ELD mandate: Independents’ final straw?

| April 17, 2014

ELD Support and Opposition chart

What would the trucking industry look like without 70 percent of the independent and small-fleet owner-operators in business moving freight on the roads today?

What kind of recruiting and training efforts might be required among more sizable fleets if 52 percent of their company drivers and leased owner-operators suddenly exit the business?

ELD plans poll Such questions aren’t strictly rhetorical. An Overdrive survey of readers shows such percentages of respondents saying they would either retire or look for another line of work before they’d ever run with an electronic logging device.

Under the proposed rule by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, ELDs could be mandated for virtually all interstate haulers by late 2016. Many of the largest fleets have adopted ELDs or are phasing them in, and medium-sized fleets are following suit. The smallest fleets — whether unable to afford electronic logging systems, objecting to the devices as an invasion of privacy or without personnel devoted to safety technology — are likely to be the last holdouts.

It’s unclear how many of those small independents, as well as some owner-operators and company drivers not using ELDs, would not follow through on threats to quit. But the recent experience of older drivers leaving when the current hours of service regulations were introduced shows the threats are not all idle. The ELD mandate likewise could accelerate industry retirements, says analyst Jay Thompson, president of Transportation Business Associates.

“Those are the drivers I would expect to actually leave – those that see in [the mandate] a reason to go ahead and say ‘I’m done with it,’ ” he says.

Here’s how drastically the numbers could play out. Assume the 71 percent of independents who say they’d quit actually do, and apply that to carriers in the for-hire population with one to five trucks. This would equate to an overall loss of about 260,000 trucks, according to data mined by RigDig Business Intelligence, Randall-Reilly Business Media’s equipment- and business-data analysis unit. That would remove more than 10 percent of the industry’s capacity.

When the 71 percent is applied to carriers with up to 15 trucks, it leads to a capacity reduction of more than 27 percent, or about 709,000 trucks.


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The American Trucking Associations commonly cites a “driver shortage” that’s expected to grow to 239,000 by 2022, considering current growth rates in the driver population and expected driver demand. That dynamic will play out much more dramatically if regulatory pressures send more drivers away from over-the-road trucking.

“Will some people leave? Yes,” says Thompson, though it will be much less than 70 percent of small fleets. “It’ll be a really begrudging kind of adoption” once the mandate is in place, he says.

Most clients at owner-operator business services firm ATBS are leased to sizable fleets, and 75 percent said they were running electronic logs when surveyed in 2013, says President Todd Amen. However, only 26 percent of company and leased operator respondents to Overdrive’s ELD survey indicated they were running electronic logs today – and just 2 percent of independents and small fleet owners.

“I do think there are plenty of older independent contractors that are scared and stubborn” and thus opposed to electronic logs, Amen says. “But when it comes down to it, they’ll work under ELDs if they still need a paycheck, and most of them won’t be able to retire on Social Security [alone].”  

However, Amen does view the exit of experienced drivers from the industry as a primary downside of the ELD mandate. It comes on the heels of changes in interstate truck drivers’ hours of service regulations that in some ways were equally unappealing to those with long industry experience.


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Those changes appeared to be the final regulatory straw for many older drivers at Werner Enterprises, said a company executive in a 2013 story by Kevin Jones, reporting in Overdrive sister fleet publication CCJ from the American Trucking Associations’ management conference in October.

“In the 90 days leading up to the hours of service change,” Jones reported, the share of 60-67-year-old drivers at Omaha, Neb.-based Werner “fell by half.”

Said Werner President and Chief Operating Officer Derek Leathers: “It’s my belief that’s a representative sample across the industry of drivers who just said, ‘I’m out. I’m done. Thanks, but I’m moving on.’ ”

As with the Werner drivers, Overdrive’s survey response also points to the strongest dissatisfaction being among older drivers. Almost 30 percent of survey respondents said they would retire before ever trucking with an ELD. Of those respondents, 80 percent had more than 20 years of experience in trucking, and nearly 60 percent had more than 30 years.

ELD Response chart

The simple need for income isn’t the only factor weighing against a huge exodus of haulers over ELDs, however. A common refrain among drivers and owners who’ve made the switch to e-logs is actually one of surprised positivity.

St. Louis-based Artur Express’ first experience with ELDs came when the operation transitioned in June to recruiting owner-operators to run under the fleet’s authority rather than their own. Today, of a total 300-plus-truck capacity pulling the company’s trailers, about 20 units run with ELDs. Todd Walthall, recruiting manager, says though some drivers do hang up at the very mention of e-logs, “We’re not losing a lot of prospective owner-operators because of it. With everybody around the industry coming to a conclusion that [the mandate] is coming, I think there is a bit of an acceptance of it.” Drivers 40 and under, he adds, “are more accepting.”

Others are more than just accepting: “I have had people mention to me that they don’t know how they’ve gotten along without them” after making an initially reluctant transition, Walthall says.

Amen has “witnessed ELDs firsthand in a truck with a driver on a multiday trip,” he says. “It is not a big deal if the driver doesn’t make it a big deal. It takes much of the guesswork and burden [of computing hours] away. In fact, I believe for a fleet, it gives them a huge advantage to better plan and help independent contractors to be more productive.”


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Among small fleets that have transitioned to ELDs is Hartsville, Tenn.-based Old Time Express. Old Time adopted the devices in spring 2013 to satisfy FMCSA’s Tennessee division after an audit garnered the fleet its first-ever Conditional safety rating, mainly due to hours of service problems.

Old Time part-owner and -operator Mark White says the Omnitracs ELD system the company installed has defied conventional wisdom that ELDs do nothing but reduce hours flexibility and create an unmanageable situation for many drivers with increased pressure to run when tired. On the contrary, says White, “They’re not the end of the world. You can actually make it work better for you.”

The switch also forced operational changes, notably shifting more work to dispatch. “There’s a lot more relaying loads you’ve wouldn’t have before,” White says. “We always try to book ahead, to keep the driver aware of which load he’s on and is going to be on, so that he can plan today for tomorrow.”

As White sees it, the added dispatch workload actually took pressure off of drivers to make up for dispatch mistakes. “A small carrier should jump into it with both feet,” he says of ELDs, particularly when combined with sophisticated fleet-management functionality to refine back-office dispatch.

ELD trucking alternatives poll


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Not everyone agrees. They attribute what they see as a growing culture of unsafe on-highway behavior to pressure-cooker dynamics at carriers running electronic logs. “All they are doing is creating more aggressive drivers,” wrote Ken Hunzeker in commentary under an OverdriveOnline.com story about the ELD mandate proposal. “All you have to do is watch the trucks, and you can about guess by the way they are being driven what trucks have e-logs and what trucks have paper logs.”

Independent owner-operator Brad Lambert witnesses the same: “I constantly see them tailgating to try and pass, tearing through work zones, and I agree the aggressiveness will only become worse as they try to tear down the road to make up more time.”

Access to the kinds of tools that enable efficient, improved dispatch to combat such dynamics can be expensive. Old Time spent $20,000 for the hardware and software in its 20-truck fleet, and $40 per unit/month airtime subscriptions are ongoing costs. Less-expensive options for basic logs/driver vehicle inspection report functionality, as well as dispatch capability, are available.

It’s expected that costs will continue to fall with technological advancement and proliferation of ELDs. 

“For us, we give away the hardware,” providing a connection to the truck’s electronic control module and charging only the subscription/service fee, says Ryan Barnett of XRS. “You do see some [logging] apps out there free for drivers” today, he adds. However, such software-only packages are today not capable of doing the work the ELD mandate will require of the devices.


KeepTruckin plans to offer free ELD to its pre-mandate e-logbook users

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One, however, KeepTruckin, as this report was being prepared made news with a plan to offer an entirely free ELD to users of its e-logbook. The company also offers a web-based dispatching platform free to fleets. 

Considering the entire trucking landscape, says Amen, “I don’t think [ELDs] will be a sea change for our industry.” Most truckers will adapt “like they do to all change in our business. I think small fleets will find a way to do the same thing most of the big ones have already done.” 

  • brahuro

    Right on I have used both paper and elogs what people don’t understand is that the brokers r the one causing the problems they have cheap freight that they need it some where the next day 800 miles. So u get these renegade company’s that run paper logs that do it and then they get caught and put out of service and that reflexes on every one in a truck ya we got I do it drivers no question. I’m getting my authority and running my own loads and ya I’m going to use elogs. So all the guys that want to give up over it go ahead more money for me I will b laughing All the way to the bank!!!!

  • Yowr Mom

    I was going to be a truck driver, I decided to finish high school instead.

  • Yowr Mom

    So tell everyone how to cheat an electronic log then… I’ll wait.

  • Mike Smith

    As i said you would let the government run over you. Stopping a Truck/vehicle without cause is a violation of our freedom of movement. Piss tests are another violation of our rights. But you just buy into it as if it is acceptable. .
    Why you aren’t able to understand this is incredible. But your not the only one.

  • Yowr Mom

    So according to you, truckers should be able to drive how ever long they like and take whatever drugs so they can drive for however long they like. No wonder the Gov’t is getting involved. It is because of truckers like you.

  • Rob G

    This is exactly what the people pushing this rule are hoping for. The ATA and some lobby groups mostly funded by railroads, have been beating this drum for a long time. The only ones who stand to gain are the ATA affiliated companies and rail.

    Iam leased to a division of a large carrier, we use e-logs, the day after this was announced a fleetwide message from the operations VP came thru. It when on at length to say how great this was for THEM and that this will finally “level the playing field”. They are salivating because they know as independents drop off, they gain market share.

  • s


  • t


  • y


  • p


  • MercenaryMan

    Your avatar shows your IQ level….you been drivin for the compnay in the company rig, never bought a truck and now you shoot your mouth off like some old hand with a million mile butt, When they have ELOGS and Camera in your face, speed limiters you can whine to somebody who gives a Poo cuz the Real Drivers here have had it with SAFETY being shoved down our throats because of guys like you who park on the fule Island and shower your Lumpy a$$…Grow up and understand this affects you too, and believe me the day will come youll say WHAT I HAVE TO HAVE AN ANAL PROBE WHILE DRIVING….

  • MercenaryMan

    Emergency Room doctors work Longer shifts then Us and last I looked they have the Power of Life and Death, not delivering freight….check the statistics, its not about Safety its about Surveillance…

  • MercenaryMan

    Well Said, In the name of Safety men are killing themselves to keep a standard of living thats slipping away…

  • Cali

    They claim that we have a driver/truck shortage now. And will get worse with ELDs. Looks like all the loads are getting hauled now. If we had a shortage, the rates would be going up. Supply and demand theory. Look at Califoronia CARB. Imposing new upgrades for everyone, the rates have not increased, only costs, loads still getting covered. NO DRIVER/TRUCK SHORTAGE.
    Everybody claims they will leave, no body does. Same story when they deregulated.

  • ryan

    Anyone that has a profile picture with a middle finger, and the words yowr mom after that doesn’t have an opinion that’s worth discussing anyway I mean really are you that in mature , as for the Elogs they should be used against company’s that have a unsatisfactory safety rating or a conditional rating and company’s that chose to run them. If you have a good safety rating and are not being put out of service every other day for log violations then what is the big issue of running paper logs, they just want to control everyone and help make the big company’s bigger and run the smaller company’s out of business, between elogs and the new healthcare laws they are doing a good job at that.

  • jojo

    that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
    Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address

    The Safety Alliances and the ATA are demanding that the FMCSA control US as if WE Were ALL Irresponsible and Dangerous!

    How can We Drivers Blame the government when WE are not telling Our elected officials of the Hazards and Conditions We face daily?

    A registered Voter has The Power to hire and fire those who work for US!

    ELD’s, Speed Limiters, Unrealistic H.O.S., Unjust CSA rules, Parking Shortages and Low Drivers Wages affect Us All and need to be realistically addressed

    Three Ways to Send a Message
    1. Inform your Carrier that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7. By doing this, You have just told your carrier, the ATA and the shippers/receivers that things need to Change.
    2. You, Your Family and Friends NEED to Call your elected officials in DC. Inform them of your issues at 202-224-3121. It’s EASY and Fast!
    3. Go Home To VOTE! Federal Election Day is11/4/14.
    As for ME, I’m Going Home 10/31 thru 11/7.


  • jojo

    There are laws in place that prohibit these type of organizations from interfering with interstate commerce.
    The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 is the law that I keep getting referred to.

    This is all over my head. I only know that I as an individual can say and do things that organizations can’t say or do.
    Each and everyone of us has the right to vote. As an OTR Driver I have to be at home to do so.
    Pat Hockaday

  • jojo

    You obviously no nothing about Pride, Dignity or Self Respect.
    You have to rely on contracts and attorneys because your word is worthless.
    Many have Died so that you could have the rights and freedoms that YOU PISS ON.
    A mans word is all he’s got and the likes of you will never understand this concept.
    You don’t believe in yourself and so you think others are to be used advancing yourself.
    I’ve learned that a liar is a thief and a thief believes everyone is a thief!
    Patrick B. Hockaday

  • Dmonkey

    To mom

    Did you not read this article the small fleet has increased its repowering. So as a driver you run out of hours. Company repowers your load which decreased your miles and payroll. So newbie keep working for swift because no one will be able to go into trucking business for themselves. I thought we americans defeated communism back when we killed hitler in germany.Everyone can give a huge thanks to the lab rats at werner for this eld regulations.The big companys eliminates their competitors by bs regulations.
    Forcing every driver to be OTR more and make way less.

  • Thomas Duncan

    Heck you can train a damned monkey to drive a truck!Drivers(employed homeless people )are plentiful that is what all this crap is about.An endless supply of cheap labor!What the shortage is is Truckers.Truckers(people who are dedicated to the life
    and knowing their equipment,working men and women) are and have been exiting this business every year because of this never ending HARRASSMENT.

  • Yowr Mom

    Wow, relating soldiers sacrifice to this great country and ELD’s is a bit of a stretch don’t you think? I did serve this in this Great Country’s military, which has nothing to do with ELD’s. Now, fuck off.

  • semper fi

    @Steve. You are right in one respect; we are loosing our freedom a little at a time — due to the individuals elected to serve (sic) us. E-logs have nothing to due with your rights. Being a professional driver is a privilage which can be regulated at the will of the government. Speed limiters will be mandated in the next few years, its a fact, nothing you can do. Its about money, not your rights. They have it, you dont. I love driving, have my own authority and have never made this much money in my life. As a U.S. Marine I was shot twice; most of you have no idea what a bad day really is. Dont like it – buy your own truck – get your own authority – do it your way. I did so there is no excuse why you cant.

  • Steve

    Yes, there is something we can do about it! The question is, how many will actually make the time to call and write?
    You can contact
    your U.S. House Member and two U.S. Senators through the U.S. Capitol
    switchboard at (202) 224-3121; simply provide the operator with your
    home zip code and they will connect you.

    And here is the link so you can post your comments in the federal register.

    So now, my challenge to you is, Will you take 5 minutes out of your day to post your comments? Another 30 minutes to call your congressman and two senators?

    I applaud your service, even though I’m a Squid and your just a grunt. But now that we’re out, the way we fight for our country is through our words, in letters, phone calls and comments.

    I’ve posted mine.

    And yes, I have my authority as well. I know my position in the transaction, know the load to truck ratio, and when I quote my rate, they either pay it or keep looking. They don’t call posted trucks until they are desperate for a truck. If they had the trucks that “move it for that all the time” they wouldn’t be calling posted trucks! Yes, 4 hang up and keep looking, but I only need one load, they need many trucks. Many times they call back an hour later to see if “is that truck still available?”
    Use that to your advantage and you will add .50 cpm to your revenue.


    Everybody arguing back in forth i run 2000 a week have my own authority and do it legal.I paid for my truck and trailer not the goverment last time i looked i also pay taxes.The ELD should be for the companys who have bad scores. The big companys want them so when there trucks are left they can find them. O ye lets talk saftey 34 restart two days between 1and 5 am. but this will make driveres who cant run these times run anyway all in the name of saftey. Bottom line its all about money WHEN THE GOVERMENT CAN BALANCE THERE CHECK BOOK EVERYWEEK LIKE I DO THEN I WILL LISTEN. MY POINT IF YOU WANT TO ELDS THEN DO SO I DONT.

  • Little to late

    Yes, I run about 2,100 to 2,900 miles week on ELD’s take home pay after expenses 2,400. To. 3,200 a week.
    It can be done, but one size for all is not going to work in this Industry on ELD’s. we need flex ability.

  • Eagle7447

    Thinking about the economy and truck sales consider this.
    I have been in trucking in one form or another since 1972, I purchased a new trailer two years ago and planned to purchase a new truck this year, however due to the political climate and ever changing rules and regs. I have decided not to purchase that truck.
    Now granted I’m only one man and one truck but I just wonder how many people out there have postponed or simply decided not to buy that truck.
    Another option was to rebuild the engine in my truck at a cost of $18000.00, now I’m just going to run it until it dies and sell the trailer.
    I run an E-log on my lap top but when on board recorders come into play…….I’m out of here!

  • Yowr Mom

    You can make just as much money and run just as many miles on ELD’s.

  • Yowr Mom

    How does elogs run the smaller guy out?

  • Spence

    Good point. I have a 1986 Peterbilt 359 with a 400 Cat motor and a 13 speed. Not the fastest and most powerful truck on the road but it works and gets the job done beside the fact that it’s probably in a lot better shape than a lot of the trucks that are 20 years newer. I figure it would probably cost me about $80,000 to buy a newer one that’s in as good of shape. I’m like you, with the economy and political climate, rules and regulation changes all the time, and what they’re doing in California with all the emissions laws and retrofits that don’t work that well, I have a hard time getting enthused about wanting to buy a newer truck. My current truck is paid for and I’m happy with it and want to keep it. I also worry that I won’t be able to run a truck as old as mine. I know that EOBR’s or ELD’s have been around for several years and I personally don’t see anything wrong or have a problem one with ELD’s but I don’t like the idea of being forced to buy one when I don’t need one or want one. My truck is basically a farm truck that I might only use 3 or 4 months out of the year. I stay fairly close to home and only go outside the 100 mile radius occasionally so I don’t think an ELD is a good investment for me. I just worry that I will be forced to buy one when I really don’t need it. It would be an expensive waste of money in my opinion. This game of life in general is not a one size fits all. I just wish the government could figure that out. I hope whatever you end up doing works out for you and good luck to ya.

  • Mike Smith

    “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    “Pursuit of happiness”, is defined as ability to work.

    “Only your ability to work the way you want to in the field you want to”, as stated by yourself.

  • FoxStar

    When your Pursuit of Happiness infringes the rights of others, e.g. driving excessive hours, putting others at risk, the government has the right to make laws and regulate that from happening.

    The nineth amendment isn’t just protecting you from the govrement, it protects you from everyone.

  • FoxStar

    It’s about right. New truck payments are around $800/week.

    It excites me that all the old timers will leave when eLogs come.

    Nice to know I’ll enjoy 30 years without them, picking up the freight they leave behind.

    Ultimately, I’d like to start a business with automated trucks and put the rest of them out of work. A nit of a dream of mine. Hopefully I’ll be able to act on it.

  • FoxStar

    ELogs aren’t killing this business, people like you are. Set in your old ways.


    Man you are one nasty person finish school i hate to tell you it didnt hrlp you.

  • Skywalker

    Most O/O and drivers today are stupid and naïve We are our own worst enemy. This article says 70% will quit or retire, I think the number will be way lower than that. The one thing I see is that driver do not stick together. If uncle Sam wants something the American truck driver will bend over and take it and say thank you. And what ever the American Trucking Association (Nothing more that a unrecognized branch of the U.S. Government) says do the opposite because what ever they do is never in favor of the American Trucker. I don’t know why I am commenting on this, I will be part of that 70% way before ELD’s are mandated not because I am afraid of the but because have seen year after year steady decline in the business and I refuse to be part of it much longer. I have been an Independent for more that 20 years and I made a nice living and I refuse to give what I made back. Any of you dumb bastards want to comment on this be my guest, I really don’t care what you think. If you have a problem with what I said the truth must hurt.

  • norman ott

    Another sheep led around by it’s nose . I

  • Yowr Mom

    Wow, you are real smart. Where did you go to school. Better stay in that truck.

  • Yowr Mom

    School didn’t help you either dummy. Better stay in that truck.

  • Spence

    Well said “Skywalker”.

  • Wideload

    What kills me about these folks who chastise the so called old timers have no clue that what they are supporting is wholesale removal of our freedoms as Americans to travel at our own leisure. How sad is it that these folks have not been taught what the Constitution is all about and how easily society can be brainwashed into believing that the all powerful Federal government can solve your problems and has all the answers. If you do not believe me, talk to a pre-world war 2 German. Or better yet, go visit the mass graves in Europe and ask them their opinion.

  • Rick Ski

    You sound like some of these guys who just wait for company workers to go on strike, so you can work instead of them. How we call people like you? ..Leaches, a…holes etc..And talking about $800 for a truck payment.haha. I guess math is not your strongest subject. 130K divided by $800=162.5 months=13.5 years. That’s without interest. If you add interest you will be paying for this truck for 20 years..Good luck with your super business plan.lol

  • jose

    good luck driver is time to quit I have been 12 years driving, good record, no accidents but enough is enough

  • g

    Yep “Pressure Cooker”..with the 14rule and ELD….it is STRESS FILLED.
    Always conscious of TIME!!! Racing to beat the clock.

  • g

    They are building the NEW TRUCKING…we will all be like UPS DRIVERS….without the pay of course……everything we do will be MONITORED by COPS, Big Business, and Insurance Companies. The technology is AVAILABLE and WILL BE used to make your life a LIVING HELL of Devices observing your every move…….Human Robots obeying, complying,conforming to the WILL of Mega Businessmen!!!!!! Get USED to it or retire….the good days are OVER….face it.

  • g

    This Electo Monitoring is here to STAY. Face it. It stands to reason from the perspective of business tycoons….they need to KNOW exactly what is happening with the truck and the freight…..Cameras, Speed Limiters, Electro Logs…..makes Sense to the Shippers, Mega Fleets, all the people that LOBBY in Washington every single day. Look forward to MORE devices in cab to gawk at You. Every single movement MUST be accounted for in the mind of the Business Tycoon…we can OBJECT..but it will do no good…..Uniform Robots performing EXACTLY like UPS or FED EX…..TOTAL CONTROL of Obediant Robotons from coast to coast is what they WANT and DEMAND….nothing personal…its just business. Cops LOVE IT….they can abuse YOU till they are satisfied..and YOU cant do a damn thing and they KNOW it. All YOU need to do is OBEY!!!!!!

  • Spence

    You and sound like some “cool in school football jock” that thinks you know it all, has graduated from college with a degree, and now you have to actually go to work, but can’t figure out how. Most of the comments pertaining to this article are written by frustrated hardworking folks out there busting their butts, trying to make a decent living doing an occupation that is slowly but surely getting strangled by socialist raised bureaucrats working for the government receiving a government check. And it’s not just the trucking industry that’s slowly getting strangled, but many others as well. Most of these good folks are probably like me. They’re having a hard time trying to decide whether to stick it out and keep going or just hang it up and forget about it all together, because they’re sick and tired of caving in to more new rules and regulations that are slowly getting worse all the time. Yet the only thing you can do is reply to everyone else’s comment by making some “immature, rude, childish, smart assy, arrogant, snide remark” about this or that and how much better and smart you are. I think I will just quit and hang it up while I’m still ahead. Hopefully I can find something else that works better for me, because it sure as hell isn’t the trucking business. My truck and trailers are paid for and in good mechanical shape too. For now I think I’ll just kick back and relax, roll the old truck out of shed every now and then, wash the dust off of it, stand there and stare at it, admire it, maybe enjoy a nice cold beer, and then put the truck back in the shed until next time. I know, you probably think your smart, witty, being funny, and think it’s cute. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t see anything funny about it. I’ve been around guys like you that think they’re smart, think know it all, and act they’re God’s gift to this earth. My dad once told me about guys like you. “Lend em enough rope and eventually they will hang themselves”. What I’ve said probably won’t make a difference anyway and I suppose you’ll probably reply back to me with some other smart assy, snide remark, but to tell you the truth, I couldn’t care less !!! For once in your life why don’t you just SHUT THE HELL UP and listen, you just might learn something !!! Do me and everyone else who has commented about these issues a nice favor, like go back to HELL or wherever it is you came from. Oh and one more thing. It’s quite obvious there are two things” Your Mom” didn’t teach you. “If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all” and “Mind your own business”. You ought to try those sometime. I think you will find that the results are quite rewarding !!! Now if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got to get up and go to the bathroom, give birth to another government bureaucrat, wash my hands after that, and then go enjoy a nice prime rib dinner with salad, potatoes, and desert that “My Mom” fixed. After all, it’s Easter Sunday.

  • Spence

    I forgot one other thing. After dinner I think I’ll kick back in the recliner and take a nice afternoon nap. Sweet Dreams.

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  • just an old timer

    I don’t usually read these things, but it sounds like the same old complaining that I’ve heard in truckstops for the 46 years I’ve been driving trucks.What happened to the “gentlemen” of the road that used to be out here, professionals who never resorted to name calling, and respected everyone?
    That’s the sad part of all this – what’s happened to US, not everyone else.

  • shadow hauling

    yowr mom is showing his IQ in the picture to start with and if you are trying to spell YOUR it shows even more of your ignorance. It’s apparent you couldn’t or can’t run your own company so go back to the DOT and leave is truck drivers alone

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