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Dean Smallwood

Equipment Spotlight: Add a little TLC

| July 14, 2014

Heavy-duty engine coolants and additives perform a tough job in a tough environment, so consistently having quality protection should be a no-brainer. The evolution of diesel engines have led to an abundance of different types of products, with many of them required for specific types and designs of power units.

In addition to protecting the engine from overheating and helping it perform its best, coolants and additives also help prevent the cooling system from degrading in various other ways. Since water and glycol – the basic chemical component of engine coolants – are corrosive, they will erode and destroy vital cooling system components over time. That’s why coolant makers add corrosion inhibitors such as inorganic and/or organic salts and other chemicals.

Amsoil Diesel Recovery

Amsoil Diesel Recovery is touted as a fuel additive that is formulated to dissolve wax crystals that might form when diesel fuel passes its cloud point. Diesel Recovery is now available in larger container sizes. The recovery product is designed to liquefy gelled fuel and thaw frozen fuel filters by dissolving wax crystals that might form when diesel fuel passes its cloud point.

Bar’s Leaks Cooling System Repair

Bar’s Leaks Cooling System Repair is formulated to stop coolant leaks and antifreeze loss, prevent overheating and correct other cooling system problems. A dual-cavity bottle contains two formulas: One side includes a blend of carbon fiber sealer, leak-sealing liquid and stop leak treatment made to stop and prevent antifreeze loss, while the other side adds system protection in the form of water pump lubricant, corrosion inhibitors and heat transfer agents.

Diesel Boost diesel fuel additive

Diesel Boost diesel fuel additive is designed to help stabilize and help improve lubrication of ULSD fuels. The additive also is formulated to help guard against corrosion and to be free of all metals, ash and alcohol. In addition to cleaning the diesel fuel system and tank, the fuel additive also is designed to help increase Btu and cetane levels.

FPPF Chemical Fuel Power

FPPF Chemical Co. Fuel Power is a highly concentrated diesel fuel treatment that is formulated to disperse water, clean precombustion deposits from diesel fuel systems, remove carbon deposits in the combustion area and help improve emissions control. The product also is designed to control waxing and gelling, lubricate the fuel system and help prevent acid formation.

Gold Eagle Sta-Bil Diesel Formula

Gold Eagle’s Sta-Bil Diesel Formula is designed to help prevent sludge and sediment from forming in the fuel and fuel system, help protect against corrosion, help reduce diesel oxidation caused by thermal breakdown and help remove water from diesel fuel. The diesel formula also contains extra lubricity and detergents that are formulated to help protect and clean the fuel system.

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