Corrosion-preventing connectors

| March 07, 2012

Available in July 2012, Sta-Dry Weather-Tite Connectors, a new seven-way male connector plug with integrated seals, keep moisture from entering electrical systems and, in turn, helps prevent corrosion.

The two connectors, a durable glass filled nylon connector and a hybrid glass filled nylon and zinc die-cast, are made to stop magnesium-chloride from entering the systems. Each connector features a three-blade Nitrite wiper seal at the mating end, which blocks contaminants from entering the seven-way connection.

The connectors include nitrile sealing rings, mate with any SAE-approved seven-way conductor socket and have field-replaceable wiper seals, ratchet-locked cable guard, a compression clamp and TPR sleeve in the connector rear.


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