Eating regularly improves health

| May 01, 2012

• Be careful about what easy, long-lasting foods you get. Things like dried fruit may seem like a healthy choice, but many have sugar added and are extremely high in calories.

• If you’re hungry, don’t ignore it. Try eating a little something just to get you by, like a yogurt or a protein bar.

• Your brain takes about 10 to 15 minutes to catch up to what’s happening in your stomach. If you eat too quickly, you could make yourself full before your brain tells you you’re no longer hungry. It’s important to eat slowly to prevent overeating in a meal.

• Look for lean meats (like chicken breast instead of wings and legs) and whole grain breads and pastas. A good substitute for a cheeseburger is a grilled chicken breast on wheat bread. Add some mustard, lettuce and a tomato slice for a delicious, healthy alternative.

• Plan your meals ahead of time. Be sure to get in at least three meals during the day, and don’t go easy on the fruits and vegetables. Have healthy snacks nearby to help calm any hunger pangs you may experience.

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