EOBR rule in the works, expected in November

| June 19, 2013

eobr electronic logThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has sent a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to the Department of Transportation’s Secretary’s office for review, and the agency expects to publish a proposed rule to mandate the use of electronic onboard recorders Nov. 18.

The mandate would also include other requirements for supporting documents for the hours of service rule changes that go into effect July 1.

The White House Office of Management and Budget must clear the notice for the proposed rule before the agency can publish it for comment in the Federal Register.

The last EOBR rule, which was made final in 2010, was struck down in 2011 after a federal court said the agency hadn’t done enough in the rule to ensure drivers would not be harassed or coerced by fleets or and enforcement by using recorders. The notice — which was sent June 7 — acts as a supplement to FMCSA’s 2011 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and seeks to address the issues raised about harassment.

FMCSA plans to study driver harassment before issuing the rule by interviewing carriers about the issue. The results of another study — which seeks to determine whether recorders reduce the risk of fatigue-related crashes among trucks — are expected later this year, too. That study also examines hours of service compliance, what portion of the industry uses the devices, associated costs and other benefits of use.

Congress stipulated the FMCSA issue an EOBR rule when it passed the two-year highway reauthorization act last July. The act also required the rule to set performance standards, define “tamper resistant” in regard to EOBR and include safeguards to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the data.

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  • No Reform

    Speed Limiters are coming too. 65MPH for everyone.
    Obey! Comply! Its The Law!…..all U Robots……

  • Daryl Wirth

    I’m getting along with mine so far

  • Daryl Wirth

    I drive 62 and enjoy 8.3 mpg !

  • Murph

    The government spent tax dollars putting recorders in the Mexican trucks. Anyone think they will “donate” to our cause?

  • bigred

    Lol, 8.3 mpg daryl. I suppose you just bobtail around town. You sure don`t run out west in the wind and hills carrying 45k. By the way that lttle button under your speedometer isn`t anywhere near correct, it measures fuel economy. Push that little button while going down hill and see if you dont get about 200 miles per gallon.

  • fair play

    Any HOS app or device needs to be CDL holder owned, (no trucking company hopping nights or weekends) universal but accessible to any trucking company the CDL holder allows access to

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I drive 73 and still get 6.8 mpg , and get over $2.00 per mile , i bet you are leased to swift , what do you make per .85 cents , i am not leased to any one and do what ever the hell i want , and don’t even have a truck payment .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Hell No ! not if you are black or white .

  • Fedup

    As far as I’m concerned these EOBR’s are for idiot morons who can’t add and subtract or tell time on a regular clock. They’re also for people who can come up with 26 hours in a day and think 2+2=5. I will see the FMCSA and DOT in HELL before I put one of these devices in my truck !!!

  • whzbng

    Guess what Fed up You will be on the out side looking in with no job. You talk tough just wait

  • Daryl Wirth

    50000# in the mid west

  • Michael Davis

    What a fricken joke i wonder when they will have robots driving the trucks???

  • Daryl Wirth

    bobtail 15 mpg

  • Daryl Wirth

    whats the point

  • John Allen

    This is all about enforcement not safety. I use paper and it costs me about $30 a year if you buy the big bulk packs. I looked at all the EOBRs at MATS this year they start at $700 and up then it is $20-30 a month until the cost comes down to equal to that of paper it doesn’t make sense. DOT will just have to look at my logs the old fashioned way. Plus log violation are one of the largest revenue spots if we all have EOBRs think of all the money states will loose.

  • Greg C.

    We are all overlooking what is really going on . It’s not just a money maker for the Fed’s , but also for the companies that have the units to sell , which are pushing for this crap . I have done paper logs for years and have been stopped many times and had many comments from officers on how neat and well done my logs are . I don’t need more pains in my ass , other than the beating I get from the poor highway system we ride along on !

  • Bam113

    Right on!

  • Bam113

    That right

  • Bam113

    I’m sick and tired of all this b.s. just leave me alone and let me work and try to make a living for crying out loud!

  • Barney

    Congress and some of the so called safety experts, most of whom most likely have never been in a truck, much less driven one, are basing a lot of the new regulations on pseudoscience not actual facts. Anybody that is on a rule making board like this should have to have at least ten years of commercial driving experience. Not just of politicians who think they know what they are doing.

  • Mike Smith

    First of all I resent Overdrive digging into commentors with there new log in SHIT that they have implemented. I believe that they are trying to intimidate commentators, in an effort to curb the anger of writers.

    On to the subject. R gov has turned into a tyrannical government running over us with their misused & abusive power. This is a crime against true Americans. New technology does not give r government to invade our lives, and our space; which is violation of our rights. It’s way past time for American Men to rise up against this tyrannical government. How this uprising will take place remains to be seen.

  • Mike Smith

    Agreed. I just drove off 300 miles from N. AZ to Parowan, UT, up a slight grade 65, 75, and 80 mph & got about 7.10 mpg. This outrageous move by the tyrants in government is an attack on American Citizens.

  • Mike Smith

    This fraudulent government has been, & is overthrowing true American Citizens. It’s been getting worse & worse, and has been doing so ever since the filthy feminist rats, like Finstien, Boxer & that nergo bitch has got into office. They have crippled us and have been attack white American Men since they got in office. When will American Citizens retaliate?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    If you were never out here in the 70s and 80s woy well never understand , leaving out for a run was allmost as good as partying on my motorcycle we had a blast out here , we used pay phones ! No one could find you if you did not want to be found , in a lot of the south east there were honky tonks next to a lot of truck stops we partyed some drivers had wifes in different states , hell my sister had a husben in texas and marryed a sixteen year old boy in Alabama , LOL . The famley i come from all ended up in trucking . Now it sucks to even get in the dam truck .

  • Mike Smith

    What ever the government does to truckers THEY MUST DO TO ANYONE WHO DRIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    It started going down hill with LBJ !

  • disqus_DzigYehm9O

    well bless your heart

  • Crazyhorse07

    the problem ain’t the EOBR…the problem is the HOS…if a driver can’t take a 4hr nap without burning up part of his 14hr he is forced to push on fatigued….somebody in DC has a plan for truck drivers that has nothing to do with safety……..

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  • the lonesome ranchhand

    Big brother is moving in and they r using us to test it out

  • Josef

    what school did you go to??

  • Josef

    Yes, but first, government needs to create a “Department of common sense”.

  • Josef

    What kind of engine do you have? 2.3 L two cylinder makita?

  • No Reform

    Yep the OLD DAYS were sho nuff cool……today is rediculous.

  • No Reform

    OBEY! Its the LAW!

  • No Reform

    Yep they have lots more gadgets to MONITOR the driver and the Will Be installed in Every Truck since the Maufacturers are in Bed with the politicians…and are all getting Rich!! Speed Limiters and Dash Cams watching the driver is next!!

  • Hellbent

    I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. I could be wrong but I think truckers are the only ones whereby the DOT can pull you over and search you without probable cause just to write tickets in the name of safety but everyone knows its real goal is to bring in revenue. Only truckers pay IFTA taxes and only truckers are considered Guilty until proven innocent in a court of law.

  • Daryl Wirth

    2.0 L

  • curtis

    I Think All Of You all Are JOKES Rely How Long Have Yall Replied To These Post And You Dum Comments Never Make any Difference in any of these ruling any of these companies you pay Donations to Does any good our Government still pass’s the laws and yall still deal with them it just shows How dum a Truck Driver Rely is Cause every Driver could Shut down For just ( 24 Hours ) And This would all be Done But Hey US Truck Driver is To Dum to do That So Keep Dealing With All these New Laws And Put a Smile on Your Pay Check !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tackelberry

    Who is going to pay for all these recorders in owner operators tractors? They are not cheap.

  • judy

    wouldn’t it make more sense to allow truck drivers, who know when they are tired or in stop n go traffic to STOP, take a nap an then get back on the road when traffic is lighter. GOVERNMENT & FMCSA get out of telling us when to sleep & when to work. The 4 wheelers & vacationing RV’s pulling trailers are MORE FATIGUED & dangerous drivers. Get back to reality & quit controlling our work & sleep time

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I did not go to any school . When i was 16 i got a job washing trucks In jersey H R Ritter trucking , They had tankers My job was to go get a truck and and traler bring it up next to the shop and wash it then take it back and park it . The first two days i played with the yard tractor and some of the old junk tralers learning how to back them into a parking space that was back in 1966 , after a year they mooved me into the shop as a helper , My father used to run a diner in elizabeth on US 1 and 9 , He was from the old country , a truck stop was right next to the diner so i have been around trucks most of the time , ( when i was not in the kiddy jail , ) lol I sort of just grew in to driving from working in the shop . Now I did work in one of them schools for around two years back around 1985 , 86 , in houston tx ,

  • YeOldeDave

    43 years………. haven’t run over any jackoff 4-wheelers intent on suicide, or anyone else for that matter, and I’m done. It’s no fun anymore. I’m quitting, going to the house, to run in the left lane @ 50 mph with my turn signal on til the bulb burns out.
    When the 2 worst things you can encounter on a daily basis are 4-wheelers AND what was formerly your own gov’t. it’s time to change things………… and 4 -wheelers aren’t going away.

  • John Aalborg

    I remember those days. Hated hunting for the payphones, though. As for anyone knowing where you were or what route you were taking, there was the comic book to play with.

  • No Reform

    Buckle Up!! Its The Law!!

  • No Reform

    Conform. Comply. Obey!

  • T Hawk

    These EOBRs are NOT for idiots who can’t add. They’re to protect Drivers from shady companies, and everyone else from these “super-truckers” who think HOS laws shouldn’t apply to them.
    I worked for a company for two years that already had E-Logs, and guess what? Never ONCE was I asked, even indirectly, to falsify or cheat the system. Switched companies 8mos ago to one with paper. I’m subtly asked at least once every other week to “find hours” for my 70, and regularly pushed to “make more time” in a 14 hour day.
    Needless to say, I won’t be staying with this company for very long, and I sincerely hope to find another company that has E-Logs. I work to live, not live to work, and I need every minute of the downtime I’m allotted by law, since I usually only get the bare minimum.

  • Marauder

    Yeesss Sirrr Mastaa Barrack!

  • jp

    Your disturbing. It’s drivers like you that is the reason why we are getting EOBR’s foisted on us. I doubt I’d be proud of a sister having a couple of husbands and shacking up with a minor.

  • jp

    With the rules designed to drive down wages I hope that everyone is seeing where this is going with the Amnesty about to be jammed down our throats. Illegals driving for .25/mile,

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