Logging device mandate could come in 2016, outlines hardware spec’s, harassment provisions

| March 13, 2014

The new electronic logging rule includes provisions intended to prevent driver harassment involving the devices.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced March 12 a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to mandate electronic logging devices.

The rule’s effective date and publication date in the Federal Register still are unknown, but it’s likely the rule will go into effect in late 2016. The  proposal says it will go into effect two years after the final rule is issued, presumably later this year.


New rule includes 8 ways to help prevent e-log harassment

FMCSA outlines eight proposed provisions to attempt to prevent driver harassment with ELDs. Congress and the courts directed FMCSA to include safeguards against driver harassment ...

The American Trucking Associations welcomed the proposal. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association expressed doubt about its ability to satisfy MAP-21 requirements and said it will closely study the proposed rule.

The rule consists of four parts:  (1) The requirement to use ELDs, (2) Protections against driver harassment (3) Hardware specifications for the devices and (4) the hours of service-related supporting documents drivers must continue to carry after the mandate.

Here’s a breakdown of each component:

Mandating ELDs

The mandate will apply to all drivers who are currently required to keep paper records of duty status. Drivers who are required to keep records of duty status in eight or more days out of every 30 days must use an ELD, replacing the 2011 rule’s requirement that drivers who keep records of duty status two or more days out of every seven use a logging device.


Early adopters: Getting ahead of the ELD mandate

Most owner-operators still oppose an ELD mandate as the final rule gets closer. Yet some independents see benefits in trying out new technology to adjust ...

Carriers and drivers would not be required to install or use a logging device until two years after the effective date of the final rule. Carriers who used what the agency calls “automatic onboard recording devices” prior to the ELD mandate, however, have two more years on top of that to comply.


Driver harassment by way of e-logs was the key factor that caused a court to throw out the last ELD mandate.  The new ELD rule includes provisions to prevent driver harassment involving the devices.

According to the rule, the agency says its two “primary focuses” relative to driver harassment were pressures on drivers to exceed hours of service limits and “inappropriate communications that affect drivers’ rest periods.”

Proposed safeguards against harassment in the new rule include expanded drivers’ access to records, explicit wording about carriers harassing drivers, implementing a complaint procedure, stiffening penalties for those who do harass drivers, “edit rights” for drivers, limitations on location tracking, mute functionality for the devices and preserving driver confidentiality in enforcement proceedings.

See an extended story on the rule’s harassment safeguards Friday, March 14.

Hardware specifications

The devices required by the new rule are more technologically advanced than those required by the April 2010 rule, FMCSA says.

The new rule requires ELDs to be integrated with the truck’s engine and to use location information. They also must be tamper-resistant. The devices will track the truck’s movement but can allow for annotations by both drivers and carriers “to explain or correct records,” the rule says.

FMCSA is developing with states software to be able to receive, analyze and display data from ELDs so that roadside officers can use the information, according to the rule.

ELDs, as opposed to their EOBR and AOBRD  (electronic onboard recorder and automatic onboard recording device) predecessors, sync with a truck’s engine to capture power status, motion status, miles driven and engine hours, FMCSA says. They also automatically enter changes of duty status, 60-minute intervals while the truck’s moving and engine-on and engine-off instances, according to the rule.

The rule also stipulates that the ELDs “present a graph grid of a driver’s daily duty status changes either” on the units themselves or in printouts.

The rule also stipulates the connectivity methods, which include Bluetooth 2.1, email, USB 2.0 and more.

Supporting documents

Carriers and drivers will still be required to maintain documentation that verifies drivers’ hours of service records. “Supporting documents” can refer to either paper or electronic documents.

Documents verifying driving time would not need to be kept, FMCSA says, but ones that verify periods of drivers’ on-duty not driving time must be maintained.

For every 24-hour period the driver is on duty, carriers must maintain no more than 10 supporting documents from either of these categories (1) bills of lading, itineraries, schedules or other documents that show trip origin and destination, (2) dispatch records, trip records or similar documents (3) expense receipts, (4) electronic mobile communication records sent through fleet management systems or (5) payroll records, settlement sheets or similar documents that show what and how a driver was paid.


The Supplement Notice of Proposed Rulemaking follows an FMCSA rule from April 2010 that mandates the use of EOBRs. That entire rule, however, was vacated in August 2011 by a federal court.

The annualized cost of compliance for the new rule will be between $165 and $832 per truck, according to the rule.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said it knows of no device that can automatically record a driver’s duty status, which is what OOIDA says Congress required in MAP-21.

“We will examine the proposal in detail to see how the agency has attempted to meet these requirements, especially considering that an important study on the harassment issue is still listed as ‘ongoing’ on the FMCSA website,” says OOIDA’s statement. “Further, the issue of cost to truckers and what specific technical requirements are called for, especially when FMCSA has yet to show any direct safety benefit between ELD/EOBR use and reduced crashes, will be a critical focus of our review of the proposal.  This is the first stage in the regulatory process for the agency’s latest attempt to craft a rule on this topic, and OOIDA and small business truckers will certainly be weighing in and providing comments.”

The American Trucking Associations said it “welcomes” the mandate. “ATA supports FMCSA’s efforts to mandate these devices in commercial vehicles as a way to improve safety and compliance in the trucking industry and to level the playing field with thousands for fleets that have already voluntarily moved to this technology,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves.

ATA was one a key proponent in pushing for the ELD mandate’s inclusion in the 2012 MAP-21 highway funding act.

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  • jojo

    Mathematically there are many ways to address Co OTR Drivers Wages.
    I can justify that if a Co OTR Driver is being paid less than $1,218.00 for a week (168hrs) spent away from home any where USA under the direction of the employing co, or the employing companies subsidiaries, that Co OTR driver is not being paid Minimum Wage.
    It is easy to say “shut em down”.
    The reality is, We need an issue that most all Drivers and the public can stand behind.
    An OO or Co Driver should be able to do it Legally if they were being paid to do so.

  • barbara jones

    if they pass the electronic log law what happens to a company when they go and change the logs to suit them when a driver is out of time and they want the load there now?

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Yes and No the game has changed again Like I have said under the new HOS rules and re-set and WE ALL very are concerned about safely and driver’s well rested (right!?) at HOME not anywhere in America at the truck stops those days are going, going, gone. Like I said Everyone is in agreement Congress, ATA, etc. great trucking companies must now route everyone HOME by 7pm on Friday NO EXCEPTIONS the workweek will resume on Monday morning at 7am when we are done resting in our own beds. Yes, we get paid the at a minimum of appx your $1,218 for a 40-50 hour workweek described above. The ATA with all their hot NYC attorneys should readily make this happen otherwise I am not impressed sorry. . . . . . . .

  • USMC 69-75

    True Del! But the Union drivers joined the fight after the fact….fact is there is strength in numbers, but not in whining. I wouldn’t join a union, don’t need to join a union, and don’t haul cheap freight!
    Can’t blame the higher ups of the companies for making jobs, that is sounding like the barry entitlements, spread the wealth. We need to VOTE yes, but also let these morons know we are tired of their dictatorship, and park our trucks, company and all.

  • USMC 69-75

    Jimmy, It’s not a matter of ” riding around in a big circle jerk” but there is strength in numbers and we need to get united and park the trucks and FORCE a shut down. At least there was an honest attempt, and if we had more trucks, God only knows! But as long as there are spinless whinners out there nothing will get done. If anybody is relying on OOIDA, ATA, or any other stupid acronym to stand up for you….you are sadly mistaken. Stand up and be heard, or bend over and stick you head in the sand! Your dictator will be by to take your temp shortly………

  • USMC 69-75

    I agree whole heartily David!

  • USMC 69-75
  • William Henry Bowen

    jojo, a VERY good point. The “other ATA” (Airline Transport Association) has the FAA as its puppet. The Part 121 carriers (the big scheduled airlines) own the FAA.

  • John Smith

    America is slowly turn into a communism country only these country is past laws like this.

  • Rick

    I am proposing to all truckers to strike and let them that making those shit up laws do the job. This country is getting worst with greed. God don’t like ugly.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Ole timer, I agree with you I was not in trucking when it had anything to do with Unions sorry can’t speak to that time period. But currently, You have received, read, and heard it all the comments take those multiply it out to get a feeling for our rank and file or the strength of our numbers. What is your conclusion to me they love to complain about the Mexicans (No.1), DOT, Brokers, ATA, HOS rules, brakes blah, blah, blah. I have said the same thing the question in my mind can these guys be saved without a Union?????

  • wildstealth

    I think that the government needs to get off the truckers asses and start creating laws to mandate noncommercial vehicles. Just yesterday I saw a pickup that had 2 tires with cords broken a broken tail light and two other lights that didn’t work. The trooper was following him and decided to turn around to pull a semi over that wasn’t doing anything wrong. They think that they are trying to make the roads safer then they need to start looking in the right direction and leave truckers alone. I am a short hauler that doesn’t have to use a logbook just a time sheet. But I run my truck out of the milage sometimes 3-4 time a month and then the next month it could be 8-9. I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend the money on the stupid recorder just so they can spy on me and my truck.

  • jojo

    If I read this right, in two years I will have a Letter of The Law unit and the ATA companies will be able to keep the non letter of the law units until four years. That gives them two additional years of fudging the books.
    It is the ATA companies push for production starting 25 yrs back that has brought this on us. Ever since qualcomms have been in trucks these companies had the ability to match GPS location with log book location. They could have straightened the Drivers out then and saved a lot of money in fines. Three years ago some were still not doing this. Why? Production.
    For years the Drivers have been under paid while they were sticking their necks out to make them money. What has it gotten us? ELD’s and Speed Limiters!
    We need to do something about drivers pay!

  • USMC 69-75

    How in the heck can you even come to that conclusion…..sounds like obummer math to me or Common Core, one in the same. You actualkly think that driver should be paid to sleep, shower, take a dump etc.etc.etc…..You chose to drive a truck, don’t expect to be paid 24/7…..your living in fantasy land, can’t and won’t happen.

    Suggest you you go Mac D’s and flip burgers, if you want to be paid what your worth. I run under my own authority, and I can’t pay myself 24/7….and I don’t haul freight, or for brokers. That is nothing but “entitlement” mentality!
    I guess the Union Stuarts / “babysitters” can get you paid 24/7…..”NOT”

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I vote every time ! here in texas our votes are cast on voting mechines that that spit out no hard copy of the vote that can be checked after it is all electronic . A sedition is a good thing ! Texas needs to get out of the sorry ass union ASAP

  • Jimmy the Greek

    As long as you are just driving a truck your are not , it’s the zionest in washington that got to go !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    No i pay my own doctor bills out of pocket ! What is needed is a system with no Insurance Co,s like it is in Europe .

  • Coffeeclue

    Zionists are people who believe that Jews should live in Israel. What does this have to do with trucking regulations in US? Are you sure you’re not confusing Zionists with Masons?

  • Spence

    They can take their ELD’s and shove em up their A-S-S !!! I’m not putting one in my truck, not on their f—in life !!!

  • saddlesore

    You actually believe that the companies care if you are HOME for a reset? BS You will sit wherever you happen to be!

  • Del Ray Johnson

    @Saddlescore, Jojo is counting up 168 hours, you mentioned in your comments “safety” Jimmy the Greek is the Greek on these posts my comments are very simple. The “opinion” about a “concern” about “safety” is just that you know what people say about an “opinion” so here you go my opinion: TRUCKING COMPANIES ARE MANDATED BY LAW SINCE THE NEW HOS RULES ARE ALL ABOUT SAFETY TO MAKE SURE ALL DRIVER’S ARE AT HOME BY 7PM FRIDAY NIGHT NO EXCEPTIONS! THE REASONS ARE FOR THE PURPOSE OF “SAFETY” PEOPLE RE-SET, SIT, SAT, S(H)IT, SITTING on their on couch AT HOME not a truck stop. And for the guys who can’t understand this 40hr workweek for $1218 but just love life on the road as Jimmy said driving in a #@$%!# big circle after 7pm on Friday nite any and all rigs on the road during the weekends will be ticketed and towed at the expense of the trucking company. Now do I sound like a guy is sitting anywhere. Be safe. . . . . . . .

  • jojo

    Briefly, as I’m slamming miles right now.
    The degree of accuracy one hopes to achieve must be determined by setting a mathmatical limit.
    Paper log books are in 15min increments. E-logs are in 1min increments.
    As a sole proprieter, I can evaluate my earnings many different ways.
    I can say that I made 60k a year, 5k a month, $1,154.00 a week or $164.38 a day.
    Wait a minute, I was at home 34 days last year. Recalculate.
    The IRS wil not let me claim per diem on days that I am at home, therefore every minute that I am anywhere USA in an effort to earn a living, I AM AT WORK!

  • Scott T Nixon

    One of the primary benefits of ELD’s is to enable fleets to monitor their trucks — how a driving is driving the equipment, time and hours driving, location of truck, communication and dispatch, etc.
    However, the independent owner-operator derives no benefit from any of these enhanced features of ELD’s since he/she is already in the cab of the truck and can already monitor his/her truck from behind the steering wheel. He/she has no fleet to monitor and no need to communicate with dispatch.
    The result is a competitive advantage for the larger fleets over the single owner-operator resulting from this ELD mandate, something the federal government should not be doing as the Justice Department should be enhancing competition, not inhibiting it. Further, as OOIDA has shown, there is also no added safety benefit from the ELD mandate as no studies to date have shown an improved safety record on the part of those companies that have been using ELD’s to date over those that have not.

  • USMC 69-75

    Shows how much you know about politics, and finance…..Here’s your sign!

  • USMC 69-75

    Specific? Just asking that question shows why you were called an idiot! How much more specific do you need….My God you’d better wake up and put the kool-aide down, before it’s to late for you!

  • USMC 69-75

    Two things…..first your slamming miles while your posting? I hope not!
    Secondly, please define “sole
    proprietor”. Are you running under a lease, running under your own authority, but through brokers, or running under your own authority for the shippers or receivers? There are lot’s of ways to operate, but the best way is to not haul cheap freight. But as long as people do, then there will be no need to keep beating this dead horse. E logs suck end of story, I’ll do a paper log in my computer program any-day, but I don’t need big brother scrutinizing me via my truck. Talk about giving up freedoms, and slave labor.
    What I make a year, verse what I claim are two entirely different beast. One is business the other personal, have a good CPA or accountant and your golden. I don’t need or want big bro to “DICTATE” what I make or how I run my truck, at my age I gave up baby-sitters years ago……unless she’s cute and single. Run how you want, and bent the paper the way you want…..but having a truck say it’s time to shut down, while I’m in the middle of rush hour traffic crossing the GW or some other insane location…..no thank you.
    You chose to drive a truck, so if your a lease or company driver ( sorry but one in the same, just the company doesn’t have to worry about maintenance or tags), the company isn’t going to pay you 24/7….that’s entitlement, expecting it is nothing short of stupid…..O/O with your own authority, pay yourself 24/7 you control your own destiny. So the money isn’t the issue, it’s big bro taking away your right to control your own destiny.

  • guest

    ATA is a Joke…a Shill for corporate Money. They would approve a law all truck drivers should lick the butt of every Cop they encounter…its all in the interest of Safety of course……lol

  • USMC 69-75

    You either control your own destiny, or your a slave to the company? your choice, I don’t believe they have gotten to where a gun is pointed at your head , saying drive or die…..yet!
    I have yet had any company when I was a company driver or a lease operator, TELL me what to do…..I made that clear from jump street, or I would go looking for a real driving job.

  • USMC 69-75

    They’ll just put it on the driver that doesn’t have the gonads to say no, and then write him/or up for a log violation, unless of course the truck shuts down, then they’ll have to have a second power unit standing by somewhere close. Either way it’s getting way out of hand!

  • Spence

    Your right on Scott. It’s not that these devices are bad or evil but being an owner operator myself I see no benefit to having one these ELD’s. All it is, is another added expense to me that I don’t need. I only have one truck and don’t want another one either and I certainly don’t want a whole fleet of trucks, plus have to worry about drivers and if you’re going to have more than one truck, you might as well forget driving yourself. That’s how I look at it.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Jojo is like most drivers spending too much time on the road “slamming” miles and time is money. But we need to make this discussion for the greater good moving the industry to a higher level. So to repeat what you have said over and over NO CHEAP FREIGHT! Jojo not me so do not attack me said and needs to justify 1) Jojo said Co OTR earns weekly appx $1218/168hrs=$7.25 yet Obama is raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 please be advised that drivers are EXCLUDED from the federal and state minimum wage laws because the gov’t wanted to NOT encourage OT or slamming miles (hold that thought); 2) Jojo makes weekly $1154/168=$6.87 since he only went home for 34days we are going to assume OTR for the 168hrs as an O/O he made less per hour than a company driver so turn in your keys please! Again my plan in the interest of “safety” once again I agree with gov’t, ATA, DOT, California, etc. no OT meaning all drivers are at HOME every Friday by 7pm NO EXCEPTIONS making the SAME money $1218/40hrs =$30.45!

  • Coffeeclue

    Keep calling me names, but again no logic. You only prove my point.

  • Coffeeclue

    In other words you want higher taxes and free healthcare. Yes, I would agree with that too, but people don’t like the words higher taxes, so this won’t happen. As far as paying your own medical bills, what will happen when you end up in a hospital and rake up $500k or so in expenses? I don’t think you will be able to afford this on a truck driver’s salary, so you will make the taxpayer pay for it because American taxpayer won’t just let you die. Obamacare makes sure that you pay your own expenses. Isn’t this as conservative as it gets?

  • Coffeeclue

    Sounds like you’re a white supremacist. It’s ok, America is a free country. I would, however, pay more attention to a Harvard Law professor than to garbage like you.

  • jojo

    Briefly,slamming miles, using every minute available to run. 900+ mile 24hr periods LEGAL. I don’t text and drive.
    I to use a computer for logging. I start my book when loaded, end it when empty. I therefore live at shippers and receivers to eliminate having to burn up hours unnecessarily.
    I do not start my book until I leave the dock. this box will have me starting my book when I leave the parking space going to the dock. Officially I,ll be working while not being paid. I’m paid to haul the load, not to sit while its being loaded or unloaded. My job starts when I leave and ends when I pull in the gate.
    I pull their trailer and haul their goods.
    I averaged $1.76cpmfor every mile traveled last year. I ran approximately 100K.
    What is Cheap Freight to you may not be cheap to another. I say OTR Co Drivers CHEAP WAGES allow all Freight Rates to be lower than they should be.
    I say a Co OTR Driver is AT work following direction while stationed to a truck any where USA. However, if that Driver refuses to work then they are obviously on personal time.
    Today, a Driver is being paid a variable salary based on dispatch miles. Change this to a variable salary based on Hours AT work.
    A Co OTR Driver waiting to load or offload is AT work. A Co OTR Driver stuck in traffic is AT work.
    Our industry is milage based but TIME is Relevant. The Public understands hourly. We are being governed hourly. Why not pay Co OTR Drivers Hourly.
    They would the no longer be making our roadways unsafe because they ARE Racing a Clock to Feed Their Families.
    Got to Roll.

  • USMC 69-75

    So! JoJo, I take it your a lease operator? Been there done that.
    Won’t do it again, I don’t like being treated like a company driver, and have left more than one company for that reason. I now run local, I don’t leave my home state and most of my runs are in a 100 mile radius of my home (domicile). That means I use a time sheet (start and stop time and that’s all) No IFTA, no IRP, and I’m doing about what you do, a yr, but a lot less miles, wear and tear on me and my truck……I like to think of it as “semi” retirement. Equipment is all mine and paid off. I have several shippers I haul for, and I have a couple of lease operators with their own equipment (trucks and trailers) and they are reaping from what I’ve learned over the years. They run the same way I do. Sleep in our own beds at home every night, shower at home everyday ( I guess they do, I know I do! LOL).
    Cheap freight would be the stuff brokers try to sell you….”at least it pays your fuel” type garbage.
    Rates vary so, Pro miles verse od miles, so I try to come to a comfortable rate to suit myself and my customers. Some pay a fuel surcharge some don’t. Those that don’t get the higher rates.
    So on that note, I need to get out the door and get that big rig lighted up. Keep the money side down, and the shiny side up!
    P.A.T. (Proud American Trucker)

  • USMC 69-75

    Del, It’s always been that way…..you chose the life style to be an OTR and you get paid for the work you do, miles or percentage. The only time I got paid to sleep was running teams, and that still wasn’t all that great. Sacrificing home life is part of the job. It’s a hard life on both wife and children, not to mention you the driver. Not to sound mean, but the old adage comes to mind “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!” That’s why after years of learning I found my happy little niche and am happier than a speckled pup in a little red wagon! Got to roll!

  • USMC 69-75

    The only point is that you don’t understand business and politics, but you want to run your B/S…..what does that say about you? You sound just like your messiah in the big house, both are two rocks short of a full load!

  • USMC 69-75

    WHAT have you been smoking?

  • Coffeeclue

    Just can’t say anything constructive, can you? Just a bunch of hot air.

  • jojo

    I saw this ELD with its letter of the law programing 7 years back. I did my best to educate others but they thought I was stupid.
    The day has come just as I had said. The ATA co’s will be to use their non-compliant system for 2yrs after the rest of us have been forced to go letter of the law. Surprise, Surprise!
    I have positioned myself with a co that I can run legal with and still make a living. I’m the 1st Driver that they had hired in 8yrs that came from the outside. Our Senior Drivers have been here 10 to 25yrs and they are leaving due to this box.
    I assure you that that I have a plan that would work to the benefit of all OTR Drivers in any aspect of this industry.
    I have consulted with several co officials who have simply said “WOW,We could do this if our competition was held to the same standard”.
    I have been encouraged to pursue this by high ranking members as we need Drivers behind this in order to act.
    I also have been made aware that I need to walk softly as there are those who would prefer that I didn’t go against their best interest.(PROFIT)
    How am I to proceed when I have no one watching my back.
    Why should I continue when these Drivers that make way less than minimum wage flat per hour AT work think they are making $18.00 and up.
    I’ve talked with many old timers that missed watching their kids grow up and would do things differently, if only they could. And they made better money in their day than we are today.
    I want to help better the lives of the Drivers. The real issue is CO OTR DRIVERS WAGES.
    ELD’s have been in the works for many years now and I talk to Drivers daily who haven’t a clue!
    Thanks for your reply USMC.

  • jojo

    1. I have no idea what other OO’s make per hour. OOIDA says their average annual income is 50K.
    Lease Drivers are not OO’s as they don’t have title to their leased truck.
    2. Cheap Freight to one is not cheap freight to another for any number of reasons. .25cpm mile Drivers make it possible for extremely LOW freight rates. .25cpm X 10,000mi a month = $2,500.00 / 4 = $6.25.00 a week / 168hrs = $3,72 an hour.
    3. I run the road legally! Because I haul high value goods I have a tracking device on my trailer. I have no problem with this. I DO have MAJOR problems with BIG DATA using my truck info for their Profit. I slam miles 100% legally and safely or I would not accept the load! My book matches my trailers GPS.
    4. A co Driver must earn .406cpm and run 3,000 miles in a pay period to earn $1,218.00. $7.25hr X 168hrs = $1,218.00.
    5. The federal minimum wage law can be changed via legislation. Remember, corporations are now considered people!
    If Co OTR Drivers wages fell under this law that would mean that their wages would increase with an increase in the federal minimum wage.
    $10.10hr X 168hrs = $1,696.80 a pay period.
    6. By choice, I actually made about $4,500.00 last year. The truck made approximately $176,000.00. Ever hear of putting your money back into your company? I lived rather comfortably last year and because I invested in myself last year, I’m ready to go!
    7. Our co Drivers earn between 60 and 80K a year. I’m happy doing it my way even if it means they make more than me. Is money more important than your happiness Del?
    8. Ponder these numbers Del. 70hrs / 8 days = 8.75hrs. A Driver earning $1,218.00 because they are AT work 168hrs could actually work an AVERAGE of 8.75hrs a day. 8.75hrs X 7days = 61.25hrs. $1,218.00 / 61.25hrs = $19.89 an hour. This is a theoretical projection due to the fact that an individual Drivers schedule is unpredictable. I have unknown constant values to work with and therefore I can only analyze and project.
    9. An hourly wage for Co OTR Drivers for all hours AT work would mean that they could BE legal in every way because they would be getting paid to do their jobs. If a company ran their books out in 5 days, because the Driver had worked in excess of 8.75 hrs a day, that Driver would have earned day 6 as a do nothing day as the co would have instructed that driver to do nothing in order to regain working hours in their recap.
    10. My total plan is not an entitlement! It requires a Co OTR Driver to earn their keep as there are consequences for those who purposefully attempt to game the system. Realize that these Drivers will be under constant surveillance by their supervisors. They will therefore have documentation that will easily warrant disciplinary actions or termination should the Driver purposely create hardship for the customer.
    The Drivers are not prepared for this ELD much less the many consequences this box will bring. There are more reasons why they should be paid for all time spent AT work!
    11. I know from experience that if you pay a man to do a job and expect him to do that job well, that man will have pride in his work and he will make you money.
    Todays Co OTR Drivers are continually expected to perform duties that they are not paid to do. They do not log “on duty not driving” because that penalizes them. This box has compensated for that with motion detectors that will start the Drivers 14 when the truck moves.
    12. As I understand it, the average annual wage for a Driver is $38,000.00.
    If a Driver with Zero experience starts at $7.25hr then in a perfect 300 day work year that Driver would have earned $52,200.00.
    $52,200.00 is a 27% increase in wages above the overall average of $38,000.00 annually for all Drivers.
    Could we then speculate that if this deal was properly negotiated the experienced Drivers wages would go up as well.
    Wouldn’t these wage increases for Co OTR Drivers then have to be supported by rate increases?
    Wouldn’t that then be a step in the right direction towards closing the gap in what you all call CHEAP FREIGHT!

    I got no time to write a book for you Drivers that think THAT I’m Stupid, I got work to do.
    Show me some support and follow me on this thing so that we can work together to find a solution to counter these ATA backed devices that are going to cost You All in Reduced Income.
    Del, I appreciate your scrutiny and I hope that I was able to help you better understand where I’m coming from.
    Again I say, If the Drivers won’t stand united over MONEY, they aren’t going to unite for anything!

  • Del Ray Johnson

    @Jojo I am not the moderator of these discussions let Jimmy the Greek do that. I agree with you the only issue here is MONEY AND there is a problem. Finally, if you go back I think my comprehensive new plan to which nobody to date has improved on as an O/O you would be guaranteed mandated by law a minimum of appx $3+ per mile, which is at least gross $300,000 to the truck. Everyone makes money with Del Ray for this lifestyle. Be Safe. . . . . .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Why not ? they pick up the bill for all the wet backs On my tax doller ,

  • jojo

    Briefly as I need to go to bed.
    I’ll have to go try to find your comprehensive plan.
    Without knowing any details I can only comment that changing the minimum wages laws may be easier to achieve than asking for the govt to set rates and confirm that all are playing by these rules. This would mean increasing the size of government unless they program these boxes to monitor the money too. HaHa
    Unions got a little to greedy in the eyes of the public and therefore lost support.
    We need to carefully position ourselves so as to not to risk gaining support.
    If I was successful in explaining my train of thought ( I have difficulty doing this as I unintentionally go over peoples heads and overwhelm them) we must understand that a rate increase will hit the consumer in the pocket.
    Considering this, we must logically build a case that can be supported.
    The nature of my proposition has understandably and unintentionally insulted many drivers that don’t understand the math.
    Without Driver input and support, no proposition stands a chance.
    We need a central meeting place where we can have an open conversation about the many ideas Drivers may have.
    Hourly wage is on the top ten list of OOIDA’s agenda. We need Drivers to pursue this.
    Thanks Del, Goodnight

  • Del Ray Johnson

    @Jojo, I disagree the time for playing nice has expired the pay, rates have been the same since before the 1990s not indexed for inflation meanwhile the cost of diesel has gone from the UP thru the roof! My comments were made some 7 months the new federal law would be tied to the market and indexed for inflation so it automatically changes no running back. Since you are an O/O the new minimum rate is 125% of the DOE published fuel prices meaning at a minimum appx $3+CPM. I have tied the minimum freight rate to /and exceeding the costs of diesel go figure. And again I am pretty clear NO FREIGHT moves in this country for less than the $3CPM, no exceptions Walymart, Oil, trucking companies will no longer make profit by covering costs off the backs of drivers. This discussion is done. Be safe. . . . .

  • jojo

    Del, I haven’t checked out your plan yet, I must say friend, this post has sparked my interest.
    You say that you first posted this thought 7 months back? Do you know under what topic?

    Opposing thought lead to compromised solutions, not a bad thing.

  • abc123

    america is no longer a free country. and its due to people that think like you… I guess u didn’t really understand the comment, “FUCKING WAKE UP”

  • Del Ray Johnson

    @Jojo, I have included it below. There I have many topics you will for the most part see the normal cast of characters.
    So when you pull into the truck stop and see diesel is at $4 a gallon you are guaranteed under my plan 125% of it for a minimum of close to $5 per mile. I have actual had guys crying about me crashing the entire US economy with this plan of course they and blamed fuel costs (like I care) on Obama. So in response to the rants by this guy named Mike because Mexicans had theIR names on trucks in California that they did not even OWN! (what did I say would happen when the Mexican carriers got pulled into the scales outside of California?) he then called for my assassination to which I ignored and the proposal in connection with the “Ride” was this :

    Mike, thank you are comments are well taken and “enlighting” I agree with you in history people have assassinated as you stated people like me having served in the military so let me take the throne for the readers of this discussion. 1. First and foremost, we the professional drivers are going to demand an immediate repeal of the exemption of motor carriers from the minimum wage laws both federal and in each state. 2. The new federal minimum wage for a professional driver with 1 year or more of experience will be 65CPM no exceptions not even “small” carriers or anyone with a foreign name on their truck. 3. The new minimum wage for any new driver with less than 1 year of driving will be 35 CPM and they must team up for least 6 months as an “apprentice” again no exceptions. 3. After 3 years + the new minimum wage for drivers will be 75 CPM or indexed for inflation no exceptions. 4. And so on 5+ years experience. 5. There will be surcharge of 5 CPM for any state where the speed limit is below 55mph on major the interstate, i.e. Oregon. 6. Under the new law, there will be a new tax for the established of the federal “Professional Driver’s Retirement Fund” this is similar to the Railroad Retirement Board and in addition to social social benefits. In support of these revolutionary changes the professional driver will increase safety and professionalism 7. The professional driver will not smoke for health reasons leading to better safety. 8. All professional drivers will sign up for the company’s wellness plan. 9. Every professional driver will meet the PT standards promulgated athttp://usarmybasic.com/army-……. 10. Every professional driver will complete leading to an AA degree over a 3 year period a safety class at any community college, 6 hours of American and World history, 3 hours of English, etc. 11. hours of community service in Crenshaw, Englewood, Bed-Stuv, or a church, homeless shelter, nursing home and the like.

    Any Professional driver that cannot meet these new qualifications whether they speak English or not should find another industry for low paying jobs end of discussion. Now unlike the new HOS rules that got passed and we complained thereafter make it happen. Be safe.

    *****Del Ray done with these discussions offline***** Be safe!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I run on my own authority And get payed and sleep at the same time ! It,s called waiting time , it only comes out to $35.00 per hr , However it is payed even after i am unloaded and sitting at a truck stop waiting for them to call me to come back to pick up the empty tanks , it could take from 8 hr to 60 hr for the emptys to be ready to be picked up , and a lot of the time all the product is not used and nothing can be left sitting around . however i do not haul normal fright most of the time . when i do they only get 1hr free time at each end , Fyi In the last 11 years i only put 400,000 miles on this tractor , all i run is the south east with a dry van ..

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