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Emily Weymouth

Name: Emily Ann Weymouth
Occupation: Truck driver
Company: Dennison Lubricants 
Years driving: 1 1/2 years
What do you haul: Motor oil and other lubricants

Emily Weymouth1. Why did you get into trucking?

When I was younger I always loved the challenge of being better than the boys and showing them up. Now I have the passion to succeed in this industry and show that this can be a woman’s world as well. It feels great knowing I can be as good as the men, if not better. I love being on the road and challenging myself. It also makes me giggle a little when I get out of my rig and every one looks at me dumb founded, or when someone asks me what I do for work and I tell them I drive a big rig, the look of shock on their face is priceless.

2. If you could take one person on the road with you, who would it be, and why?

I would choose my father. As a young female, our family would go on numerous vacations due to my father’s hard work paying off. He also sent me to Europe a few times with my high school. I explored the world because of him. I would love to have him explore our country with me. It would also feel good to show him my progress as a trucker and to have him be more proud than he already is of me.

3. What would you tell a young female who is considering a field in trucking?

If I had to advise a young female that was interested in this field, I’d start with telling her “no regrets.” I’m a tough female that likes the challenge. I’m confident in my abilities and work hard. You can’t let anyone hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. Be strong and tough and you’ll get there.

I’ve traveled so many miles already in a short time and I’ve yet to fulfill my dreams. I’m more than excited to find out what the road ahead brings for me… 

4. What is your definition of a beautiful trucker? 

I think a beautiful trucker is someone who isn’t afraid of being themselves. Someone who has a passion for what they are doing on a daily basis. She should be confident and outspoken, yet cares for others. I think a female’s rig also comes into play with this question. Truckers take pride in the rig they drive, and that helps show confidence out on the road.

5. Why should you be chosen as the winner of Overdrive’s Most Beautiful? 

Because as a woman in a male-dominated career, I want to inspire other young women to be strong and see beyond stereotypes. I represent women pushing towards what they want to do in life and not what they are told to do. If I don’t win, at least I know that there are people that support what I do, care about me and want me to succeed in whatever it is I decide to do in life…

  • Nick Lefler

    Got my vote for sure

  • Ehrin Davidson

    Stay local, screw OTR, unless you find having no life appealing.

  • shortchange

    The Glory of OTR is long gone. You’ll well make more money local
    any way. Be good to your self think real hard about RTR. I was a road
    driver for 42 yrs

  • Ironheadsoreknee

    Otr will make ones eyes and body sag over time and social life seems to go to hell, but tis a free country I reckon, one can beat his (her) hand with a hammer if wants to lol, best of luck to you !! Very pretty

  • Les Mutch

    My oppinion seems to be different from yours don’t sell yourself short. I think u are very beautiful. And i luv your tattoos.

  • Mike TheBostontrucker Gaffin

    As a 20 year OTR veteran and local the last 5 years, I would say stay local. The road isn’t so glamorous starting out and the pay is low if you consider the time you spend doing the job. It’s an unhealthy lifestyle and can be dangerous. Saying all that, I loved my 20 years out there roaming, saw it all, been everywhere and have a lot of stories, sum are even true. Talk to a lot of people before you make the leap. Keep on truckin’!

  • Robert T Dennie

    Emily, you will always wonder what its like if you don’t try it. As a 29 year veteran things have changed a lot but I’m still out here going to a different place every trip and still love it .Right now I’m on my way to up state Vermont it’s beautiful! My wife also rides when she can to see the country .Best of luck . Follow your heart there’s no shame in trying it and not liking it!!

  • Steve LaFleur

    Drop dead gorgeous, tats … and a CDL. I’m completely twitterpated.

    Gets my vote. Best of luck, Emily.

  • Joe Richey

    Winner for sure… My vote is all that matters!

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  • Monica

    Emily hope to meet you in dallas, I myself have been a truck driver now for 16 years and I also was only 27 when I first started even though we both had very different reasons for becoming truck drivers we can agree on it becoming somewhat more dangerous for a lady then a man. I have been an owners operator for 14 1/2 years and I have learned to do a lot of repairs on my trucks (I have 2 now) and I sure catch myself thinking if I was a man I would have been alittle stronger for somethings. I still love what I do and always still learning. But from one lady driver to another if you can find a go local job that respects your wants and needs go that way. The world is just not safe anymore not even for men. And It would be real hard for anyone to accept the life style of always being away. Oh and the pay that’s a whole other story in itself. When you put the pencil to it its peanuts per hour. Lol

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