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Electronic log mandate rule expected this month, along with driver database rule

| January 10, 2014

eobr electronic logA proposed rule mandating the use of electronic logging devices is expected to be published in the Federal Register Jan. 29, according to a monthly Department of Transportation report, which says the rule is projected to clear the White House’s Office of Management and Budget Jan. 17.

The report also says the rule will have a 60-day comment period that will last until April 1.


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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule is also set to clear the OMB Jan. 17, and the DOT report projects that the rule will be published in the Federal Register Jan. 31.

The rule will establish a database of drivers who have failed or refused drug or alcohol tests, and carriers will be required to submit failed or refused tests to the database. Carriers also will be required to query the database when hiring drivers.

The electronic logging device (formerly known as electronic onboard recorders) rule will not only mandate the use of e-logs but will set device standards and address driver harassment relative to e-log use.

In its monthly update in December, FMCSA projected the rule would be published Dec. 23.


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Also in the report was an update on the agency’s Safety Fitness Determination rule, which is now projected to be published Aug. 4, with a projected OMB clearance of July 24.

The rule would change the data set and methodology FMCSA uses to produce an overall safety score for a carrier. Now, it uses only data from compliance reviews, whereas the rule would allow the agency to use data from its BASIC scores in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability system; roadside inspections; and crash data.

A rule complementing the e-log mandate — designed to prevent the coercion of drivers to drive in violation of safety rules by carriers, shippers, receivers or other intermediaries — is projected to clear the OMB April 14 and be published in the Federal Register on April 23.

  • srich479

    What a joke!!!

  • Adrian

    They should require shippers/receivers to fill out logs and penalize them whenever they hold drivers for more than 2 hours. This would drastically reduce issues with hours-of-service.

  • smbtrucking

    How will this work on my ’88 Peterbilt 379 with a mechanical 3406 Cat?

  • Dalibor Zivic

    this is good for real trucking companies > It will remove unsafe drivers from the road > I am excited and can’t wait to start making more money since a lot of companies will have to fold (unsafe companies that is)

  • Dalibor Zivic

    that is 24 years old, it is time for a newer truck buddy

  • smbtrucking

    My truck is in very good mechanical shape, better than a lot of 2000+ models!

  • smbtrucking

    I don’t mind the EOB I run legal, I just don’t want to have to pay for it!

  • Tired of the FAT CATS

    This is a great idea. Hopefully this will cut down the amount of fatalities on the road and make these companies pay drivers what they are actually worth.

  • easymoney

    what happens to the folks that print the paper logs. the big
    wigs in Washington didn’t mention that. Washington could
    care less about the little guy. It’s all bull an you all know it.

  • BILL

    you have no clue what your talking about

  • Wes

    Sure… you like big brother, why don’t you let them put a barcode on your forehead while you are at it.

  • bill

    back in the thirties if you didn’t comply you ended
    up with your knee caps broke. today they hit you in the pocket an maybe take your lively hood away
    way to Washington don’t ya just love bi brother watching over you

  • Dale Kirschbaum

    they can make all the rules they want about driver harassment but does anyone really think that company’s will adhere to them It is against the law for company’s to alter logs but they do it anyway

  • Dale Kirschbaum

    I have a 3406 b they already have eobr’s that work off satelite and don’t need an electronic engine

  • Dale Kirschbaum

    you must be living in a fantasy world

  • winterstorm

    told with the winter to keep a electronic log too.

  • cam

    I don’t know why people are crying about Electronic logs. Probably 95% OK 100% of drivers have had to lie on logs because waiting for shippers and receivers that jerk you around. Now we wont be able to lie. Loads will be late etc. And maybe someones eyes will open and we will start getting compensated for this downtime or better yet paying a driver by the hour will become the norm. Now is this going to happen overnight. No its not, but things are going to change and will go down hill before up.

  • Shelley Scarbrough Hughes

    CAT in Peoria, IL special built a 3406 to replace his old one for his 359 / 1985 / extended hood! During inspections the DOT brag about how well we maintain it. They also brag about how nice and neat his paper logs are also. So why should we have to deal with the expense of an electronic recorder. He owns the company and drives it himself with no employees. A bunch of crap to say the least!

  • Daryl Wirth


  • Guy

    Yeah but UNTIL the GOV’T sees that the SHIPPERS are the PROBLEM, WE’LL LOOSE MONEY by missing loads so WE STILL pay the price for the GOV’T wanting to hold SOMEONE , ANYONE responsible for this SCREWED UP SYSTEM !!!

  • gina holmes

    YOU ARE A MORON my husband has drove for 30 years we own a family owned business and mouthy disrespectful non driving steering wheel holders like you are the problem if you were smart enough to fill out a log you would not need a mach or the government do it for you

  • Vrahnos

    Hmmm,I wonder if they want to have us work for them?With all they want with the eletronic recorders we may just as well.I wonder if they want to know the color if out $hit after we take a dump?

  • guest

    Speed Limiter is next……soon too!

  • Whiskey

    You are full of CRAP! No one runs 100% legal…NO ONE

  • Jimmy the Greek

    What the hell would someone want with a new truck ? when you got one payed for easy to repair and you know you can trust to get you there and back . I drive a 1998 Century that i got 11 years ago .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Or a chip up his @$$

  • Vrahnos

    That’s great that you had owned your truck for that long and kept it going good.The problem is Calif.A lot of folks go there and deliver and pick up freight and with the new C.A.R.B.rules they have put into place one has to buy a new truck to be able to run.Also a truck with a millon miles on it folks don’t think it is any good anymore and it’s worn out and not worth fixing.Also there are tax reasons to upgrade your truck every so often.Before I retired from being an owner opp.I would look at used truccks that were in top shape.Like a rebuilt engine and drive train that has some warrenty on it still or one that had very low miles on it.This way I could save some money and have a good truck to drive for a few years.

  • kumjon

    i started in 1975 driving trucks . i will close my doors and retire before i do this . the fmcsa has never done any thing for the driver it has always been 4 the big companies . they will get the money not the driver or the owner /op . this is another ploy by prime ,swift,schinder , and other big companies to put the little guy out of work . if they do i still will not work for the anuses . because u are just a ## to them . they do not care that u have a life . they think they own you . and you will do as the say or else . u think b/s well i have had it happen to me by heartland express out or Iowa… the dispatcher was todd .

  • Brad Reader

    I pull an end dump for local construction work with a 77 Pete 359. Just about every day that I run with a bunch of other trucks, one of them with a computer ends up down with a malfunction…. Knock on wood….My 359 has never left me on the side of the road with engine problems. They couldn’t make us retrofit our cars when the smog laws got more strict. Why can they make us retrofit older trucks? No body heard of a “grandfather” clause? I get that they last longer than a car, but I don’t have the money to buy a newer truck….. Besides, I don’t want to!!!

  • C W Moss

    EOBRs are just one more Gov’t intrusion into the freedom and liberty we used to enjoy as Americans. I own and maintain my own, been doing this since diesel was 18 cents a gallon and nobody had a CB radio. The big boys and the shippers own the politicians and their high dollar lobbyists, until that changes nothing will get done that has any positive effect for the small companies and O/Os. The day the EOBR mandate becomes law is the day I park it. It’s been fun boys and girls, be safe out there.

  • DE_from_NC

    AGREED !! Even with E-logs !! I’ve heard MANY stories that an E-log WOULD NOT let them leave the shipper/receiver property legally but because they had a rule YOU HAD TO LEAVE THE PROPERTY once loaded/unloaded (and if you’re in a major metro area a truckstop or Walmart ain’t right around the corner ! It’s miles away !!) they “went to personal use time” on the E-log (which it definitely IS NOT !) to be able to drive off the property to a parking place !! I’m with you, these guys who claim “I run 100% legal” are on 400 mi round trip drop/hook shuttle runs or something similar or they are lying SOB’s !! Shippers & receivers “just don’t have it together that well 100% of the time” for a TRUTHFUL driver to even begin to claim “they’re 100% legal 100% of the time” ! That’s 100% b**s**t ! I guess if they have a marker light out on the top of the trailer and it’s their kid’s birthday, “to be legal” they’re gonna blow off the birthday and wait 2-3 hours for road service to fix that marker light and not “run on in to be sure and make the kid’s birthday”, right ? HAHAHAHA!! Sure they are !! 100 % legal my ass !! They must have just started driving a week ago, and I bet they got those “special cool gloves” too, you know, the kind with the fingers cut off !! HAHAHAHA!! Sorry guys, you might try to sell “ice to the Eskimos” with your 100% legal claim, but you just got called out !!

  • DE_from_NC

    Enjoy trucking in “Dreamland” big guy !! Schneider, Swift, and other “mega carriers” turn over more trucks in a year than anybody, have more wrecks of all descriptions than anybody and E-logs didn’t help that one damn bit. The comments below that say “you don’t know what you’re talking about” are 100 % correct. Look at the crash data, it says it all MORON !

  • DE_from_NC

    After 35 years I will probably bow out if this goes through. I might try it for 6 months to see JUST HOW MUCH I lose, then see how the industry reacts (pretty much know what that will be), but like many others say “this is a ploy for the Fourth Reich bankster owned gov’t to “control you”. But in all honesty I think the problem will fix itself. Just ask CA and their dumbass “smog/EGR/DEF tank” rules ! They lost so much capacity the first week of January they “keep backing up/changing that rule” to some degree almost weekly to try and deal with it. What are they gonna do when produce flies wide open and all the mid 80’s beautiful show trucks with spread axle reefers AIN’T THERE ? I guess they’ll put a rented reefer on a piggyback train and to coin Ron White’s skit about sending his 6 year old son on his first plane trip “They’ll pin $300 on the side of the trailer for fuel and wish the shipment “a lotta luck”, right ? Just drop away guys and do whatever, drive a taxi or tour bus or something ’til the lack of capacity drops to literally “dangerous” levels as far as store shelf stocks go. When you get Mr. & Mrs. Consumer screaming watch what happens. Even the military can’t function with this kind of reduced truck capacity. If we can get the kind of support that Phil Robertson got for his comments, because the soccer Mom’s can’t buy “Lil’ Johnnies cornflakes” because they’re outta stock and won’t be back in stock for another week, we got it licked. But it’ll get worse before it get’s better !!

  • William McKelvie

    I love guys like you, promoting the blind nonsense. Did you MISS the two listening sessions held by the FMCSA?? Where they were told by actual drivers, and presented actual documented evidence where companies had changed drivers HOS at will?? What do you have to support your side now smart guy?? Not much huh??

  • William McKelvie

    Typical of the federal government, throw a sheep popular good sounding item at a problem, get the people to believe it, and then WHAMMO. The very same crapfish fest that was going on before the federal government said they had the ultimate solution to whatever problem and would solve it, it still goes on. Imagine that. ELD won’t make anyone driver safer, won’t get the drivers more pay, won’t stop driver harassment or anything else that Adolf Anne has promised. It has not stopped it to date, Werner has had these types of machines since when? LONG TIME. And who do you hear about changing the HOS all the time from drivers? WERNER. Imagine that. Surprise surprise.

  • smbtrucking

    I only run about a 250 radius of Ft. Worth. We do a lot of OVERSIZED LOAD local work. We only ran 31k miles last year and 27k the year before. Work smart not hard!

  • Tired of the FAT CATS

    I know what i an
    m talking about. I have owned 5 trucks over the road an I have driven over 1,500,000 miles w/ no accidents. Then got a BS in Business Management. Its you who does not know what your talking about.

  • Tired of the FAT CATS

    This is coming from a fowled mouth woman who thinks she knows about trucking. Maybe because he’s been driving for 30 yrs., is because his wife is a MORON. Look at the safety stats and come back and have a REAL CONVERSATION.Also this not about filling out logs correctly, its about doing the job safely and get drivers PAID WHAT WE DESERVE.

  • Tired of the FAT CATS


  • Tired of the FAT CATS

    I keep hearing you all whine about big brother taking control, but not really looking at the big picture, which is fighting for drivers to get paid more, like hazardous duty pay since this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.of A. Their is no brotherhood in the trucking industry. How many times did OWNERS OPERATORS get together and go to WASHINGTON to PROTEST? And I was there in my truck while 99.9% of you were sitting on your FAT ASSES.

  • Tired of the FAT CATS


  • Tired of the FAT CATS


  • localnet

    Sure, me too… The big boys will just pack more trucks with steering wheel holders and strategically park them in truck stops, problem solved.

  • Mind Games

    Thank you Mega carriers, lobbyist, lawyers and Mega Government for solidifying an imperfect system into law that has no virtually no place for drivers to sleep and be or treated as you treat yourselves with nice hot showers a nice hot meal and or TV before bed.
    Rest areas could have been built this way many many years ago along with major expansion but noooo you wanted to look important and or protect the corporate foundations all the while sleeping in bed with one lawyer or another.
    One day your little tightrope walking game is going to come back and blow up in your pretty little fat faces not IF but WHEN the American trucker SHUTS America DOWN.
    People just look at how many people got fed up with mistreatment that overthrew their systems of government, Are you so forward thinking with all your high technology you fail to look back.
    It was illegal then to overthrow powers and principalities and it still is BUT that has not and still does not stop HUMAN BEINGS from doing so to this very day.
    We have a right and yes the flames of freedom and equality still burn within American, I know it does me! How about you???
    Every group has come together by race gender and or sexuality so it should be the same for all. You mean to tell me a group of HOMOSEXUALS can get laws to protect their ass’s (No pun nor offence intended) but we drivers are supposed to be he-men brave white knights of the highways and won’t stand up for what’s right and true to what the founding fathers intended???
    People this is the nightmare of 1984 not the dream of freedom and equality!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Double R

    This is why I’m getting out,I hate to give up on my industry but Wtf!! I got into trucking because I love trucks, I love to drive, and loved the freedom. It’s all but gone. Every system doesn’t work for everyone. I don’t need some computer telling me when I can and can’t drive. Whoever says they run 100% legal, yeah right. Either their new or just a plain steering wheel holder. Trust me, there is a difference. Real “drivers” that really love trucking that take pride in their job and their ride are becoming far and few.If I’ve been away from home all week and I’m an hour out and have to shut down for 10 before I can go home, yeah right. Total b.s.

  • Tired of the FAT CATS

    Exactly. Let these companies and the Government shoot themselves in the foot.

  • Tired of the FAT CATS

    Read what you just wrote. Does not make sense AT ALL. That’s why drivers are paid minimal pay, because you all are looking to point the finger instead of doing something about it. Take responsibiity and better yourselves Stand up for your rights and sit down and shut down these trucks for a week or however long it takes, and you might lose a little pay but in the long run WE WILL GAIN MUCH MORE..

  • localnet

    Drivers are paid what they are worth…

  • localnet

    I’ll bite, how much do you deserve?

  • localnet

    My feelings too… I just signed on with an outfit yesterday with my own truck. They gave me the option, paper or elogs… Loose leaf for me… ;)

    When I am forced to go electronic, I’ll give it a shot, but doubt I will last long, played with them before… These computers are to dangerous in my book, as you are at that pos computer’s mercy, that only takes “time” into consideration and leaves a driver hamstrung. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.