allowing the government to control you and you destiny. #fail. I’m all for safety! Big time But some kinks have yet to be sorted out. All that sounds good on paper isn’t good in Real life scenarios.

  • John Ryan

    no they don’t and no you cant

  • John Ryan

    So who’s exempt from E-logs?? one truck guys?

  • Mike Smith

    I hate that! ;(

  • fairly dangerous

    I can still lie on elogs. I found away so it wont work and company has to get manufacture to send a reboot signal to your truck. How often do you get to main terminal? It took at lease 3 months for me to get there. So I had 3 months of paper logs and ran how I wanted to. Dispatch or log department never complained cause everything looked to be up to par. So the system can be beat. But you have to be the one who wants to beat it. I started trying different things as soon as I got e logs. Also if you leave where you load or unload and the company has it set to goto drive line after you traveled say a mile like the company i use to work for did. Every time you stop set your brakes and it resets try to catch every red light so you wont start your time until a mile down interstate. You can also go to a truck stop near your stop unplug power and antenna go to your stop then go back to same spot rehook and it shows you never moved. But you got your load. This is great for more than one stop in the area. Great for produce haulers. Salinas, Watsonville, Castroville back to salinas rehook and head east. No time logged. So everything can be beat. Screw fmcsa. They cant get rid of outlaws and and outlaw trucking. They will only make it hard at first but we will figure away.

  • Mann

    It has to stop

  • Jim hentrich

    This government run log book is a joke and would kill my ability to make any money in the North Dakota oil fields!! I don’t and won’t be willing to spend 10 hours in the sleeper berth! Been a driver for 24 years. I work the hours that I want to. Believe it or not.. I actually do stop and sleep when I get tired. Yes I do have a brain and i take responsibility for what I do out here. I don’t need someone to tell me when I can drive and how far I can drive.
    So basically let us do what we want.. and if we cause a accident. .. stiffen the fines like they do with drunk drivers.

  • WarHorse Mom

    So how about the One truck guys or Hot shot guys… People who have to do business with companies that hire out drivers won’t care if you have drove or not over the hours, they will go somewhere else..

  • Barney

    I think the guys doing “vocational” work like dump/mixer/other construction related and those under the 100 mile rule still have an exemption. I am not 100%, but that is my understanding. I can’t get straight answer from the damn inspectors as usual.

  • Lawrence Millstein

    To the joke that is fmsca or what ever bs name is fix the roads first
    Stop trying to make a buck off the truck driver.if you want trucks to have this bs tec crap u pay for it
    This government do not care about the truck driver only the money its ptojected to make
    The csa is same thing.elogs dont work not enough parking the shippers and reciever dont about us .till thier more parking provided

  • Judy Keith

    I agree

  • Mike Smith

    As Lawrence says “the FMCSA is a joke”. Unfortunately for us the joke is on us, and will continue to be until some acts out starting a rampage of some sort. The Bundy Ranch issue almost kicked something off.

    The gov is in collapse, IE. VA, IRS, DOJ, DH INSECURITY, all working for Obama.

    And instead of spending money on the border the government is HARASSING Americans trying to work hard to get the job done. They are conjuring up any excuse that sounds good.

    There is something very wrong in what was our country!

    THE BORDER, is and has been, in crisis, which is a huge part of the $17 T debt. The gov needs to send resources to the Mexican border to stop Mexico from allowing Mexs, etc. from Invading our country. Instead the so called government is constantly attacking us; for many reasons

    Obama is the head of the New Mazi Party, the so called Democratic Party.

    If the movie industry would have made a move about this crap 30-40 years ago, it would have been called The Over Throw of the United States.

  • Shawn L Hubbard

    You’re exactly why we need E-logs.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I would hunt at the border free and even bring my own ammo , it would be like shooting prairie dogs ,

  • Swan

    It’s a known fact that more than 60% of all owner-operators will quit and find other work if E-logs are passed. They simply can’t afford it and the ATA who presently think it’s a good deal will soon find that it isn’t such a great deal after all. That’s when the market shelves will be bare and the democrats will say my God did we do that and walk away laughing!!!

  • v

    Mostly for agri & unslaughtered animals. Believe if fresh as yet unprocessed food going to processing plant, then those folk still get to use ‘common sense’
    & drive responsibly & allegedly
    not under FMCSA’s HOS Rules. ?right?

  • Ed

    Wow we the trucking industrie need to be baby sat because we are the only ones out on the highway like a bunch of crazed animals crashing and killing people no body else has our mindset we and only we cause these accidents If a truck is involved the driver was tired or over his hours of service or didn’t take his 15 min break no matter he or she is at fault because we like to run according to FMCSa like outlaws too many times I have been trough construction zones and running the speed limit and all and I did say All the cars are speeding around me to get thru only to find a lane closed slamming on their brakes and taking up my stopping distance but guaranteed if I hit one of those innocent people I would be at fault

  • Armando Galvis

    I don’t agree with the 30 minutes break after 8 hours, I’m taking my break when I want it, I don’t need any body to tell me when, why they find the way to raise the price of the loads that way we don’t have to drive so many hours to make a decent pay check,
    Remember we own are trucks we should put the rules.

  • Mike Smith

    They have a plan to cover your point about drivers quitting. They will hire anyone with a face, put them through some baloney schooling, reduce driving speed with speed limiters. This is what all these new laws are about, controlling these new drivers, and unfortunately us too.

    CA has already legalized allowing these criminal, invading Mexicans to get drivers lic.’s. Now the country is being flooded with even more Mexicans & the call them kids.

  • Tex

    YOU are just steering wheel holder

  • Mike Smith

    It is slightly going off topic but, the New MNazi party lead by Obama, is intentionally pretending to be doing something at the border by saying they are concerned about apprehending the drug smugglers, while letting ten’s of thousands of minorities to flood into our counrty. Why To destroy the very people how many this country from sea to shining sea.

  • Brian Pruitt

    their is a link to post comments to the fmcsa dumb ass can u even understand e logs

  • USMC 69-75

    Instead of going thru all that, everybody just SHUT down for a week and see what happens! I don’t care about any TAFT law…..what are they going to do to a million plus drivers all on vacation the same week! NOTHING, but a scare tactic.

  • USMC 69-75

    Why, to prevent FORCED driving, and tired truckers, because you can’t stop to even take a 1/2 hour cat nap if you want! Get real and learn trucking!

  • don

    Why don’t you cheap freight haulers try raising rates, then you won’t have to cut each others throats to make a living.Also, as a side benefit of not hauling cheap freight, you’ll find shippers and receivers treat you with more respect.! After more than 33 years pounding the super slab I just don’t get why you cowboys need to run illegal.

  • CarolynMarisa

    ELOGS BAD,But the good news is GOP ,want this.So they are going to get it right in the pocketbook.we will do about 60% of what we were doing befor this mess.10 lb. bag of pinto beans $16.00.thanks GOP as13245hols

  • shadow hauling

    I just read today and didn’t check the facts but this was in May 2014 Land Line magazine under Statewatch, quote, New Mexico: A new law gives prospective commercial drivers more chances to pass testing. SB41 specifies that applicants can retake the knowledge portion of the test twice per week. State law previously limited applicants to three exams per year. The skills test will continue to be offered up to three times annually. unquote. It’s already starting.

  • shadow hauling

    As it is now, one truck guys or hotshot drivers going interstate have to do logs so I figure the eld’s will also pertain to them. All the other rules and regulations have to be followed by them unless they are a one truck (pickup) and licensed under either 21,000 or 24,000 (I can’t remember which) and then they don’t have to do the drug testing. But all else has to be followed even crossing the scale, placards,dot number and operating authority and either 75,000 or 1,000,000 in liability insurance depending on what they signed up to transport.

  • shadow hauling

    You better read up on what the new eld’s can do and what they can’t do before you put advice out there or your going to get someone a big fine and out of service. I don’t have and don’t want them and I’m not a union or company driver either. The new ones have to be fixed in a certain amount of time and you can use paper only so long and the company better have a replacement to use. The news ones tell when power has been disconnected and then the driver has to note why. There are pages of this and that that have to go along with these new top of the line eld’s. Why do you think the FMCSA is giving company’s longer to comply and replace the old eld’s ? It’s not to nice but because the new ones will keep track of more info and test itself and all sorts of check and balances so they can’t be by passed. It tattletales if it’s tampered with. Better read up on them before you get caught. Hope this helps and saves someone a fine or oos

  • shadow hauling

    NO WE DONT NEED THEM , IF you want one feel free to go get one and leave me alone and out of your let the government ruin our country mentality

  • shadow hauling

    I fully agree and support that idea. Too many chicken shit drivers out there that won’t stand up for themselves or their families way of life

  • jojo

    A sign hanging in my window:
    If We The People need to SURVEIL ME for Their Safety, THEN
    We The People need to SURVEIL YOU FOR MY SAFETY!

    Three Ways to Send a Message
    1. Inform your Carrier that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7. By doing this, You have just told your carrier, the ATA and the shippers/receivers that things need to Change.
    2. You, Your Family and Friends NEED to Call your elected officials in DC.
    Inform them of your issues at 202-224-3121. It’s EASY and Fast!
    3. Go Home To VOTE! Federal Election Day is 11/4/14.

    As for ME, I’m Going Home 10/31 thru 11/7. I’M MAKING SURE THAT MY VOICE IS GOING TO BE HEARD!!!

  • jojo

    Mandating ELD.
    The mandate will apply to all drivers who are currently required to keep paper records of duty status. Drivers who are required to keep records of duty status in eight or more days out of very 30 days must use an ELD, replacing the 2011 rule’s requirement that drivers who keep records of duty status two or more days out of every seven use a logging device.
    Carriers and drivers would not be required to install or use a logging device until two years after the effective date of the final rule. Carriers who used what the agency calls “automatic onboard recording devices” prior to the ELD mandate, however, have two more years on top of that to comply.

  • USMC 69-75

    Young man, I’m no “Cheap freight Hauler” first and secondly it’s not about running illegally, it’s about “Big Government” telling me or you when to sleep and when to drive…… After 33 years, you still need a baby sitter? Sorry I quit needing a baby sitter almost 60 years ago. I don’t need Big Government in my business. It they want to regulate something…..try regulating “RATES” so drivers don’t have to push so hard to make an honest dollar. Setting a minimum per mile, a mandatory detention time, no drivers on the docks unloading, would help a heck of a lot more than any E-log or trying to put us all in the same box. Everybody’s body clock is different, we start and finish on different time zones and once your clock starts you may want to take a few minutes off, but your truck won’t let you. Since when do we answer to our trucks? Your truck being what is tied to your E-log! So put your childish labels back in your toy box, yes I’m a cowboy, I run legal, and average 2 bills per mile (loaded and empty), with a truck that has been paid off, and still passes DOT with flying colors, what’s cheap about that son? My truck is half the age you’ve been trucking and I bought her brand new.

  • USMC 69-75

    I agree jojo, but I am my carrier, and I have been accused of talking to myself before, so I guess once more won’t hurt…..I’m staying home 11/4/14 to VOTE, got it boss man, how about YOU!

  • USMC 69-75

    Sad but true shadow, they need to have big brother/sister (got to stay PC) in their trucks babysitting them.
    Like the pumpkin driver that about drove me into a concrete barrier the other night. Thru trucks use left lane, I’m in the left lane passing him, a truck was on the ramp to come out, so he decided to come over in my lane. Thank God I have good brakes, got a new mirror from pumpkin, I’m thankful that is all that got damaged!

  • pakkman

    the this was about trucking: racist republicans spread their hate every way they can now I guess

  • Judy Keith

    It just breaks my heat that there is no unity anymore as an American Truck Driver ! We still have one of our own stuck in a Mexican Jail, because he could not get turned around!!!! Drivers will not even try now a days to see the big picture! It’s all about me me me. ! No elogs. & repeal the HOS.! W e need flexibility !

  • a company driver

    Elogs will not solve the problem, targeting owner operators will not solve the problem. Society as a whole is so geared towards technology that everyone has a phone, tablets, gadgets in their hand posting every move the make. Point being distracted driving, untrained cdl holders, untrained and uneducated drivers across the bored. Everyone is in a big hurry to turn off before you, to get to point b and they have to be in front of you while their at it. Then let’s talk about what mandated elogs will do to the cost of freight which be directly correlated to what you buy off the shelves, the cost of everything will skyrocket because no one will be able to make their appointment times. Fuel costs will go up, utilities, everything , but wages will not. Pointing the finger at us and using us as the scapegoats will not solve the this problem when we are only a part of the problem.

  • localnet

    GOP? Who has been running this show since 2006? It is not the GOP. I am not a fan of the GOP party, but at least get your damn facts straight.

  • localnet

    We are being regulated out of existence. All of these regulations and compliance rules are sucking billions of dollars a year out of our industry. There are the pay raises, Uncle Sugar is sucking us dry.

  • jojo

    Yes Sir, We agree on a lot of things. I tagged on to your thread to once again suggest that 10/31 thru 11/7 should be a good time for drivers to go home for a week as it is their civic duty to vote.
    As for me, I will Vote one way or another. If I’m able to absentee vote I will. That would mean that I can take the week of 10/31 thru 11/7 off anywhere USA.
    I have already informed my carrier that I will be taking the week of 10/31 thru 11/7 off in protest of the FMCSA’s overly burdensome policies and that I would be encouraging all other Drivers to follow my lead.

    If all Drivers took 11/4 off to vote we would have a one day truck shutdown. OTR Drivers such as myself don’t go home for one day, we normally take 3 days or more off.
    Pat Hockaday jojo859585@gmail.com

  • USMC 69-75

    And here I thought they were there to protect us and SERVE us? Hmmmmmm somebody got their wires crossed?

  • USMC 69-75

    Mike, I’m familiar enough to know that I don’t need a baby sitter telling me how to run my truck, when I may be tired, sick, or just run down……If I want to run 9 hours I will, or a half hour. I’m an adult with common sense, something that is missing from our society anymore!

  • USMC 69-75

    How about the expense of purchasing, installing, and maintaining the stupid thing…..that is a concern, is it no?

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