Editor's Journal

Randy Grider | April 01, 2011

With the blessing of Congress, the Obama administration could make the authorization of Mexican carriers restrictive enough to satisfy all parties until Mexico resolves its internal problems, which could take a while.

A true open border in less volatile times would be good for both economies. But these are hardly ideal circumstances for Mexico or, for that matter, the United States. We commend the Obama administration for taking positive action on the issue, though it seems the president has been forced to try to mend fences that were torn down in a fit of political posturing.

This has become as much about politics as it is economics, and we are not convinced Obama has enough clout in this controversial quagmire to pull it off. While he may be able to ink the deal, we don’t share the optimism of Mexican officials the border will open in the near future. Best case, we could see some of the tariffs lift temporarily.

We’ve been down the road several times and the same roadblocks are still looming on the horizon.

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