Engine Spotlight

John Baxter | October 01, 2010

Although wreckers need to be geared for power, with rear axle ratios in the range of 4.80:1, Berry says, “so far, fuel economy is excellent, and we only have about 2,000 miles on the unit.” He is also pleased with the low rate of DEF consumption, and has used only about 20 gallons so far. “I anticipate no trouble pulling the loads of over 100,000 lbs. that we frequently need to rescue.”

Berry visited the Detroit Diesel factory before buying and was especially impressed by the test program in place for the new engines. It includes technology that allows factory engineers to monitor critical real-time engine parameters by satellite. n


CONFIGURATION: Inline 6-cylinder

BORE AND STROKE: 5.47 x 6.73

DISPLACEMENT: 952 cubic in./15.6L


OIL CAPACITY: 47 quarts


TORQUE RANGE: 1,750-2,050

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